Unboxing and First Impressions : #Socobox X BrunBrun Paris

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Haiii haiiii :D!!!

I know i keep on saying this sporadically, but i suddenly get the mojo to write back and i am super excited to blog again! Now, let's just hope the mojo actually stays instead of leaving me in cold after only a post or two, eh? LOL.

Anyway, today i wanna share with your what i got inside this special box that i received from Socobox (if you don't know what Socobox is, it's a free box filled with beauty stuffs from Soco, a beauty platform integrated by Sociolla and Beauty Journal. Everybody can win a box as long as you have an account at Soco and you fill in your beauty profile and also write as much reviews there as much as you can! You can read more here). As you might already know, i recently rejoined Sociolla Blogger Network and one of the perks is that we get more chances to receive the boxes.

Ultra excited because for this box they team up with BrunBrun Paris, a new local brand that i've been feeling super curious about!
#Socobox X BrunBrun Paris
If you're curious about BrunBrun Paris, you can read about their origins here - but basically this retail brand comes from the people behind Sophie Paris (if you're Indonesian i'm sure you are pretty familiar with this brand). Recently their stores are popping up everywhere around Indonesia (i saw a few in Surabaya too, in Pakuwan Mall and Tunjungan Plaza are the ones that i can remember), they have a lot of different varieties of products from fashion to beauty. The beauty section really caught my eyes but i haven't had the chance to try them out yet - until now that is.
The box arrived when i was in Japan, so i only got to get my hands on them when i get back ^^, i tried everything immediately!
I honestly was focusing on the makeups whenever i passed by a BrunBrun Paris' store so i didn't even realize that they have skin cares. Pretty extensive and super affordable some more!
I mean, they even have Micellar Water!!!
BrunBrun Paris Micellar Water - 100ml (IDR 29,900)
The packaging is very simple and i guess i don't have to state that it would remind us all to that specific micellar water brand *LOL*. It's a simple and nice packaging (it's very sturdy and made of high quality materials okay), tiny and very travel friendly, but i personally would love it if they be a little more creative and come up with a packaging that would be their own signature style instead of reminding us of another brand? Don't come for me BrunBrun Paris, i truly love you - just a constructive criticism?
Suitable for all skin types

Ingredient list. And as you can see here, BrunBrun Paris' products are made in Indonesia and manufactured by PT Sophie Paris Indonesia
The bottle comes with a simple, easy to use and spillage-preventing flip top. The size, the packaging and the fact that it works beautifully makes it the perfect companion for travelling 
The texture of BrunBrun Paris' Micellar Water is as expected from a micellar water - it is water like hahaha. I find it work really nicely to remove even my full makeup (i would need 4 cotton pads soaked with it to remove a full makeup. And by full makeup i mean foundation, eyeliner, mascara and long lasting lipsticks!), it is gentle (some micellar water actually stings my super sensitive eyes so i was actually a bit scared to use this on my eyes. It turned out to be gentle enough for my eyes so thank God for that) and it leaves my skin very clean, with no greasiness nor stretched feelings. 

But there is one thing that i do not like from this micellar water and that is the scent! I can't really explain the scent but it's like a soapy, perfumy scent... Actually a lot of BrunBrun Paris' skin care smells like perfume, and not a subtle perfume some more - that really bothers me because i prefer as little fragrance as possible for my skin products. It's not really a big deal if you don't mind the scent because it still works perfectly, but if you are sensitive to fragrances like me then you would appreciate the head's up i reckon ^^.
Hm you can't really see it but this cotton pad is actually soaked with the micellar water
And i was attempting to remove this (also from BrunBrun) lip cheek eye color that is pretty pigmented and has a good staying power
I pressed it on my hand for a few seconds and wipe it once 

Ta dahhhh... Completely remove the lippie with just one wipe, no vigorous wiping needed!
I always do double (or triple) cleanse, although technically you can use only micellar water and proceed with your skin care - it's something that i would never do. I always have to wash my face with a facial cleanser to make sure my skin is completely, totally clean.
BrunBrun Paris Daily Cleanser in Refreshing for Oily to Combination Skin - 20ml (IDR 15,900)
Their Daily Cleanser and Daily Moisturizer comes in this super cute little drink-like pouch with twist off opening. I actually love this kind of packaging because it's very simple, small and easy to slip somewhere so it doesn't take too much space, travel friendly (no need to worry about breaking or spilling anything). The downside is if you actually use it for your daily use, 20 ml would not last you very long at all (i'm not sure if it's even gonna last you a month?). But hey, it's IDR 15,900, you can buy 10 of them and stock them up at home, no problem at all *LOL*
The texture is quite thick and creamy, it's  pearlescent white in color
When mixed with color, it turned paste-like, it doesn't foam very much but it is very creamy and pleasant to use. It works to cleanse my face nicely without stripping it and it has a lovely orange candy (the scent reminds me of Sugus actually...) scent that i like very much. It works well for my oily skin and it removes all of the oil and sebum as well as any last traces of dirt and makeup that the micellar water might left behind
Brunbrun Paris Daily Moisturizer in Refreshing - 20 ml (IDR 15,900)
Comes in an identical packaging as the cleanser that sometimes i confuse the two of them...

The texture is quite thick so i was initially quite worried about it, but it spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly into my skin and leaves no greasiness or stickiness behind. I also find my skin to be less oily in the morning after (because i prefer to use moisturizers at night because i use moisturizes with built in SPF in the morning). It also has the same lovely Sugus scent as the cleanser
The Daily Cleanser and Moisturizer both work nicely for my skin and they actually exceeded my expectations. They are both very simple and no nonsense type of products so if you have oily skin can looking for some simple, straight forward, super affordable product then i would highly recommend you check them out!
BrunBrun Paris Peel Off Mask in Reviving Black Mud - 5ml (IDR 19,900)
Comes in a similar, only smaller packaging as the cleanser and moisturizer. Honestly i was apprehensive when i saw how small it is and wonder if it's gonna be enough for my entire face - it actually does but it's only enough for one time usage for sure
The texture is thick and sticky (as expected from a peel off masks) but it looks thin when i apply it to my face - this made me super worried that it won't be able to be peeled off. I was wrong. The thin texture means it doesn't take very long for it to dry off and when it is dry, even though it looks worryingly thin and uneven - i peels off pretty easily. 
Two things to note about these peel off masks : one , they have high alcohol content, my sensitive eyes turned super red within seconds due to the fume and i ended up with a few red patches on my cheek because my skin is slightly irritated. I also had a few healing acne scars of my chin when i used them and they stings badly because of the alcohol. As you can see from the photo, it claims to be made for normal to dry skin but i am worried that all the alcohol in them would dry people with dry skin crazily as it feels quite drying on my oily skin. Two, they smell super strongly like perfumed, might be because they try to mask the glue-like scent most peel off masks have, but it's so strong that if you are sensitive to scent this could be a deal breaker.

In hindsight, the peel off masks also work better than i expected. They leave my skin feeling cleaner and smoother. I would say that IDR 19,900 is actually a bit high for 1 usage tho.
BrunBrun Paris Peel Off Mask in Moisturizing Strawberry - 5ml (IDR 19,900)
I didn't take any photos of the strawberry mask but it's a lovely shade of baby pink (it spreads out super pale tho almost white - much to my disappointment hahaha) and i really hoped it would smell like strawberry, or strawberry candy (i hoped it would smell like the cleanser and moisturizer, in strawberry kind) but no luck there. It smells strong like perfume, not as scary as the mud one but still strong enough to take me aback.

Somehow the texture of the strawberry is thinner than the mud one and it makes it harder to remove because it keeps on breaking off when i try to peel it off in one go. It stings as much as the mud but somehow kinder to my skin as it doesn't feel as drying as the black one, but it still has high content of alcohol and i really don't think it would be good for dry skin. Don't take my word for it tho, maybe go check reviews from people/bloggers who has dry skin who have tried these BrunBrun Paris peel off mask. 

In short, they work as i do feel my skin is better after usage (they also somehow help dry off my zits. Probably the alcohol hahaha) but from all of the BrunBrun Paris products that i tried from this box i would be most hesitant to recommend because i personally have a few issues with them. 

Last product is actually a makeup product and obviously my fave out of the box because makeup products excite me like nothing else, especially lippies!
BrunBrun Paris Lip Cheek Eye Color in shade Dazzled - 5,5ml (IDR 39,900)
Comes in a sleek rectangular bottle, transparent at the body (so you can see the shade inside) and black at the cap. Simple, no nonsense packaging never goes wrong when it comes to lippie too
The applicator is nice and easy to work with to make application a breeze
Dazzle is a nude, peachy color that is easy to use and suitable for many skin tones
I am wearing BrunBrun Lip Cheek Eye Color in Dazzled on my lips
So actually this product can be used for lips, cheeks and eyes, i decided to stick to my lips because i just don't like using liquid or creams for my eyes and cheeks, i am super worried that they would dry off because i can blend and if they would be blotchy - sorry! If there is a day when i am brave enough to actually use them on my eye lids or cheeks, i would update but for now... I can only share my experience on using it on my lips hahaha.

It is quite pigmented, easy to use and although it is a matte lip color, it actually feels pretty comfortable. Not as comfortable as creamy lippies ofc, but still... More comfortable than a lot of other liquid matte lippies i've tried before. It is also very long lasting (but not transfer proof), i wore it a whole day and it still looks perfect at the end of the day but can be removed pretty easily too. 

What can i say, it is very nice and it makes me want to try out all of their other makeup products (i am actually tempted to do a one brand tutorial using all BrunBrun Paris... Is that something that y'all would like to see?) . I honestly think the price is not too cheap, but obviously pretty affordable and it does have a nice quality so the price tag is actually not too high for the quality you're getting. I would definitely recommend checking out their makeup section next time you see a BrunBrun Paris store, i know i would be doing just that!

Overall i have mostly very pleasant experience with BrunBrun Paris! I definitely would love to explore more and try more products from BrunBrun Paris soon. Special thanks to Sociolla, Beauty Journal and BrunBrun Paris for this chance to try out these lovely products ^^.

Have you tried anything from BrunBrun Paris? Is there any products from them that you love and think i should try?


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