Halloween Fashion Part 2 : Gypsy Fortune Teller

12:42:00 AM

Hey guys.

I'm actually drown to the neck with event reports, and i haven't even start working on a single one FML. The photos require more time to sort, resize, etc and i'm still busy running around (loads of relatives from out of town and even out of the country are visiting) and ATTENDING the said events so.... I'll need some down time which i will definitely be getting this week (not today, though) to work on them.

Meanwhile before Halloween's way too far behind us, i need to blog about my second Halloween look.
My fave photo of the look. With the right filter, i look so pale and ghastly.... Downright ghostly!

Yeah, like the title stated, i was going for a (creepy) Gypsy fortune teller, but that first picture looks more like black widow hahaha (not the marvel kind, the ghostly kind... You know, the one that mourns the death of her beloved til she too dies of misery and haunts the resting place ever since :p) thanks to the netted, spidery veil. 

This is the actual ensemble i wore that day :
Minus the shoes, i wore the heels only for photo purposes and changed into flats later because i did not want to kill my feet the second time. The spiky headband's from Forever 21 (wayy too tight, it presses my skull and gave me horrible headache!) and choker from Lovisa
That's the final look, but when we snapped majority of photos, i totally forgot about the choker and spiky headband i already prepared!

Just like the first look, the star of the look was the lipstick :
FOTD. Black lipstick makes your complexion super pale i guess, even when you actually use blush on!
Just a basic gothic makeup, and i think the green on my hair works really well with the poisonous, witchy look!
List of products used :
1. Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream
2. K-Palette Zero Teka Oil Matte Powder
3. Black eyeshadow from Australis palette
4. Mai Doll Brown Liquid Eyeliner
5. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24 HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
7. Mustika Ratu Simply Stay powder used as nose contour
8. Clinique Blush On
9. Oriflame Tender Care
10. LA Girl Creme Lip Color in Dreamer
11.  Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder

I didn't actually buy the lipstick for Halloween, i just really love dark lipstick and truly didn't know that Dreamer is well... Black. I do want a black lipstick, but when i purchased Dreamer, i really thought it'd be very deep purple that it's almost black. But no, it's pure black alright. Not the easiest lipstick to apply in the world, but for IDR 40.000 i wouldn't complain. It's not like i'm going to wear it all that often anyway.

Then i had some fun with my veiled headband...
Hm. It actually has a small, pointy witch hat, but the veil is so much more interesting. And it's very hard to include the hat in selfies....
Ready for series of photos where i look meaner, bitchier than ever?
I didn't actually have to try to look mean *sigh*, hello normal face/resting bitch face
Deliberately circled my eyes with black eyeliner, it's always easier to look mean with slitty, slanty eyes than rounded, wide ones okay!
I got asked if i bought my outfit for Halloween, well... I didn't! I didn't even realize it's Halloween appropriate when i bought it! The girl modelling this outfit looked so innocent...
But i did buy the skull clutch because Halloween was near! I knew i could wear it then. I've always loved goth style, and skulls in everything-but my mum's extremely superstitious that she'd scold me whenever i try to wear anything with skull in it! As i grow older, she seems to relax and probably accepts that her youngest daughter's not all that normal (she still complained about the skulls and ghosts on my nail art and she was scared when she saw me on the two days i wore my Halloween makeup *LOL*, i seriously didn't think my blue lipstick made me look that scary! She said i "look like Halloween", errrr... Whatever that supposed to mean hahaha)
I can pretend that i fortune tell using my hot pink skul hahaha (yeah, they didn't come in any menacing colors, sadly. Only hot pink and purple)
Outfit details :
Top and tube top (worn as skirt) : Online
See through gold stars skirt : Online
Skull bracelets : Stroberi
Leopard necklace : Online
Heels : Everbest  

I actually got more likes on Instagram for the first picture than my Monster High one (i got a lot of love for Monster High on FB though, which is totally unexpected)-which look do you prefer on me?

Will be back with event reports and other things, hopefully sooner than later (laziness, go away! I've been hooked on Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic series *which totally means a halt in productivity* and now proceed on reading the books. Thank you A for giving me a new thing to obsess on *stare*. It's just to... twisted and delicious! And disgusting too, but that's the beauty of fictions, right? To see a world which you do not ever hope to see in real world!).


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