One Brand Look and Mini Review : Savvy Minerals by Young Living

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Hey guys!

How y'all doin?

I was hoping that i would be in a higher spirit in the beginning of the new month, but we got super sick in the past two days OMG i wonder what's going on... By we i am talking about hunny and i - even Oline too *LOL*. 

I do feel better now tho so i decided to sit myself down and talk to y'all about this new brand that i've been using a lot lately :

Savvy Minerals by Young Living Oil
I don't know if any of you've heard about Young Living  already? Well, seeing as they are the pioneer in the essential oil world, i'm guessing at least some of you are. I've never been too into essential oils before, but #Undecided is a loyal user and obviously she told me all about it (more than i care to hear *LOL*) and i ended up absorbing more information than i'm conscious of doing (and to date i've been using a few oils from YLEO and they work wonderfully for me-trust me when i say this comes from a skeptic!) . YL is the number one producer of therapeutic grade essential oils that are beneficial to people leading natural and toxic free lifetyle and staying true to its motto "seed to seal", YL continues to up its game by introducing their first ever make up line : Savvy Minerals.

A few weeks ago, we had an event with Healthy & Wealthy Oils (one of Indonesia's independent distributor groups for YL and one that i can vouch for the originality and trust worthy-ness so if you are interested in becoming a member or just order something from YL/Savvy Minerals, you can contact them) where they launched Savvy Minerals for the first time in Surabaya. Oline and i were kindly gifted a full set of Savvy Minerals products by Healthy & Wealthy Oils beforehand so during the event we were able to share our experiences with Savvy Minerals as well as sharing a few tips and tricks on how to use mineral makeup (not the easiest to handle if you're used to regular makeups) and Oline even had a demo on how to use Savvy Minerals for a party look. Don't worry, i will share everything with you too today!

The main point of Savvy Minerals is the fact that it is a worry free makeup options as their products are very natural, toxin free, safe for your everyday use (their products are so gentle and natural that you can safely use it on babies!) - as someone who wears makeup on a daily due to my profession a a blogger and influencer who often have to put on full glam for events, knowing that the option is there is a huge relief. After all, who wants to keep on piling tonnes of toxin on our skin everyday, right?

On the other hand, one of the main concerns about mineral (and all natural makeups in general) is the fact that they are super gentle that none of the pigment would show. This can be true in some cases, but don't worry - like i said, with Savvy you can even pull a full on party look as long as you know the tricks! (as for newbie to makeups or people who likes light makeups, Savvy is actually very easy to use as they are so light and soft, you can glow and be naturally pretty without too much effort!).
This soft glam makeup is done with almost all Savvy Minerals products
The full set of Savvy Minerals i got from Healthy & Wealthy Oils
So, let's go into details on which products i love, which ones i would not recommend (this is strictly from my POV as someone who use heavy makeups most of the times, there are just things that i can't compromise because i want a perfect result for my looks. This does not mean the product itself is bad ofc, and that i cannot work for someone who has different priorities than me) and what i think of every single product i got. 
Packaging wise, i like how they look. Everything is in black with white lettering, very chic, simple but elegant - honestly reminded me of a high end makeup brand that shall remain nameless in this post *LOL*. As they are mineral makeups, most of the products are in powder form (which is the best form to minimize use of preservatives) and the one thing that i am not a huge fan of is the fact that (almost) everything comes in a very similar jar. It's very confusing for me because most of their products has the same size as well so i have to fumble and rummage through them one by one every single time i wanna do my face - and that's bad news if you have a full collection and you don't have a lot of time to do your face! I hope they would come up with something in the future for user's ease, maybe more info on the lid of the actual product inside so we don't have to tilt to peek in the bottom every single time to know what product we are holding on our hand!
Start from the base, ofc :
Savvy Minerals Foundation - 5gr
So their other point is the fact that their products are multi functional and multi purposes. All of their products can be used in any way you want on your face and you can mix and match everything. I was given the foundation powder in two shades, one that matches my skin tone and one that is very dark that i can use for shading and contouring (they work pretty nicely)
All of the powder products (which is almost all of their products *LOL*) comes in a jar like this so i'm only going to put up one photo okay
Here is the Savvy Minerals foundation in shade 200 and Dark No 3 
The foundation is one of my favorite products of Savvy Minerals - but i like to use them as my setting powder. It leaves my skin looking super smooth and flawless (i feel that i has a blurring effect as well) BUT it has no coverage. They would tell you to mix the powder with their sunscreen, but i know for a fact while it helps application easier (especially if you have dry skin, we all know that putting dry powder on dry skin is a no no!) it doesn't help with the coverage at all. 

You can always mix it with sunscreen, apply it in cream form then top it up with the powder again, this might work for dry skin but people with oily skin like me, it would break up in no time and that wouldn't be a good look. I personally would wear a regular liquid foundation/BB Cream underneath if you want a decent coverage. If you love a good setting powder that can help perfect your base, i would highly recommend this, but if you want an all in one foundation with good coverage, this is not what you're looking for.
Savvy Minerals Bronzer - 1.8gr
I got the shade 500, they don't seem to have a wide variety of shades when it comes to bronzer and this one is definitely too light for me
Now, the bronzer is probably one of the products that i am most underwhelmed by. It's very shimmery and sheer, and i got the shade that is almost identical to the blush when swatched (although they look different in the jar). I am very pale but it almost doesn't show up on my skin, i can't imagine it would fare any better for anyone with deeper skin tone so maybe it would only work for pasty white skins *LOL*. I just don't see the bronzer to do anything to my makeup so i personally would not recommend you to grab this. 
Savvy Minerals Blush - 1.8gr
I got the shade 503 and yes, you can hardly see it in this photo. And yep, it is very shimmery as well but when worn the shimmer is pretty sublte
To be honest, i am also not very enthusiastic about the blush and that's probably because of the shade. The shade i got is very pale and almost didn't show on my skin, it was pretty frustrating at first. I also used the misting spray that is meant to be used to give the pigmentation a boost but it still didn't help. Then i realized that you need to use like... A LOT of them for them to show up. Once i figured out how much products i need to use for it to show, i don't have a lot of problems with it - but it's still not my favorite. I might change my mind if i get another, rosier shade but 503 is just too pale and muddy for my skin tone. Savvy Minerals products are not cheap so i personally would skip the blush and go for something else from the line.
Savvy Minerals Diamond Dust - 5gr
It doesn't look like much in the photo, but... i actually love this product!
So they have two type of what they call "veil" (i guess they are finishing powder), one is in matte and the other one if this : diamond dust. It supposed to be used all over your face thinly for a glowy result but i am not interested in using it this way as it is quite white and glittery - i like to use it with a wet brush and it would turn into an almost holo, dual chrome (lilac and pink) kind of highlighter. It is stunning! The powder size is pretty big and if you use it as highlighter like me, it would last for a pretty long time - so we can justify the hefty price tag! It is very blinding though (i don't recommend using it dry as highlighter because it would look just like a white powder) so if you want a very natural, subtle highlight... You might not like this!
Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow - 0.8gr
402 : pearly white and 407 : purply pinkish shade
I feel quite neutral about the eyeshadows. I don't hate them but i am also not a big fan. They are decent, the pigmentation is not the best but it still can be worked on. If you are a basic makeup kind of gal or like i mentioned before, a newbie in makeup, then i don't think you will complain about the eyeshadow. As for me, i love colors and their color chart simply doesn't excite me. I also prefer my eyeshadow to pack a bit of a punch and not as bland as this. 

Other than that, i like to do more complicated eye makeup than the basics, i love halo eyes and it's not very easy to do with these. I tried wetting the brush to make the pearly white more metallic but it ended up being transparent instead, i had a bit of a hard time building it up but in the end i found out that you can just top it up with your fingers to pack the shine and conceal the transparent, bald patches. It's just a little bit too much work for me to like it. They recently come up with a palette tho and i am pretty interested in them! 
Savvy Minerals Multi Tasker - 1.5gr
Mine is in shade 409, a very dark brown
Another favorite product of mine from Savvy Minerals, the Multi Tasker! This product, like its name clearly states, can be used for various purposes. You can use it on your eyebrow, eyeliner, eyeshadow or even mix it with your foundation powder to use as contour. Unlike its eyeshadow, the Multi Tasker is very pigmented and bold. Everybody who do full makeup knows the importance of having a dark brown in their collection as it can be used in any eye makeup to deepen the crease and voila - instant glam. I love to use it as eyeshadow (it helps tying the whole look together, which is never gonna happen if i had to rely on the actual eyeshadows) and i witnessed Oline using it as eyebrow powder on our model. It's actually pretty affordable considering the tiny amount you need everytime and also the amount of work you can put on it. Recommended!
Savvy Minerals Misting Spray - 59ml
This misting spray is the product that can be used to enhance all of your Savvy Minerals powder products, but i personally don't find a lot of use for it. Wetting your brush to get a bolder pigmentation is general knowledge, but i don't find it to be working for like foundation and stuffs, if anything i feel like it makes application patchy and blotchy. Even for eyeshadow, i find using eyeshadow primer helps better than using the misting spray. I only don't mind using it to use diamond dust. If this is a facial mist then i would probably like it more, but as it is meant to only wet your brush... Yeah, i personally think it's pretty useless. Sorry, you know i only share my honest thoughts here!

Last but not least :
Savvy Minerals Lipstick - 4.8gr
As someone who's into cute stuffs, the aesthetic of this lipstick totally pleases me hahaha
Look at how cute the embossing on the lipstick is!
I got the shade On A Whim, which is a pale, metallic nude
You know i love lipsticks and i tend to be comfortable rocking any color, but i am not into nude shades, especially not frosty nude shades :(... I did try wearing it on its own and it made me look like someone who's stuck in the 80s *LOL*. It's just too pale and frosty for me, just not the right kind of shade for me. I do like using it as a lip topper tho, i love to put on dark, bold lipstick shade and put it on top - it'd totally transforms the lip color into something else - which is unique and trendy!

Btw, don't judge the lipstick just by the one that i am showing you because i saw their other shades and they appeal so much more to me than this one haha. Sometimes it just can't be helped that the shades that we got would affect the way my review shapes, do i try to keep an open mind and focus on the quality tho - and i am still not the biggest fan of their lipstick so far because they do feel a bit dry. I think their lip gloss is much better tho!
Close up on my makeup using Savvy Minerals
I used the multi tasker to deepen my eye makeup and the lipstick as a lip topper here
All in all, i enjoyed my experience with Savvy Minerals, it's my very first time experiencing with mineral makeups and i learn a lot. One thing that i must point out, they are really really kind to my face as my skin behaves perfectly when i used Savvy Minerals exclusively for more than a week even though i wear makeup almost everyday.

Like all brands, there are products that i like and there are products that are not my favorite - this is totally the case with Savvy Minerals as well. If i am to recommend their products based on my experience (and my taste in makeup in general), i would recommend their foundation (as setting powder), diamond dust (use with wet brush for highlighter) and multi tasker - those are my top 3 out of all the Savvy Minerals products i have used.

If you are interested in anything from this blog post (or anything from Savvy Minerals or Young Living), you can contact Healthy & Wealthy Oils via DM or Wassap Yuki at +62877-7180-8009. 

Thank you Healthy & Wealthy Oils for the chance to try out these lovely products from Savvy Minerals ^^. Now is the time for you to share with me, have you ever tried Mineral makeups? And what do you think of them?

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