Japan Trip 2017 : Part 8 (Tokyo, Yokohama, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Disney Sea)

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(Guys, this post is supposed to go up before i left for our KL trip (clearly i post all about the trip on my IG and post Instastories nonstop so you should already know where we went) but i forgot to publish it!!! Hence the confusing first paragraph, hope that clears it!)


Yes yes, we are finally at the very last post of this endless Japan trip series :))... More than a year later, but like i said... I am determined to finish it up because i am ain't a quitter! Plus i am about to go to a very exciting short trip in 5 days and i will be blogging heavily about it because it's a special trip - it's short and only to a very nearby country (that i've been too countless of time) but it's a... GIRLS TRIP!!! Yaiy!!! As the fact that i have Olin with me means that i will be getting some real nice pics for my Instagram T.T finally... I never had decent photos on my travels before because of my super unwilling photographer...

Anyway imma post a pic of me with a camel in Disney Sea for clickbait :
#Pink at Disney Sea for the second time (if i go again this year then i'd be visiting every year *LOL*)
As for what this post really is about... I will be cramming our last... 4 days in Japan in one post. Mainly because we didn't do too much interesting things or visit exciting places (except for Disney Sea but since it's already my second visit in such a short span of time, i wasn't that excited either hahaha. We mainly go for Little O, obviously). It was so uninteresting that i almost never used my camera in the last 4 days (come to think about it, we're back to Tokyo for the last 4 days and i am not a huge fan of Tokyo anymore - not after visiting the smaller, funner cities of Japan! - i guess that's why my spirit dipped so low *LOL*, especially since the places we went to turned out to be total disappointments!).

Sorry for sounding like a broken record but yeah... Most of the mundane photos that would make this blog post much longer and detailed are gone with my stupid Iphone -___-. Is it weird that i still can't get over it, a year later??? Still piss me off whenever i brought it up - i dunno why i like to torture myself like this!

Anyway the first day back to to Tokyo was such a gloomy, day. It was raining the whole day, we arrived in the late afternoon and it was already dark. We went to Akihabara because people wanted to see the big Gundam (that we didn't end up finding, it was just too wet for the effort) so we ended up just hanging out at a cafe after giving up on finding it.
At least the parfait was yum... I am not a fan of ice cream but i love parfaits!
I like to think my skill for IG photo takings are much better now than a year later, but i also rely heavily on the photog ya know?
We only found a Gundam official store and a Gundam waffle btw... And it was quite crap considering the normal Japanese food quality :))
Since we have nowhere to go (seriously, i am not enthusiastic to go back to Tokyo anymore, but i would jump on any opportunity to visit Osaka/Kyoto/any other Japanese cities at a hearbeat), we ended up traveling ALL THE WAY to Kamata because like i said a year before, i'd definitely revisit the best ramen in the world whenever i am back to Tokyo!
The norm whenever we move cities : getting our luggages *LOL*. I know Japan and myself enough by now and i will pack even lighter next time, plus i won't bring too many extra luggage because i don't shop too much in Japan (i'm too cheap for the super expensive stuffs, and for the kawaii makeup stuffs... They look pretty much the same as the ones i bought in previous trip so i wasn't even interested)
Crazy hubby at our fave ramen place
Our group maxed up the capacity in the small shop haha
Don't even remember taking this pic and why we act that way, but well... Sums up our relationship perfectly hahaa
The next day we went to Yokohama... But sadly nothing went the way i hoped it would be due to lack of research -___-. So last time we went there, we visited the Nissin Cup Noodle Museum, which was already quite a let down because it wasn't exactly like a museum that i expected (you know, historical... Full of relics and stories), but then people suggested i should visit the Ramen Musem (some says it's better than the Nissin's). Stupidly i didn't research or try to find out more about it and when we arrived and faced with the fact that the museum is not really a museum but more like a big ramen foodcourt where you can eat various ramens from different parts of Japan and we already ate!!! I was dumbfounded -___-... What made matter worse was the fact that we actually had to travel quite a bit and got lost a few time just to get there!
I think we ended up spending majority of the time at the souvenir shop -___-... and it wasn't even a nice one *LOL*
They did intentionally made the museum look dingy and old i think
I mean, the vibe's there... But it's just a place you need to visit only if you are a die hard ramen fan and want to try out a lot of (over priced) ramen. Remember, you also have to pay for entrance... Paying entrance fee just to eat and pay for more food... is just incomprehensible for me *LOL*
I do like how they managed to make the place looks like old time Japan tho down to the nitty gritty
Yep... This is it. The museum. It was holiday as well so there are a lot of tourists and local people there that day so all the rame shops have hours of queuing time
I also felt quite guilty because i was the one who suggested the place *LOL*
Word of warning for lazy tourists like me who never does their research beforehand : if you are expecting a regular museum with every sense of a traditional museum, DON'T GO HERE!
It is interesting looking, i must say. Felt like being transported somewhere else, but just that is definitely not worth the time and money to get here. 
Ended up in this vintage looking cafe (really vintage leh, look at all the details. This is how i picture how my parents' dates places look like, or even my grandparent's!) for some ice cream because at least we should do something right?
Little O (who's a huge fan of museums like me) was also confused, but he was also 9 so it was pretty easy to entertain him
Seriously, he looks so much younger in this trip than he does now even though it's only been a year :(
Then we decided to go to the Chinatown because there's no time to try to reach anywhere else because it's already getting dark.
Me looking haggard... I guess all those RF session really do something then *LOLOLOL*
So... I just start to remember... That maybe the old, traditional Japanese house that we booked via Airbnb that i talked about in previous post was probably not even in Osaka... I think it was in Tokyo!!! OMG i really forgot lah WTF but yes, i think it's actually in Tokyo because i think we parted ways in Yokohama coz we stayed in different places that second night (now i am racking my brain on where we stayed in Osaka. Hm. I have no memory whatsoever).

Oh the third day we moved to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, as we only have half a day after checking in etc and i heard that Tokyo Disneyland is very similar to Hong Kong Disneyland, i decided that we would just go to Disney Sea (where Little O never went)  the next day and spend this third day relaxing and enjoying the horrendously expensive hotel (KC's and HR's family went to Disneyland)
And we had some real yummy nomms at the mall at the resort, plus doing some supermarket shopping as well
Again, most of the photos of the Disneyland Hotel are in my Iphone and totally effing gone, i scoured what i could but only found very minimal photos in my trip companion's socmeds -___-.
We booked two family rooms that are supposed to be for 4-5 people probably, but kiasu Chinese crammed ourselves ilegally inside :)), KC's family and us shared this room... All 7 of us! The rooms are decorated differently (not sure if all rooms are different or just the family rooms) and ours is Beauty and the Beast themed
It's very spacious and nice, but still not worth the crazy rate IMO *LOL*. Btw, hunny overheard our neighbor (who happened to be Indonesian as well) complaining to a hotel staff about weird noises at night. OMG WTF is the hotel haunted or what... Oh yeah, if you stay in this hotel and see the sofa... It can be turned into a sofa bed, but don't do that! Coz you'd be charged extra bed for that :))
What i love about Japanese hotels : they provide comfortable pajamas!
Just us being crazy
Random photo of an kitsune cookies that CL bought back at Fushimi Inari
I actually took a lot of photos of the hotel as i was about to review it *___* but alas, i lost them all and ended up with some photos that were intended for IG but never made it because it was too dark and crooked. 
This is my outfit for Disney Sea, pastel colors from head to toe!

I also took very minimal photos at Disney Sea (if you are interested in a detailed post of Disney Sea you can read my previous visit here) and i didn't even bring my camera i think. I remember having so much fun on my previous visit but felt a pang of sadness that i didn't have my son with me (because that's how mothers are, obvi) so i made a promise that i would take him here - which happened sooner than i thought because obviously God is good all the time ^^.  I focused on taking him play and enjoy Disney Sea, and we ended up riding quite a lot of rides. A total relief after the Osaka Universal Studios disaster!
I look almost identical with how i looked the year before, except that my hair is straight haha
Crazy Disney hat family represents
Snapped some random photos...
Possibly my fave ride, the Haunted Mansion
This time round we managed to get and use our fast pass for the most crowded ride, the Toy Story, otherwise Little O might get a seizure -___-
Hunny never fail to make me look like a teapot in photos
So i told hunny not to say anything about the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride because i wanted to see if Little O is still gullible enough to believe that we are actually riding a toy submarine and went underwater for real... I was quite surprised that he did! It's so cute, he is still pretty innocent :)). I'm not gonna burst his bubble and let him believe it for as long as he could. We don't celebrate Christmas and stuffs so he never believed in Santa Claus, this is the closest thing to Santa Claus that he has hahaha (EDIT : turned out he never believed it WTF, he only just now revealed it to me after our recent trip to Disneyland Japan)
Disney's snacks are always cute ofc
Taking an actual kid to Disneyland turns out to be different than when it's all adults only, we discovered places that we didn't even knew existed in our first visit
I love how he is still in awe and wide eyed about most things even though he act so grown up all the time
Managed to snap a pic with Pluto!
Disney Sea OOTD, i always look so pale and unkempt when i travel with my son :)) no time to put on makeup :))
Such a kawaii bao
I traveled with merchandise crazy group.... I think we spent the most money on merchandises hahaha
Stole some awesome photos from HRO's FB : 
He's surprisingly good with filters too!
And that's the end of our Japan trip! You know the next day was not a good day for me, losing my Iphone and turning into a zombie because i don't deal well with any loss -____-. I sure hope that the next time i visit Japan i would not lose any more phone or expensive belonging (Edit : I DIDN'T!!! YAY ME!!! But i did managed to get lost in the subway and then fell off and hurt my knee badly the next day!), then i would know that the curse's broken!

I will be back with a lot more travel posts, the South Korea one would have to wait a while longer to make way for the girls trip! Don't forget to follow my Instagram for real time updates on my trip ^^!


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  1. Such a wonderfull trip!! Thank you for sharing, will be going to Japan soon..