Lip-Talk 34 : MakeOver Intense Matte Lip Cream in 019 Vogue

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Hey y'all!

I am back with another lippie review :DDD (for those of you who follow me but are not interested in my beauty review, i'm so sorry i've been so swamped, i need to clear out my deadlines first. But i promise i have some lifestyle posts coming up!), this time is from a well known local brand that i quite like : Makeover ^^.
Makeover Intense Matte Lip Cream in 019 Vogue

I personally have quite a lot of Makeover products (although so far i think i've only reviewed one in detail, it's Makeover Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick in 011 Baby Bombshell, just click it to read). Even so, i would say that i generally like their products quite a lot, among those that i would recommend (other than the lippies) are their pencil eyeliners (one of the best that i've ever tried!), powder and blush on. I am currently also using their contour kit, but it's a bit too red for me (i have to blend it using powders that are too dark for my actual skin tone) so i can't exactly say that i recommend it (the formula is not that bad tho).

So anyway, their matte lip cream is their sort of new-ish product (meaning it's one of their latest launched products but not necessarily new item as it launched quite a while ago... last year, probably?) and i heard pretty good reviews on them. I haven't had the chance to try them out until last month when i received a package from Makeover for B2Pop's opening.
This looks i mostly using Makover products (lemme count... I used their powder, contour kit, blush on and the lip matte) 
The packaging of this Makeover Intense Matte Lip Cream is very simple, quite short and comes in a transparent rectangle shaped plastic tube with black top. Although simple, it does feel quite sturdy and weighty, suitable with their professional makeup image.
Makeover Intense Matte Lip Cream in 019 Vogue
As the tube is short, ofc the wand is also short
The applicator is also chubby and short. To be completely honest with you, it's not the easiest applicator to use for me. Because it's so stubby, i find it hard to make precise lines and i have to correct and blot out the edges with powder especially because Vogue is such a dark shade. This matte lip cream is definitely the type that i have to have ample of time to apply in front of my mirror at home because there's simply no way that i can apply it in a rush in my car, for instant. No no no, even just thinking about doing so gives me the chills *LOL*. Oh yeah, since the texture of the matte lip cream is quite thick and creamy (but not too thick), it can clump a bit on the applicator, this is not a big deal as you can swipe the excess off or even clean off the applicator from products from time to time, it's just something worth mentioning
Hand swatch of Vogue, As you can see from this photo, Vogue (which is a very deep, dark red with a hint of brown) is slightly patchy, but on the lips it is very easily manipulated and topped up until a perfect coverage is achieved. So although you might not get smooth, patch-less application immediately, it can be achieved easily with a little swipe around so i am not discounting the formula due to this fact. This patchiness might or might not occur in lighter shades, i can't comment on that because at the moment i only have Vogue in my collection 
Vogue on the lips, somehow my ringlight makes any lip swatch appear lighter in shade T.T
I have mentioned earlier that the texture of this matte lip cream is quite thick and creamy, not too thick that it'd cake and be hard to apply, but it's definitely not runny either. It's very opaque and you will get intense color with just one swipe, but again as i already stated, for this deep, dark shade it'd take a bit of finessing to get a perfect, opaque color.

I don't detect any offensive scent from this lip cream, i can smell sort of Vanilla scent-which i personally find to be totally okay. And it's super long lasting! I can wear Vogue all day long without it fading or cracking, it also feels super comfortable on my lips! No stickiness nor super dry feeling after using it for long hours. I can honestly say that their formula is probably one of the best matte lip creams formula i've tried so far.

Keep in mind, i find that all lip creams that are very comfortable on my lips tend to transfer - and this one does too. Nothing too major, but it does transfer to my glass/food/utensils. If i eat heavy meals wearing this, i would notice the color fading in the inner part of my lips - which is very easy to top up as the formula doesn't bunch or pile up (the formulas that cracks, bunch or pile up would requite thorough removal before re-application, and this is a big problem for me as they normally would be very hard to remove in the firts place). I personally always prefer lippies that fades as long as i can reapply easily than the ones that doesn't move but crumbles, cracks and feels very dry - the latter is a total deal breaker for me!

As i only have experience with this shade, i would highly recommend Makeover Intense Matte Lip Cream in Vogue for those of you who are looking for comfortable, gorgeous deep, dark red matte lip color that is not super cheap but also is not very heavy on the price tag (it priced around IDR100k each and in Sociolla it is currently on 20% off so i would hurry up and snatch them now if you are interested) that lasts on your lips for very long hours. Not recommending it for those of you wants a dead, dry matte that doesn't transfer at all or who wants very easy to apply lip matte that is super opaque with just one swipe. 

If you are interested in getting anything from Makeover (or other makeup, skincare, body care or hair care brands), you can head to Sociolla and get discounts by using my code : SBNLAIV9
Overall i like this lip matte a lot and will continue to wear it (as long as i have the extra time to finesse and neaten it up) and i am pretty interested to try out their other shades (currently available in 20 shades!).

Thank you Makeover for the chance to try out your lovely product ^^.

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  1. Cakep warnanya!
    Red wine gt ya.. Tp gk menor
    Iya nih d lm mo cb lip cream ini gak jadi2.. Hahaha.. Mabok. Byk bgt produk diluar sna..


  2. OMG, this matte lip cream is my fav. I have it too shade 006 Cosmopolitan.
    It works on me.

  3. Love your blog!New follower here!
    Your makeup is on point dear!

  4. Cakep banget warnanya! Bisa juga nih dipake buat bagian inner lips ❤