Event Report : Gloskin Beauty Talk with Surabaya Blogger

3:24:00 PM

Hey everybody!

I think it's been a little while since the last time i share about events in my blog (i tend to share about events on my Instagram more now) but i do have one today from a few weeks ago : a Beauty Talk with Gloskin Aesthetic Clinic ^^. 
The main point of this event is to get introduced and learn more about Gloskin itself. 
Gloskin Aesthetic Clinic
Ruko Grand Sungkono Blok AB No 176-178
(031) 5663379/ 5663288
Actually before this event i already knew about Gloskin and even had an RF treatment there before (which was pretty good and i was pretty satisfied with the result), my first impression of the clinic was quite nice (their first and second floors are very pretty and luxurious, very instagrammable!) so i felt pretty interested to get to know about this clinic more.

Most of the attendants were our friends from lifestyle bloggers, but there are a few of us from Surabaya Beauty Blogger too ^^. 
This is dr. Nanang Masrani, the founder of Gloskin Aesthetic Clinic. He is a certified and established aesthetic doctor that started his carreer in Aesthetic Medicine since 2007 and founded Gloskin at 2012
In the short span of time, Gloskin already has 13 branches in Indonesia
They cater to vast varieties of skin treatments from the basics like facial to the more advanced ones like thread lifting, etc
Gloskin's vision is to be one of the best and trusted front running aesthetic clinic in Indonesia and they strive to give high quality facial and body health treatments for society as well as giving safe face and body health solutions
You can check out Gloskin's website and follow their social medias for more information on them
Welcomes by Gloskin's manager, Ms. Anna
Further and more detailed explanation about Gloskin's services conducted by dr. Intan Martalita Detan
Gloskin's basic treatments
And the advanced ones
Examples of before and after their 4D Threadlift treatment
Chin filler. These are just some small examples of the results and they are all pretty impressive ^^
Then we were taken for a clinic's tour, starting with the introduction to their own, BPOM certified, high quality skin care products
A peek into their treatment rooms
I also had the chance to try out their Glowing Facial last week and i love the result! The massage part was pretty long and super relaxing, i almost fell asleep during that part... I love how they used some high tech machines as part of the treatment, it shows me how high quality, advanced and professional their treatments are. As for the extraction pain level? I would say that it depends on the beautician (this is pretty normal as far as my experiences with aesthetic clinic goes) because honestly, mine was well... Not a walk in the park (bearable, don't worry) while Redha who had the same treatment at the same time (obviously with a different beautician) said hers was totally painless.

Nevertheless, i feel very light, cleansed and well, glowing *haha* after the facial and i would say that Gloskin's Glowing Facial is pretty recommended.

Thank you Gloskin for having us and for the treatment ^^.
Proof that Gloskin's waiting area is very pretty and Insta-worthy!

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