Review : Kracie Naive Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam

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Heyyy guyyyysss :D!

So much to blog about i need to speed everything up before the 14th *sigh*, for once this blog truly seems like a proper beauty blog with endless beauty related posts as opposed to... I dunno, 5-7 a month? Hehe. It's a good thing though, isn't it? (Not for those who follow this blog for the lifestyle contents haha) Especially because today i'm about to share with you another great product from Kracie that i recieved from Kawaii Beauty Japan!

After the cleansing oil, now it's the cleansing foam's turn :
Kracie Naive Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam
They have four variants that cater for different skin types and i am very lucky to recieve the variant that's perfect for my skin type : oily skin!
Now let's take a look at the real product : 
Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam comes in a normal plastic squeeze tube that's quite generic looking but doesn't feel flimsy or fragile. The Green Tea variant (of course) is dominated by white and green colors. 
It claims to cleanse dirt and dead skin cells speedily and thoroughly with natural, creamy foam. The green tea leaf's extract would help control excessive sebum/oil and makes your pores smaller. Natural Amino in the ingredient would keep skin hydrated naturally and treating skin from dryness while making sure the Amino Acid in your skin doesn't get thrown out. It also contains Botanical Extract (hydrated integrant) to give moisturization for your skin (btw, the Indonesian information is actually an extra sticker stuck on the tube, i can see the original information beneath that's completely in Japanese as this product is made in Japan)
Ingredients list
The expiration date is clearly printed on the side of the tub
The squeeze tube comes with the usual flip cap. I am quite happy with the quality of the flip cap because even though it's not very hard to open (like some caps that would definitely make me ruin my manicure whenever i try to open them >.<!) , it is still sturdy enough not to get broken after being flipped open rudely (by both me and hunny) twice a day!
The instruction said to squeeze 1-2 cm of cleansing foam to your hand, this is about 2 cm and i found it too much, 1 cm is more than enough!
The consistency of this cleansing foam is very creamy (quite solid kind of creamy), soft and it is white in color, it lathers very very easily and abundantly due to Glycosiltrehalose it contains. Then like any other cleansing foam, you just need to slather it all over your face.
Ta dahhh hahaha!
It is very very soft and creamy, definitely one of the softest and creamiest facial foam i have ever tried, i can feel how gentle and nurturing the product is on my skin. This product is especially formulated to have plenty of soft but dense foam to act as cushions between your skin and your hands to prevent excessive rubbing. The foam can also reach every part of your face, leaving your skin completely and thoroughly cleansed. It washes off very easily, without leaving any annoying trails of residue on my skin.

Scent wise, we all know i am not the biggest fan of green tea-however i feel like this cleansing foam's scent doesn't bother me as it's quite soft, mild and non-offensive smelling with a slightly tangy note. My nose detects a freshly-mowned kind of scent, which i don't necessarily like either *LOL*, but thankfully it didn't put me off. It has a slightly cooling sensation, which i like, but not overly minty like some other products can be. It's a real pleasure to use!

A tip from Kracie to use this product : wash your T area slowly because this area is where the oil glands tend to be aplenty. On the other hand, the skin on the U area (chin and eyes) is a lot thinner than the other areas so you need to be gentle and swift when cleansing this area to make sure that the important keratin doesn't get eliminated!
Act like i was in a commercial with a messy hair, red and spotty face *LOLOLOL*
Again, this was taken before my skin-saving facial! But despite the redness, my skin felt super fresh and clean after using Kracie Naive Greem Tea Facial Cleansing Foam!
I always check my makeup remover and facial wash combined power when i'm applying my toner. If i still find traces of makeup on my cotton pad, that means the makeup remover and facial wash i am using does not meet my standard!
No traces of makeup at all even when i was wearing full, heavy makeup! Yay!
I love how Kracie Naive Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam's able to remove every inch of dirt/makeup (combined with the cleansing oil, of course) from my face as well as keeping it soft, supple and hydrated! No stretched feeling! My hunny has very dry skin and even though this cleansing foam's targeted for oily skin, it didn't make my hunny's skin extra dry and works pretty well for him too.

As in oil control, well... I believe you need to use oil control products (skin care and makeup) and cannot rely on a cleansing foam to keep your skin shine-free all day, even though this cleansing foam definitely eliminate all extra sebum and annoying oil from my skin, the natural oil would reappear on my skin after a few hours-which is normal, i believe. And the pore tightening part... I do feel my skin feels tighter (not in a bad way), but just like the oil control, you need to use other products that works to reduce the size of your pores and not rely on cleansing foam (but it can help the whole process) alone because it doesn't work that way!

Kracie Naive Green Tea Facial Cleansing Foam is 100% safe to use because it is containing 100% natural cleansing agent, doesn't induce allergies, doesn't contain alcohol nor coloring agent. and their target is to cleanse while keeping skin's hydration level up so facial skin would feel as soft as baby's skin.
Love it!
This product works really really well on my very oily skin (and quite okay on hunny's skin), it keeps my skin soft, supple, healthy and able to remove oil and dirt from it without any bad side effects, it is purely my personal experience and what works well on my skin might not work well on others, i notice some bloggers who also tried out this product (the winners of the same campaign) has negative results with this product, so whether or not it will work well on you depends on your skin condition.

I personally would highly recommend this product to everybody who has oily skin and looking for a soft, creamy and easy to lather cleansing foam. It is quite affordable (i don't know the exact price of this product, i have actually bought Naive Cleansing Foams in the past but they have different packaging, i don't know if this is the new packaging with the same formulation? If so then the price is very affordable especially because they went on promotion a lot in Guardian!) and easy to get in Guardian. Would not recommend this for anyone with sensitive (because i heard that some bloggers got pimples after using this) or dry skin (try out their other variants that cater to your skin's needs instead!).

Would i purchase this with my own money? Yes! I would keep an eye on it (i would love to try out the other variants too, especially the Peach one for my hunny) and stock up whenever it's on sale/promo haha!

I have one more post of Kracie product's review : the sheet masks! Please look forward to it, thank youuuu ^^.

PS : I know normally i'd avoid same type of posts back to back, and #Undecided just posted her review yesterday so technically under normal circumstances i'd post some other type of blog post, but i have a deadline (for once!) so i gotta do what i gotta do ^.*!

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  1. Learning that the product is made in Japan guarantees for me that this product works. I like using those cleansers that can really remove the dead skin cells and help in oil control especially around my t zone area. Unlike you though, I'm a fan of green tea scent! Another plus is the cool sensation for me to feel fresh after washing my face. :)

    1. Yes, i know a lot of people love green tea but i really can't enjoy green tea, whether it's the scent or the taste! Haha... But i love this product!