Fashionably Affordable with Ada Buti (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys!!!

How ya doin? Me, not so good... Currently down with cough and flu, i am actually super high from cough meds at the moment so if i seem incoherent in this blog post... You know why *LOL*! It's been a remarkably cold day in Surabaya, my hand are as cold as ice and i really want to snuggle with my comforter but first... Gotta get this post up :D!

Last Sunday Surabaya Beauty Blogger held our very first Soiree, all planned, prepared and  executed by us - and i am very proud to announce that it was a total success :D! 

One of the sponsors/collaborators of this first Soiree is the local fashion brand : Ada Buti. I don't know if i ever mentioned it in this blog yet, but i am actually a huge fan of Ada Buti. Ada Buti is a store that... Pretty much has everything you look for. From something super casual and timeless, to trendy statement pieces, i believe if you have a good eye - you can always find your gems here, and another plus? Everything is affordable here (most stuffs are under IDR 200k each). I personally have been a loyal customer ever since they opened up their first store in Surabaya, i always make a point to visit their stores and more often than not, leave with some new clothes >.<).

So with that history that i had with Ada Buti, i was expectedly very excited when they became one of our collaborators ^^!.

As one of the hosts of the soiree, i had the privilege to choose some pieces from Ada Buti for myself that we wore to the soiree.
And this is my outfit!

Our resident fashion expert, Chelshea, gave us this rule when picking our outfits : monochrome with a touch of red :)).
All bloggers in Ada Buti outfits
Holiday season is approaching super fast and Chelshea focused on the Fall/Winter 2017 trend, hence the color selections ^^.

I am not told to say this, but Ada Buti is having LOADS of promotion at the moment, their already very affordable clothes become down right cheap! My flared grey skirt was IDR 79.000 or something after 50% off >.<, if you are in need for new outfits for upcoming holiday (or you're simply a shopaholic like me) then you should head to the nearest Ada Buti store, NOW!
Touch of red for me come in the form of my adorable heart shaped clutch and my classic red lipstick (it's Viva Cosmetics' Perfect Shine Lip Color in 208 Gorgeous Red, btw)
My outfit is pretty simple and plain so i jazzed it up with a statement necklace
The main focus of my outfit is obviously the unique sleeves! You can't see the details here because white on white is... A challenge, but i will feature an extra photo where you can!
This outfit is also ridiculously comfortable.. You know i'm all about comfort now! Long are the days where i would suffer for fashion :))
Both top and skirt can be paired with different pieces, the styling option is endless!
Other than the statement necklace, i also wore a Swarovski wrap bracelet and ring. I also wore a pretty fun earrings but.. I can't find the pic and i'm too lazy to ask my photog (Olin, ofc) for it now hahaha
The heart shaped clutch is monogrammed, i wanted my initial MT on it, but they only honor one or three initials WTF. On second thought i should do "WTF" coz it's practically my middle name HAHAHA
My hair seriously needs a retouch, eh?
And here's a bonus shot taken at Warung Wakaka later that night, when my face already became super "meh", my lips faded and my shoes changed into my fugly sandals...
But here i think you can see the details of the wavy ballon sleeves better
I also did a Holiday inspired makeup even though we have no winter (but at least lately it's been so cold i can at least imagine like we're having "winter" instead of flood everywhere)...
Loads of glitter, shimmer and a classic red lips
My fave eyeshadow technique lately : halo eyes!
I am the person who believes that you can buy expensive clothes, but you can never buy style. No matter how expensive your clothes are, if you don't have that sense of style... They would look crap on you :)). On the contrary, affordable clothes can look extra chic and fashionable too as long as you have the right fashion sense and eye. That's why i can safely say that Ada Buti really is one of my fave fashion haunt!

What about you? Would you wear affordable clothings as long as they look good or you would only wear fashion with high price tags?

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