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Hi my dears ^^

All skin care junkies (or anyone who cares about their skin's health) gather up, today i have a review for one of the "It" local skin care brand that is raved by many... Yes, i am going to review Avoskin products!
Avoskin's latest campaign is #PesonaCantikAlami that encourages women to always spread positivity, confidence and bravery - is ofc totally up my alley
So a few local bloggers that i follow (and honestly i don't follow a lot so those who i do follow means they have a positive impact on me and i tend to be interested in what they are recommending) had been raving about Avoskin for quite a long while now (ever since Avoskin emerged, i guess) and i've always been quite curious about them. Lucky me, my curiosity is finally sated when Clozette Indonesia and Avoskin kindly sent me some of Avoskin's products for me to try out.
Here are Avoskin products that i received, L to R : Avoskin PHTE 100ml (which is arguably their most popular product), Avoskin Aloe Vera Facial Wash and Avoskin Intensive Nourishing Eye Cream 
These three are the only skin care products that i brought with me during our Kuala Lumpur work-cation and i am still continuing using them all today because they work lovely on my skin ^^.
Avoskin Aloe Vera Facial Wash - 100ml , IDR 89,000
It comes in a simple white squeeze tube with flip cap
Ingredient List
The texture of this Aloe Vera Facial Wash is very watery, be careful when tilting the bottle as it is very watery and it would spill out without you having to squeeze it, whenever i open it i would forgot how liquidy it is and spill a lot more than i needed. The facial wash is murky whitish color and has a fresh scent
It doesn't lather a lot and turns more slimy paste when mixed with water
It looks almost clear to the naked eyes, but it is actually embedded with tiny particles of gentle scrub that i could feel when i use it (not abrasive at all). 
Although i like all three products that i receive and i will continue to use them, the one product that works best for my skin at the moment is actually this facial wash. It is very pleasant, non-fussy, easy to use and it works to get rid of any dirt and residue of makeup (of course you have to use makeup removers first whenever you use any makeup) well. It makes my skin feels very clean but not stripped, i do feel that my skin feels a little tight but the feeling goes away after i continue with my skin care steps. It is very very gentle and never caused any concern for my very oily and sensitive skin, i honestly don't know how it would work on other skin type (as it can make my skin feel a bit tight right after i use it, it might be worse for dry skin? Imma make my husband use it and let you know how it goes) but i do feel like it should be okay for all skin types as it's very gentle, just don't forget to immediately moisturize right away!

For IDR 89,000, it is a very affordable facial wash and something that i wouldn't mind purchasing over and over again for everyday use. 
Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence (or PHTE in short) - 100ml , IDR 289,000
The PHTE is definitely their star product, it was sold out 5x in less than one day in 2017, imagine how popular this product its! PHTE is definitely one of the newer trend product in skin care world that's fast growing cult-like followers and many swore by PHTE for their improving skin condition. Avoskin's PHTE is actually the first PHTE that i've ever tried.
It comes in a simple white box
Ingredient list
The PHTE is housed in a heavy, very luxurious looking frosted bottle
With silver topper that has Avoskin embossed on it
The mouth of the opening is sealed with removable plug that i find very helpful to prevent spillage of your precious PHTE, even when you travel
The texture is.. Well, thick water is how i would describe it. It is very watery but a lot thicker than actual water that when you tip the bottle, the essence won't drop unless you shake it a little bit. Almost gel-like, but not quite
It has a very soothing, relaxing scent, it's cooling and get absorbed into my skin in zero time. It leaves no stickiness nor greasiness behind  - but it deeply moisturizes my skin. PHTE is supposed to be the step right before your moisturizer, but since i have very oily skin i actually only use PHTE after washing my face and that's it. It is more than enough to hydrate my skin, it makes my skin very supple, mochi like and brighter even after only two weeks of usage.
If you have been following my blog for a while than you'd know that essences or thicker lotions don't usually work for my skin as they are too hydrating. This is somehow also the case with this PHTE, it does all kinds of amazing things for my skin but because it is so rich and my skin is so oily, i cannot seem to use it everyday because i would start developing white heads. So now my trick is to use it every other day to balance it. I still love it and i think it's awesome, but i just can't use it everyday.
Me in all my bare skin glory, looking awesome for a 34 year old - thanks to Avoskin i guess!
I do think Avoskin's PHTE is wonderful, it would probably do a bigger wonder to normal or dry skin types as you would probably see more dramatic improvements. I would highly recommend to add this to your skin care routine, just be careful if you have very oily skin like me-don't use it everyday and definitely don't put more moisturizer on top, you won't need it!
Avoskin Intensive Nourishing Eye Cream - 10g, IDR 149,000
Honestly was the most excited about this product (i think this is one of their newer products... but i could be wrong) because i loveeee eye creams.
The eye cream comes in a dark blue box
Ingredient list
It comes in a beautiful, heavy, luxurious frosted glass jar with matte gold top. It is a beaut, i was totally entranced at how luxe it looks when i first saw it
It comes with a separate lid so your product won't get everywhere
It's yellowish in color
The cream is actually very light but with a bit of oily feeling, it spreads super easily and gets absorbed fast into my thirsty under eye areas
So... I am actually on defense about this one. In one hand i absolutely love how light but moisturizing it is, and how it really works to moisturize and keep my eye area hydrated and supple despite the lack of sleep that i suffer from most days - but i also recently find tiny bumps under my eyes that can appear whenever i use eye creams that are too rich for me *sigh*. This is definitely not the products' fault as well because this happens many time with other brands before, it's just how frustrating my skin is - in one hand i need a good eye cream because the skin around my area (on contrary to the rest of my face) are very dry and dehydrated but on the other hand, they also caused millia seeds to develop.

I would say that i would need to have the same approach to this eye cream as i would on the PHTE, that is to use it only every other day and balance it with lighter, less moisturizing eye creams on other days.

Another thing that i noticed, is that the oil (in their description box they do mention essential oils as one of their ingredients) is separating from the cream in my jar. I don't know if it's the norm of mine is a little funky, but that's very pronounced in mine, i even notice that the oil could seep out of the jar sometimes... Also due to the texture (very light), 10g is very little for something that you potentially want to use on a daily, but then again the price tag is not that heavy either. Personally i think it's a lovely eye cream but one that you need to try and see how it'd react on your skin. If you have sensitive skin that are prone to millia seeds when you use too rich of a cream, then you might want to be more aware and less generous with your usage - otherwise it's all good.

So after trying out these three products from Avoskin (they have quite a lot of other products too that you can check on their website), i can totally see why it's gotten such a hype and yep, the hype is justified. They work well (although maybe not for everyday use) for my oily skin and i would think that they would work even better for drier skin types.

You can get Avoskin products from their official website Official LINE Account (ID @avoskin) , Avo Store in all around Indonesia or at various marketplaces (Lazada, Nihon Mart, Elevenia,, Beautylink,, Lyke, and Moeslema).

Go follow their IG @avoskinbeauty for more info and updates too!

Thank you Avoskin and Clozette Indonesia for the chance to try out your products ^^.

Which product from Avoskin do you most want to try out?


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