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Hey hey you guys...

This is such a backdated post :(, i've been meaning to up this while i was in Jakarta but i was too busy errrr... Holidaying :)), i spent most of my time there meeting up with some friends and clients as well as spending quality time with my big family, that's why it's only my second post this month *bad #Pink bad...!!!*.

Anyway, a while ago Surabaya Beauty Blogger had our 6th Soiree in collaboration with Tokyo Belle and Perfect Beauty, goodie bag was provided by Perfect Beauty and filled with products for us to use so today i want to show you all the products we have inside plus a little first impression on them  ^^.
There are quite a lot of varieties in the box and so many face masks that i am covered for months on masks hahaha.
Perfect Beauty's goodie box
All the products inside
First up are products from Caribbean Breeze (unfortunately i cannot find them in PB's website so i can't give you the deets on pricing and stuffs).
These looks like the perfect ammo for a tropical island trip!
Caribbean Breeze Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 in Green Tea
The texture is not as thick as i feared it was going to be (it being an SPF 50 and all), it is still a little sticky and greasy as i expect from such high UV protection product - if you are an outdoor person who do a lot of outdoor activities or going on a trip where you know you'd be exposed to the sun for hours on end (especially the sea. This product is also water resistant, making it the perfect companion if you plan to frolick in the beach/play watersports, etc), then this is something that you might need. One thing that threw me off was the super strong, tangy scent (i just realized that they state that it's Green Tea but i honestly don't smell any green tea in it- i just really don't like the scent and it bothers me so much i couldn't bear to put it on my face *LOL*. Besides, i am much more of an indoor person that i think a lighter, lower SPF is more than fine for me.
Although i am not a fan of the sun cream, i actually love the lip balm!
Caribbean Breeze lip essentials, also has SPF 50! It looks like the normal, non-nonsense kind of lip balm that event the most macho man would not be too too embarrassed to put on their lips before doing some extreme water/mountain sport *LOL*, i was quite afraid that it would be super thick, waxy and it would smell like the sun cream! But it turned out to be very moisturizing but light on my lips and it smells like watermelon! Again, i am not actually a huge fan of watermelon scent, but this one's pretty nice that i actually thew it in my every makeup box to use whenever i get ready!
The fact that it is SPF 50 is a total bonus ofc
Next items are from a brand that i never heard of before, Beauvrys. Both of the products we got i also cannot find in PB's website (it's probably out of stock), but they do have other Beauvrys products on stock - mainly hair colorant and hair cares.
Beauvrys Black Shampoo (25ml per sachet)
I would say that the black shampoo is similar to henna? It's basically a black hair dye that is easy to use, you just need to apply it straight to your hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. I color my hair so obviously i couldn't use it so i passed it to my dad who dyes his graying hairs whenever he feels like it *LOL* and he seems to be enjoying it
Beauvrys Gold Facial mask, now this one is a bit of a surprise for me because it thought it was just a regular sheet mask at first (obviously i never bother reading any info on my products, eh?)  but it turned out to be a very cool, gold colored peel of mask
I am not super familiar with peel off mask, especially not if it comes in a sachet (the only other peel off mask that i used before is the Koreancarcoal bamboo ones that comes in a squeeze tube) like this so i was a bit all over the place and confused when i first used it >.<.

I learned that with sachet masks, sometimes you don't need to use the entire sachet because it can be WAY too much - this one can be used twice or three times i guess, just put the product in a jar and use the amount you need. I tried to use everything in one go that i ended up with super thick, super sticky paste on my face! It's a no no, because if you use the entire sachet on your face it'll never dry off!!! And if it doesn't dry off, you can't peel it off! I had to resort to try to remove it using sponges and cloths, it was super hard to do because the texture of this mask is super glue-y, thick and sticky -  when in contact with water it becomes slick, slimy and super duper hard to remove T.T.

It does make my face smoother and tighter after use, but it is not moisturizing enough so i had to put on some moisturizer on after washing it off (i dunno if it's supposed to be like this or is it because of my own error in usage). My friends who use this told me that the mask is actually very nice, i just need to use a little less and be able to actually peel it off! I still have a few sachets so imma give it a proper go soon!

Next are more masks from L'Action!
L'Action Paris Rice Oil Face Mask in Litchi Mousse and Cotton Oil FaceMask in Polar Mint. I really like the illustration and the whole aesthetic of this mask and once again i thought they were sheet masks - they are actually light masks that looks and feels like moisturizing cream
I've never uses any mask with Rice Oil or Cotton Oil before - in fact the whole concept is almost alien to me. I've only tried the Polar Mint Cotton Oil Face Mask so far and it's pretty nice, it give a  very smooth, silky, matte feeling on my skin with some cooling minty sensation. 

Actually I just read the instruction and it says that it's perfect for the morning after a long night of partying (although i'm so old i def don't party anymore unless you count little kiddies' parties hahaha) - also I have a confession to make, i really thought that it was a leave on mask (like a sleeping mask) and i actually left it overnight :)), thank God it didn't break me out or anything! I like this concept of light, quick mask to perk you up/soothe your skin, i will definitely play a little bit more with them soon! God, i really need to start reading the instructions, don't i???
My Beauty Diary Roe Mask - Deep Moisturizing, Reviving and Firming , IDR 33,900. This is the real sheet mask :))
My Beauty Diary is a pretty well known Taiwanese mask brand and i've used some of their masks before - i like them, this is the first time i am using a Roe mask and i was a bit concerned about the smell but i didn't have to be because it smells nothing short of pleasant, not roe-y at all hahaha. It's a good mask, deep moisturizing and makes my skin super supple, silky and bouncy after usage
Other than face masks, we also got hair masks from Structura - another new brand for me..
Structura Restructuting Treatmen
I love hair care products because my hair is quite damaged due to nonstop coloring, this hair mask is  very nice and feels super luxurious although the product is actually not that expensive (IDR 171,875) for a pot containing 250ml of masks. It makes my hair smooth without being limp and makes 'em easy to handle. I would actually recommend to try it out if you're looking for a nice, pretty affordable hair mask.
Last but not least, the product i am probably most excited about : Perfect Lashes! It's from Perfect Beauty's own brand ^^
Perfect Lashes, i have no idea the type tho (they have quite a lot of selections) but i love this pair because it's very light, very natural, comfortable and yet it's still able to emphasize my eyes. Another plus? Each pair of Perfect Lash costs only IDR10k! Wow, an amazing price point - especially because they told us that their falsies are made in the same factory as the one that produces MAC's lashes so the quality is definitely up there!
Wearing the unknown type of Perfect Lashes hehe. I truly do like it a lot, and i would love to try out the other types as well (especially the thicker ones as i am curious to know if the quality is as good as these natural ones)
And that concludes all of the products inside our goodie bag. Thanks Perfect Beauty  once again for the goodie bag ^^! Which of the products inside this bag that makes you curious to try out? Lemme know in the comment section below!


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