Japan Trip 2017 : Part 2 (Kanazawa)

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Can you tell i'm warming up and picking up speed on my Japan posts, onto the next destination : Kanazawa!
Since i'm a lot less cam-whorish in this second visit to Japan, i realize that my photos (except for a few spots) are shittier than last time? Apparently Oppo doesn't work all that fantastic when it's getting dark in winter!
On our fourth day in Japan, we took a Shinkazen to Kanazawa!
Ran here and there like crazy people just to pose with fast passing Shinkazens >.<
I just realized that when we travel with Little O, i tend to look shittier *LOLOLOL*. Mainly because i'd have less time to get ready, must help him get ready and all. I can only imagine if we ever have a second child and we travel with them both, i'm never gonna be decent enough for cameras then!
Snapped so many selfies because the camera refuse to cooperate and Little O was geting pissed :))
One of the best things about Shinkazen rides are bentos, ofc
While we're at the subject of food, let me insert photos of these cute Japanese cakes (i think they're called wagashi) shaped like Chinese horoscopes that i got just because of the shapes
I'm seriously not into them, but i can't resist the cuteness WTF
Can't remember if Little O was actually sleeping or just pretending to be
And then we arrived at the quaint Kanazawa!
The station is really grand!
LOL at CL who refused to be left out of any photo
Such a nice station that we took quite a ridiculous long time to soak everything in (and snap photos at every corner)
They can spell words using water!
Our hotel's not far from the station so we just walked there. I really love long walks in winter! Although i enjoyed it a little less the first few days in Japan because apparently i have a sharp nail growing into my flesh on my big toe although i already cut my nails really short! I finally give the sides a brutal trim and then i can walk without throbbing pain on my toe T.T. 

Btw in case you're wondering about the suitcases, since we are staying for almost 2 weeks in Japan (during winter some more), we did have quite a LOT of luggages (seeing that our group consists of 3 families and a single traveler)-CL discovered a more efficient way to send our luggage using Yamato (a Japanese shipping company) to the next city where we stayed for pretty long. FYI, it's not cheap. A big luggage would cost you probably almost IDR 500k from Tokyo to Osaka, but in the end it's worth it if you take public transportations like us coz lugging heavy suitcases from city to city would be hellish! I also learned that i need to pack even lighter for winter trips to multiple cities-i thought i already was, but now i know i wasn't.
The city is so different than Tokyo and i immediately like it a lot!
I guess i like smaller, quieter cities for the most part
Errr... the pose seems a bit dubious, but trust me he is innocent >.<!
So quintessentially Japan ^^
We stayed in My Stays hotel in Kanazawa, it's a very very nice, simple hotel-with enough space so we didn't have to fall all over each other like we did in the first hotel in Tokyo haha. I did take a bit of pics of the hotel's lobby but weirdly they all turned out very blurry, like... VERY blurry! And i forgot to snap pics of the hotel's room too -___-.
The tall building's the hotel
After checking in, we decided to go explore Kanazawa immediately
Little that we know that most places in Kanazawa was also still closed due to holiday T.T
We discovered very ol' skool Japanese houses too photogenic to pass on.
So we began posing in front of people's houses :p
Fam pic too hahaha
Then we head to Omicho Market where sadly most of the stores and restaurants were closed :(...
Kanazawa is very well known for their seafood!
Ready for lunch... Well, i wasn't. I was still very full from the bento so i just had a taste of everything *LOL*. I did take photos of everybody's food tho!
Unfortunately i have no idea what the food actually are
Coz i ain't a food blogger. That looks like kani, btw
Er. Fried something over rice
The others ordered sashimi and they said it's crazy fresh (i cannot eat raw things, i already tried. I can't), yummy and they're so cheappp! Btw sashimi in Kanazawa is crazy cheap... Especially if you compare with Indonesian' price at Sushi Tei or whatever, with superior quality some more!
Such a pretty bowl and all the roes are so appetizing, but the raw fish are not  (for me lah)
I remember this is hunny's order, it's Unagi! I'm not normally a fan of unagi, but even i seriously think this is soooo good!
I think this is fugu! I vaguely remember them ordering fugu...  Yeah i just googled, it looks like a fugu
We then head to... I think it was Kanazawa Castle Park, but we stepped off the bus directly at the temple very close to it. Unfortunately i have no idea what the temple's name is and i also cannot find it online >.<, if anyone knows please let me know in the comment box below!
Bought lucky charms because we're kiasu Chinese who cannot resist getting anything that promises good fortune and luck :)))
I think those are wishing papers? Or maybe fortune papers, because i heard that in some temples if you get a good prophecy, you take the paper home but if you get a bad one, you leave it at the temple so it can be cast away
Still in the festive mood and loads of food stalls
Whenever we see people drawing water in temples
We copy without a fail :)))) although we had no idea if it's supposed to do anything or not. The grandpa over there keeps on laughing and talking to us in Japanese, obviously we had no idea what he was talking about. He might called us idiots for all i know :)))
I see these pics and i miss Japan again. I do want to explore more prefectures. Maybe after i get over my trauma
Little O was holding hot packs on both hands :))
It's getting dark
So we head to the Kanazawa Castle (i'm pretty sure it is the Kanazawa Castle, OMG i am so bad *LOL*. I lost the itinerary and i'm too lazy to check with CL >.<) because CL heard that it's especially beautiful at night when all of the lights are lit
Thing is, we soon realized that the park is already closed WTF >.< and the lights would only begin in Spring -____-
SO it was yet another fail *LOLOLOL*.
Seriously though guys, if you want to go to Japan and visit touristy spots, i would avoid the new year :(
It was getting really really dark
Still tried to get some pics #kiasu
It was not that late and places are closing already so we ended up in a mall *LOLOLOL*. I had a little scare because we thought Little O was missing, apparently he snuck away with H without telling us. OMG. I had my attention sifted for a minute and he just disappeared. Scared d shizz out of me.

Anyway, we ended up trying out the famous fluffy pancakes at Gram.
I think this is the original
Drizzled with the syrup
Was still full (amazed at how they can keep on grazing *LOL*) and not a fan of sweets so i resort on taking pics and sampling people's orders *LOLOLOL* (this is how you survive without getting broke in Japan)
Savory option
Oh God, i take such horrible food pics
At least this one looks a bit appealing, rite?
The prettiest one that makes me feel sick just by looking at the pic *LOL*. I am not a chocolate person
Then we head back to our hotel (which has onsen) and i ended up going to onsen again despite my resolve never to do it again -___-. It was nice actually. And we had some crazy laugh when H genuinely almost walked into the female onsen *LOLOLOL*. 
The hotel provies pajamas so we decided to take a group pics
Sleepy faces ready for bed
And that was the end of our day in Kanazawa. Next is one of the highlights of our trip : Shirakawa-Go! Stay tuned!

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  1. Bukan kanazawa castle tapi Kenrokuen Garden yang malam bagus saat Spring (baru tau pas disana juga).. untuk shrine nya, juga bingung namanya apa.. di luar rencana soalnya.

    Sashimi nya namanya Hamachi Sashimi (Yellowtail fish)

    Chirashi Don yang ada fish roe n uni (sea urchin) nya

  2. ~~~ヾ(^∇^) Hi..Hi..Hi..!♪ dapat nama Shrine nya : Ishiura Shrine Kanazawa. Bikin penasaran aja. Sampe nyari ke oleh2 yang dari sana 😂