Fashion Collab 02 : Summer Breeze

10:33:00 PM

OHMAHGERDD, bad blogger alert!!!

Took the photos like, in the beginning of summer and i haven't blogged about it until it's almost stale, all because of sheer laziness ofc >.<.

Before summer is gone, here is Aphrodites' second fashion collaboration :D!
Summer Breeze! Btw, i really hope Cynthian shaved her armpits back then *LOLOLOL*, she's notorious not to LOL!
We decided to be totally cliche and dress up in mandatory summery clothes hahaha.

All of our pics are taken at Vasa Hotel's gorgeous pool side, actually we planned to take photos in other spots but we got carried away at the pool :)), that's okay because we managed to get some gorgeous photos!
Totally in love with the pool sofa (not sure if they actually have a name for this)
Taking pics outdoor during day light can result in such clear, gorgeous photos but they can be quite hell too obviously *LOL*. It was a very VERY sunny day but with some nice breeze so at least we weren't sweaty! I got a liiiiittle tan after that (that goes away within 2 days)-which i don't mind, but for the first time i can actually feel my skin get sunburnt and a little sensitive!
Selfie with Cyn ^^
And played with water like kiddies...
Can't open my eyes since it was too bright (and i'm a vampire)
Not a very flattering pic for me, but we actually take a half dip so i feel the strong need to document it *LOL*
Accidentally wore matchy matchy hat with Chelshea!
It's awesome how we have very distinct style that we all look so different but harmonized at the same time ^^
I have this chiffon floral dress for many many MANY years but i have never worn it (it still had the tag on before i decided to finally wear it for this photo shoot *LOL*), i think it's super pretty but i am not a fan of halter necks, i have such flat chest that halter necks tend to pull because the dress keeps on sliding down
I am thinking of selling it for a very low price, i should probably create a Carousel account or something, i'm just way too lazy *sigh*
I personally am a HUGE fan of floaty maxy and midi dresses, especially for holidays.. I am not a fan of pants (except those wideeee legged ones) and floaty dresses are super comfortable-but still stylish and pretty!
Did a bit of beauty shoots too ^^. I'm wearing F2fF's XOXO Matte Lipstick in #03 Dark Choco as a lip tint using the Korean gradient lips technique
Completed the look with a wicker bag that i have no idea where i got it from. I'm pretty sure it's not even something that i bought *LOL*. Could it be a packaging from a drink parcel or something? LOL
Outfit details :
Straw hat : New Look
Inner Top : Online
Floral Maxy Dress : Online
Vintage style bracelet : New Look
Wicker Basket bag : No idea, i found it in one of my many dressers and i don't even remember having it *LOL*
Sandals : Ipanema
You can tell how strong the wind was from this pic hahaha
I look like i'm about ready to take off :)))
Hope you enjoy our Summer Breeze photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! We have more collabs planned ofc, we just need to make our schedules sync to take those damn pics!


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  1. Wah liat sinar matahari jadi kangen panas-panasan. Di Malang judulnya musim panas, tapi dingin bangeeeeeet sampai 18 derajat. Walau ada sinar matahari, gak nolong anget sama sekali hihihi btw, sandalnya lucu amat sih Ci!

    1. Tapiii... aku suka dingin2, hrs ke Malang kali yaaa :DDD