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Hey guys :D

Welcome back to my blog (i clearly watched too much Youtube lately) :D.

It's my first post in April and today i want to share with you my experience and thoughts with Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm!
Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm
So in the past month or so i've been seeing this brand popping up in my social media feeds, the simple but enticing packaging really caught my eyes and i was immediately quite interested to learn more about this brand. Lucky me, just a moment later i got sent these exact products that i am super interested in by Clinelle and Clozette, thank you so much! 

Here are the three products that i received from Clinelle :
Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Cleansing Gel, Lotion and Serum
In case you've never heard of the brand Clinelle before, you can learn more about them and their company at their Our Story section in their website, basically they've been around since 2004 and i think it is originated from our neighboring country, Malaysia and their (beautiful) mission is very simple but important : to provide safe skin care for us.

Clinelle actually has quite extensive ranges and the one that i am going to focus on today is the PureSwiss Hydracalm line.

One of the most interesting and appealing thing from this range is that they have "7 Nos" formulation in which they are not using any of these dangerous ingredients :
1. No artificial coloring
2. No artificial scent
3. No lanolin 
4. No mineral oil
5. No SD-Alcohol
6. No comedoegenic ingredients
7. No paraben

In short, Clinelle does not use any dangerous ingredient that can cause skin irritations, premature aging and cause decline in your skin's health.

What are their plus points? Well, they are formulated with 3x Hydracalm Action (with Natural Hyaluronic Acid, PureSwiss Thermal Spring Water and Bio-Calm Complex), can maintain skin mousturization up to 72 hours, hydrate every skin layer, with pH 5.5 (like natural skin's pH) and hydrate without leaving any stickiness/oiliness on your skin.

Those are very bold statements, but i have been using them for the past 2 weeks and i can safely say that they actually deliver in almost every aspect!

Let's talk about the products one by one.
Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Cleansing Gel - 100 ml IDR 99,000 , it comes in a simple blue squeeze tube with flip cap
Ingredient list, and as you can see from the stamp : they are formulated and manufactured in France
Easy to flip open and close
I love when products are sealed, extra layer of protectiveness for all of us!
The texture is runny clear gel
This gel cleanser doesn't lather much, when you mix it with water, it turns into more of a pasty form. It feels very nice on my skin, very gentle but still able to give maximum cleansing effect -without stripping them from its natural moisture. My skin feels clean and soft after usage but it doesn't feel tight or dehydrated. All three Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm products that i got have calming, slighty tangy scent (i picked up a bit of a ginger scent too) that reminds me so much of luxury skin clinic/spa :)). I kinda dig the scent :p.

One thing that i notice is that i need to use quite a bit of product for me to feel secure, i tried to use less but then i feel like the product's not nearly enough to rub all over my face so i have to go back for more anyway - and it takes a little longer for me to rinse off than my usual facial cleanser because of the runny, slippery texture. Other than that, everything is peachy.

I also know that this is not a makeup remover and i personally would never use it straight away to take off my makeup (whenever i put on any makeup, a double or even triple cleanse is a must for me), but when i took these pics i was actually swatching a very pigmented and long lasting lip cream on my hand and i decided to test it out to remove the lip cream off. 
And it worked a lot better than i anticipated! It melted off the lip cream immediately
And leave the slightest tint on my skin. This lip cream leaves a tint on my skin even after i remove it with makeup removers, so i am beyond impressed!
I would still not recommend using this cleansing gel to remove your makeup ofc, but with this proof i know that it is super gentle yet able to remove such stubborn makeup product, which means it'll definitely successfully remove any trace of makeup or dirt from your makeup as your second cleansing step!

I feel like this cleansing gel would be good for any skin types as it is very gentle (but powerful enough for my oily skin) so i think it would be good for normal and dry skin too.
Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Lotion - 150ml IDR 199.000 , comes in a sleek transparent blue plastic bottle with silver cap
Sorry, this is the best that i can do to capture the ingredient list :))
The top is very unique, it has an extra topper to stop the product from spilling out, and it is attached to the bottle so you are not in any danger from losing it when you open it up (or is it just me that keeps on losing toppers within minutes of removing them?)
The texture is super lovely, it is runny but not exactly watery. It is a lot thicker than water (but nowhere near gel-like) and when you tip the bottle, only a drop will fall out because of its thickness
This lotion is super duper lovely, it spreads on like water and get absorbed super fast into the skin, it leaves no trace of grease or stickiness at all but leave my skin feeling super soft and supple. Sadly, this product doesn't seem to work with my super oily skin though. Actually i always have problems with thicker lotions as i have very oily skin, any skin care that is too rich would cause white heads - so i was already quite worried when i see the texture of this lotion. I still gave it a go, but since it is very light, i cannot use it on its own without any extra moisturizer (with some thick lotion, i can getaway with using only the lotion) because i feel like my skin gets a bit dehydrated, but when i add the serum on top... I got whiteheads on some parts of my face immediately.

I would try to combine this lotion with very lightweight, gel moisturizer on top and see how it goes - but for my skin, i cannot use it on top of the serum (which i LOVE). That's a shame, but that's okay - when it comes to skin care sometimes you need to go through trials and errors to get the perfect combination.

I personally think that this lotion would be better suited for normal or dry skin as it is very gentle and adds an extra layer of moisture on your skin to prep it for your next skin care steps. If you have very oily and sensitive skin like me, you might want to be more cautious as it might be too rich for your skin too.
Anddd we come to my favorite product
Which is :
Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Serum - 20 ml IDR 279.000 . This is the only product out of the three that comes in a box 
Ingredient List
The serum comes in a sleek (i know i use the word sleek a bit excessively in this post, but they really are sleek and expensive looking despite the simple-ness of the packaging!) blue frosted plastic bottle with silver cap
It has a pump mechanism, which is the best type of skin care dispenser IMO in terms of user's ease and hygiene
The serum's texture is very light, almost gel-like and it's semi opaque white in color
I LOVEEEE the serum, it spreads super easily, gives a calming, cooling sensation and get absorbed pretty much immediately into my skin, it leaves zero stickiness nor greasiness on my skin but able to give maximum moisturization on my skin! My skin immediately feels super smooth and silky after application.

As i mentioned earlier, i have very oily skin and after years of trials and errors, i know that i cannot use both serum and moisturizers on top of each other without my skin breaking out. Some serums are so hydrating that it works more than enough to moisturize my skin and that's the only type of serum that i can use (as i cannot layer them, so the half-powerful ones can kiss me goodbye as i cannot find any use of them), i love the texture and effect that Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Serum gives me so i pretty much prayed that it works well for my skin - and i does! 

If you have normal to dry skin, i would definitely suggest adding another layer or moisturizer on top (Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm also has a cream that can be used after the serum), but if you have very oily skin like me - i think the serum would be more than enough for you. It really does keep my skin hydrated and deeply moisturized without making it oily at all!  I truly love the serum and out of the three products from this range that i tried, i would most recommend this serum for you all to try out!

Overall, i have a great experience with Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm series, although personally i cannot use all three at the same time, but i am currently using the cleansing gel and serum every day without fail and my skin is behaving extremely well. I will continue using them all (including the lotion if i can figure our the right mix with other moisturizer or i will pass it to my mum who has dry skin and would definitely appreciate it more than i ever can) and i would definitely consider purchasing the serum myself in the future when i run out of it.

I would highly recommend this line for all of you with some modification depending on your skin types : add moisturizer for normal and dry skin on top of the serum, and skip the lotion for very oily skin ^^. But in general, i would say that this line is lovely and deserve a try!

Don't forget to follow Clinelle Indonesia's Instagram for more info, promo and giveaways!

Thank you Clinelle and Clozette for the chance to try out these lovely products ^^.

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