Lip-Talk 23 : Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream (SPONSORED)

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It's been a while since the last time i dedicated a post on one product (or, in this case five but from the same brand and type) instead of a few different products within one brand, so i am very happy to finally pick up and dust off one of my many series : Lip Talk!

In this Lip Talk i am going to share with you my experience with Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Creams ^^!
Purbasari has kindly sent five shades (which is all of the shades they have at the moment) from their Hi Matte Lip Cream Line ^^
Now, if you're Indonesian and you're somewhat into makeup (you don't have to be a hardcore makeup junkie like me haha), then i'm pretty sure you're familiar with Purbasari color matte, their version of matte lipstick in a bullet. It created quite a boom a while back, deemed to be one of the best products in the market despite its very low price-making it a very sought after makeup product that most Indonesian ladies hunt for high and low. It was not as easy to find Purbasari products in the market back then, nowadays you can easily find their products in drugstores such as Guardian.

I bought a few shades of Purbasari color matte myself and already used one of them, but that's not the product that i'm gonna go into in this post ofc. Purbasari recently jumped in the lip cream trend and come up with their new line : Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream.
Let me tell you beforehand that i LOVE these lip creams, so this is going to be a very positive review.  I really do like them a lot and the fact that Purbasari sent these products to try definitely does not alter or affect the way i feel about them whatsoever. I hope y'all can trust me to give my unbiased opinion on products whether i bought them myself or get sent by brands because it's one thing that i do pride myself to be.
Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream comes in a sleek black cardboard box with a little cut out to reveal the shade inside 
Erghhh it bothers me so much that i forgot to line them up according to the number >.<. Anyway, they stuck a little sticker at the bottom of the box corresponding with the shade inside with the names on it
Ingredient list. Please note that i only snapped one pic because most of the ingredients are obviously the same except for the coloring and stuffs
The BPOM numbers also differs per shade, i believe. Anyway, Purbasari is a pretty well known Indonesian brand and obviously all of their products are safe and already registered to BPOM
How the lip matte actually look. Very sleek and nice looking! L-R : 01 Vinca, 02 Azalea, 03 Lantana, 04 Zinnia and 05 Freesia
Swatches on my hand, again the color is lined according to the shade (from 01 to 05). 01 is the palest, most nude color while 05 is the darkest, boldest color
Before we talk about the shade one by one, imma give you information on the overall performance. First thing that i checked was scent, i am mostly not bothered with lipstick scents except if it smells very bad ofc, Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream has a soft, sweet, artificial fruity scent to it. I personally find the scent to be okay, nothing bothersome for me, but it is there-so if you are against artificial fruity scent this might be an issue.

The texture of this lip cream is quite different than other lip creams that i've tried, mind you-i haven't exactly tried a lot. I tried maybe 5 or 6 other brands before (i honestly prefer classic lipsticks than lip creams) and in my experience, they were either very moussey/whipped or they're very wet and liquidy, This one is actually very true cream in texture. It's not as thick as the whipped type, but a lot thicker than the liquidy ones, so somewhere in between-if you get what i mean.

Due to the texture, application is actually very easy! I struggle to apply very liquidy lip creams that can get all over my face, and Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream glides on easily, pretty opaque in one swipe, and the wand  is pretty easy to maneuver too. For most shades (for the exception of one or two), i never needed to re-dip the wand for the whole lips and that should be enough testament on how pigmented they are!
The wand is pretty standardly shaped
Even though the finished look is more velvety than true matte (that's how i prefer it to be, btw), it doesn't leave any shine even from the moment i apply it. I always use lip balm underneath any lippies and sometimes it can make lip creams hard to apply (like it's too slippery) or it makes the lip cream not very matte anymore-but even with a very moisturizing lip balm underneath, Purbasari Hi Matte looks matte from the first swipe. I love the smooth, velvety but non drying finish-but if you're looking for a dead matte lip cream, this might not be it. 

Other than the fact that it's easy to apply without making a mess, Purbasari Hi Matte is also super comfortable on the lips. Most of them feels light (except for a few of the bolder colors that feel a tiny little bit heavier but still nowhere near as heavy as other lip creams i've tried before) and all of them never make my lips feel super dry or dehydrated. I can wear them all day long and by the end of the day my lips still feel good! There is no cracky, crumbly incidents with this product.

It is not transferproof though, whenever i eat i would need to reapply because most of the inner part of my lips would be bare  (i notice it all over my food and drink hahaha) and when i wipe my lips with tissue everything comes off-but i really don't mind it! After all, application is a breeze so i am not bothered by having to reapply. Staying power is very good actually, but if you have a heavy meal, be ready to reapply!

If you're looking for gorgeous, velvety, easy to apply lip creams that won't dry out your lips of your bank account (they are sold for IDR 40-50k each only!), i would highy recommend Purbasari Hi Matte!

Now let's talk about the shades!
Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream 01 Vinca
Vinca is a nude, neutral shade with peachy undertone. It is very pretty and natural, i usually shy away from nude shades because they often make me look sick-but Vinca is not too pale that i still wear it with confidence ^^.
Vinca on my lips (if you are new to my blog, you can find photos on my bare lips on my other posts, basically my lips are pale pink and they don't usually change lip colors much)
Vinca is the lightest shade in the line and it feels the lightest on my lips too. I would say that Vinca would be suitable for most skin tones!
Wearing Vinca with full makeup on, it's probably one of the nicest nude shade that i currently own
Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream 02 Azalea 
It looks quite dark on the tube but it's actually quite muted
Azalea on the lips
This shade is also very wearable (actually even more wearable than Vinca because it's more rosy) and perfect for everyday use. Whenever you want go out but don't want to look too much, you can just put on some basic makeup with Azalea-and you're good to go!
Azalea with very minimal makeup on-just some brows, blush and eyeliner!
Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream 03 Lantana
Now Lantana is a pretty bright pink shade, very pretty!
Lantana on my lips
Even though Lantana is bright, it's not so bright that it's frightening. I think it's still very wearable for most skin tone!
And a step up from Lantana is :
Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream 04 Zinnia
If Lantana is bright, Zinnia is a almost neon.
Zinnia on ma lips
As you can see, Zinnia is very very bright! I am not one to shy away from bright colors so i totally love this! Very Barbie-thus totally on my alley!
Zinnia looks okay with minimal makeup, but i will definitely try it with full on Barbie makeup next!
Last but not least :
Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream 05 Freesia
Freesia is a deep, dark red. Very luxurious and beautiful!
Rockin Freesia
Even though Freesia is quite a dark dan deep shade, it's not dark enough that it looks vampy so... If you want to try out deep  red that's not too intimidating, i think Freesia is a good place to start!
I personally think deep, dark shades suits me best. I dunno, i guess i like how they look striking against my pale complexion
What about my favorite shade? Well, i enjoy all five, but since i prefer bold lipsticks, i like Zinnia and Freesia more.
And my ultimate fave would definitely have to be Freesia!
Like i mentioned earlier, i absolutely love Purbasari Hi Matte Lip Cream, in fact imma go ahead and say that it's my current favorite matte lip cream!

I hope Purbasari would come up with more shades (maybe browns, nude browns, dark browns, and deep deep berry shades? Oh oh and purple please!) and expand the line, and i also hope that they would send more my way hahaha! #notshy

Thank you so much Purbasari for the chance to try out these awesome products, btw you can also check out my older review on Purbasari products (Purbasari Daily Series Lipstick in Z16 here  and Purbasari Daily Series Alas Bedak in 01 Natural here) that i wrote before.

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  1. Thankyou buat reviewnya cii.
    btw my fav nomor 03 tapi semuanya warnanya bagus2 kok❤

  2. Vinca looks so pretty on you ! nice review, i think i'm gonna get one *keracunan*

    tas kosmetik bagus

  3. wahh mupeng ce, haruskah aku belii *__*
    range warnanya sih memang masih umum ya.. smoga makin banyak koleksi warnanya deh

  4. Warnanya bagus-bagus jadi pengen pake 😄