Lip-Talk 24 : Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD01 Shiraz Red

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#Pink the lippie addict is back with another lippie review :p. At least this time round it's a bit different because i'm actually reviewing a lip tint! I think i've never dedicated a whole post to a lip tint before? 

The lip tint that i'm gonna review today is very special indeed, an uber cute, uber nice one that i received from Stylekorean goodie bag, Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD01 Shiraz Red!
Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint is the cutest thing EVER! The miniature wine bottle shape even captured the heart of my non-beauty enthusiast cousin L!
I first heard about the brand Chateau Labiotte when they first came out with their wine line, i thought it was very interesting but i never got to try it until recently, and boy am i glad that i tried it!

You might already know that i am not the biggest fan of lip tints, because i favor creamy, opaque classic lipsticks-but i really REALLY like Korean ombre lips that makes you look like you just ate a popsicle, i think it's super cute and adorable. I did Korean ombre style lips sometime, but mostly with regular lipsticks because i find most liquidy Korean lip tints that i tried in the past (i only tried 2 brands, btw) just don't work well with my lips. I don't know if it's the shape of my lips or the texture, but super liquidy lip tints tend to flood in the inner part of my lips only, they won't spread out nicely no matter how hard i blend >.<, and boy are they drying! 

But all of those negative thoughts of Korean lip tints disappeared once i try Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint! So yeah, i like it a LOT!
Aesthetically super pleasing as well, don't you agree?
Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tints come in a metallic carton box, the upper part of the box reflects the shade of the lip tint that you have
Like most Korean cosmetics, most of the information is in Korean
Except this part
The shade number is also stated at the top of the box
The lip tint is housed in a miniature wine bottle, the cap again reflects the lip tint's shade
The slanted wand
I have no problem with the wand, although it is shorter than i am used to
Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint RD01 Shiraz Red swatched on my hand, it is bright red with pink hint that isn't very apparent in my hand swatch but very much so on my lips
The texture of Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint is slightly thicker than the typical Korean watery lip tint, it is very pigmented (not sheer like those typical lip tints) and you can see a bright, bold color with one swipe. Ofc, as it is a Korean style lip tint, you can see from the hand swatch that it's quite streaky because of the watery texture. Nothing to worry about though, because it translated very bold and not streaky on the lips.

It has a lovely, sweet wine scent that i really like and it applies beautifully on the lips. I like to wear moistutizing lip balms underneath any lip color and usually with watery Korean lip tints, this can make the lip tint won't adhere to the lips properly-no such problem with this wine lip tint because it glides on effortlessly and shows up immediately even on top of a slippery lip balm.

For the purpose of this review, i deliberately use only a lip cream (that gets absorbed into my lips without any residue) so my lips wouldn't be slick and used this lip tint on top, i can definitely say it is the prettiest, easiest to apply, boldest watery lip tint i ever tried. 

You can use Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint for both gradient lips or full lips (something that i wouldn't even attempt for most watery Korean lip tint because of how sheer and streaky they are) and it'd look equally pretty.
But my fave way of wearing it is for the gradient lips. It is a bit hard to blend out the lip tint because of how pigmented it is, it just clings to my lips immediately-so my trick is to apply the lip tint in the inner part of my lips then smooth everything out with a glossy lip balm and voila! Juicy, yummy looking lips!
The lip tint is also bold and pigmented enough to be worn on the full lips. It gives me the color and boldness that classic lipsticks do, but without the heavy feeling because lip tints are very light weight-including this one! I barely feel anything on my lips! I dries down kinda matte, but not dead matte
Look how pigmented it looks on my lips!
Like most lip tints, it doesn't transfer badly unless you're wearing glossy lip balm on top (which i prefer because i like juicy lips), and it is very long lasting-but if you eat a heavy, greasy meal then you'd have to reapply.
How the lip tint looks after a heavy meal, a lot of the color still stays but it becomes quite patchy, you just need to top up a bit!
Before topping up, i think i still look pretty cute... teehee!!!
Other than the easy application, lovely scent, bold pigmentation, another thing that i lurrveeee about this lip tint is how it is not drying my lips out. It is still very light weight (perfect for those of you who wants bold color on your lips sans the heavy feeling of lipsticks!) but non drying. I can wear it for hours and my lips won't feel like i need to keep on reapply lip balms (which is usually the case with the typical watery Korean lip tints).

I am a huge fan and i highly recommend it! Even if you have dry lips that most watery lip tint hates, this might work for you (i'd suggest to combine with moisturizing lip balm if you have very dry lips, they still work wonderful over and under glossy, moisturizing lip balms!).

I am super happy with this product and it makes me want to try out their other shades, especially the purply ones! I also want to try out other products from Chateau Labiotte now T.T especially the wine lipstick and eyeshadow palette!
Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint is available in 6 shades
Price wise, they are on the higher scale for watery lip tints (but they're worth it! I'd rather buy this than the ones that are sold in half of their price that i've tried in the past!)-they are currently USD 9.67 at Style Korean but unfortunately the shade Shiraz Red is out of stock at the moment, the other shades are available tho!

What do you think of this Wine Lip Tints? Are you interested in giving them a try?


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