Visiting Althea Korea's Head Quarter

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Hey guys!

I know i know, this post is so darn backdated i should be stoned, SORRY! I just kept on getting sidetracked and suddenly it's July already T.T. BUT, there is something good out of my procrastination, that Althea Korea is actually celebrating their 3rd Anniversary so i can use this post to pay homage to them heheee (am i good at coming up with excuses or what, teehee!!!). As joining their birthday celebration is still not something that we can do (they are already in the process of coming back, if you are an Althean member then you might received their e-mail announcing the shipping experiments - i have no idea the progress of that but i don't think it's 100% yet, let's hope that they can operate in Indonesia again, super super soon coz i need to shop!!!) this is all i can do for now T.T.

As you might already know (because we hard sell it in our Instagram haha), we (as in Aphrodites minus Chelshea) had the absolute honor to visit Althea Korea's Head Quarter and meet the insanely lovely people behind Althea last April ^^.
#Pink at Althea Korea's HQ. A bit of a dream come true for reals T.T
Sooo we decided to dress in pink because Althea's core color is pink ofc hehe and we spent most of our day playing with products, taking photos, videos and hang out with the lovely Althea staffs ^^!
With the lovely forces behind Althea, Tammy, Sydney and Eros. We miss you guyssss! (btw they are all bloggers as well, yay!)
We got to play model as well *LOL*
Modelling the new It's My Bong Tint and getting featured at Althea Korea's blog
It's such a destiny that they have four shades and there were four of us (sorry Chelshea haha). Ofc i went for the darkest shade. You know your gurl loves deep lip shades.
What do you think? Can pass as a beauty model already? LOLOLOL. All credits goes to Eros who took the photos and Tammy who did all the editing!
They also totally spoiled us and showered us with gifts!
They handed us two big Althea boxes that are filled to the brim with goodies!!!
Both boxes are so heavy that our arms almost fell off just carrying them from the HQ back to our hotel :))

Eh, it's my genuine reaction seeing the products inside okay!
Yes, you should envy us *LOLOLOL*
Curious to see what's inside? Don't worry, i am about to show you!

The first box is filled with Althea Korea's own brand products :
The complete series of Althea products
We got full sized Bare Essentials Set (Contour Cleanser, Primer Water and Fixer Cream) plus some sachet samples, pretty mirror and Althea Petal Velvet Powder (now this one we're supposed to receive to review last year but sadly it never reached us thanks to Indonesia's custom's ever changing rules -____-, i am still bitter over this as Althea's 2nd Anniversary turned really sour for us in Indonesia zzz). How exciting!!! I have to be honest with you, i got more skin care projects than i can handle in the past 5 months or so, therefore i haven't given them a try. But i am finally cleared off my skin care review series (i am swamped with makeup reviews now instead hahaha) so i am planning to start using them soon. Lemme know if you want me to review them?

And the second box... Is even crazier.
Althea Korea really spoiled us T.T *touched*
Various masks, from foot peeling mask, to armpits mask, and ofc the more "normal" face masks are here
Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream
Skin Food Rice Mask, Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
It's My Hand Cream and CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection
Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar (probably the thing i am most excited about in this entire huge parcel because i have always wanted to have one but was too cheap to buy hahaha), Chica Y Chico (i really have no idea how to pronounce this brands' name HALP!) One Shot Eye Palette, Tony Moly Panda's Dram Brightening Eye Base, Missha Under Eye Brightener
And a super cute Hanbok charm
I am not kidding when i say that they spoiled us silly, right??

They also took us to a Korean BBQ feast, unfortunately i think we totally forgot to take photos? LOL... 
Althea have this wall with racks filled with endless products that we could try and play with, a total dream for beauty junkies like us haha
We definitely had a wonderful time with Althea team, i want to thank Frank (that's Althea's CEO, if you don't know haha), Tammy, Sydney, Eros and Anis once again for having us and being wonderful hosts ^^ (this was definitely a very special experience for us). Now, i hope Frank will one day bring y'all to Surabaya okay, holding on to that promise haha (OR bring us all to South Korea, that'd be even better HAHAHA)
Althea Korea, Saranghae!

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  1. Aww thanks for sharing Mindy! I hope we can hang out longer next time <3