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Hey guys!

November is almost over, so even though i should probably try to clear out my deadlines, i really want to up my monthly movies review first. Last month we spent half of the month in South Korea so we didn't actually watched all that much movies at all. Only four in total and i like most of them!

You know i'm a die hard horror movie fan, and i really support high quality local horror movies. Lately it seems like the good horrors are reemerging (i think those highly sexual, comedy horrors are finally subsiding!) in the local scene-a total cause to celebrate haha! But in all honesty, i wasn't very enthusiastic about this movie (which title translates roughly into Satan's Worshipper). I saw the trailer quite a number of times in the cinema but i was not too interested in it. It looks super old (it's actually a remake of a classic local horror movie, but the storyline is quite different) and gloomy but it didn't peaked my interest. But then it blew up while we were in Busan. It was such a big hit that i ended up dying to watch it so as soon as we arrived in Jakarta, i nagged hunny to go watch it.

The movie's set in 1981 (i wasn't even born yet haha), an aging singer has been lying in her bed for years with an unknown illness. She is wasted away in a super creepy way that even her children (except for whom i think is her fave, second child Toni) are scared of her. When she finally passes, the father left his 4 children at the care of the 2 eldest child (the eldest one is an adult at 22) to take care of some business (back in 1981 cellphones are obviously not available yet and they don't even have house phone so if anything happen-and pretty much EVERYTHING happen-they can't even contact him). Strange and eerie things start happening, it seems like their mother is back from the grave to pick them up.

I love this movie! It's not perfect, but it's very, VERY good! I personally like almost every aspects of this movies aside from the few last minutes in the end (which i find pretty much destroys all the eerieness built up in much of the movie!). This movie is very very gloomy, a bit slow but not boring in anyway, i love how they make the accidents look real (a rare feat in local productions. Especially if you watch made for TV movies/sinetron with super slow motion accidents where the car never even touches the person but then the person almost always dies hahaha) and how creepily realistic the makeup is. The built up atmosphere is very hardcore and engaging, the music, the acting... All are top notch. I highly, highly recommend this movie for all horror fans, just ignore the ending and the zombie pocong part *LOL*, i would still rewatch this movie for the good parts!  I sure hope they make a sequel tho because well, they should make another movie that's as good as this one, and also because they need to answer a lot of unanswered questions (that seems to be a total plotholes at the moment) in this movie. 

A rare movie where Jackie Chan is being serious. Ofc hunny gotta drag me to watch it... You know i like Jackie too so i didn't actually mind.

Quan is humble Chinese restaurant owner in London whose only child (he has no other family member left other than her) is killed in a terrorist attack that blows up a bank nearby a little boutique she is heading to. Consumed by grief, Quan looks for an answer on the identity of the killer, his rentless investigation leads him to an Irish Deputy Minister, whom he believes know about the terrorists and would stop at nothing to get the answer he wants. Turns out Quan is so much more than meets the eye and soon, everybody knows not to underestimate the old, Chinese man.

It's a pretty solid movie, it has none of the usual happy-go-lucky Jackie movie, instead he embodies the role of a grieving father perfectly. Storywise, i don't think there's that much to it, it's pretty straigh forward but then again you don't really go watch a Jackie Chan movie for the drama. It's definitely pretty good and engaging, i wouldn't exactly call it a must watch, but it's definitely a good watch.

Ehh... I do enjoy myself pretty much all Marvel movies. Never been a fan of Thor movies tho, i do like Thor, but i prefer him in Avenger movies, he just seems... sillier there. But the first two Thor movies were quite "meh" for me personally (i find Thor to be too vanilla and prefer cheeky Loki instead), so i was nowhere near as excited as hunny was when Thor Ragnarok played. I was in for a surprise tho because i ended up liking this one a lot! It's just so much funnier than the previous two movies that i was thoroughly entertained.

Asgard has turn to be quite a chaos in the hand of Loki who impersonate Odin, when Thor forces him to get them to Odin - they witnessed the real passing of Odin, which also means the release of Hela, Odin's first born who is just pure evil. She threw them both out of space to die, but ended up in Sakaar. Thor finds himself forced to be a gladiator, only to realize that the big enemy is no other than Hulk. Meanwhile in Asgard, Hela is turning it upside down, killing everyone in her path. Thor must find a way to go back to Asgard and save his people.

Please, don't complain of the storyline being too simple, you should know what you're walking into when you're about to watch a super hero movie - it's definitely not for the plot. The entertainment level tho, is through the roof. It's hilarious, with a lot of crazy scenes and CGI ofc. A must watch for all Marvel/superhero/fantasy movie lover, i doubt you'd be sorry.

Geostorm is another classic example of a movie in which i have no interest at all to even go see but ended up liking quite a bit.

When natural disasters are getting really crazy due to climate changes, our very survival is on jeopardy. Goverments from around the world united to create the Dutch Boy program, which is a world wide net of satellites that work to control the earth's climates and therefore, preventing natural disasters from happening. The Dutch Boy's designer however, is kicked off from the program not too long after because of his cowboy-ish way of not following protocols and orders from higher authorities. Two years after its stellar performance, something is starting to go very, very wrong.

It's a very interesting and engaging movie i think, granted... The ending is pretty predictable and not exactly the movie's strongest point, but as far as disaster movies go... It's not bad. I'm actually surprised at the low score it got in IMDb because i personally don't think it's all that bad. I read a very strong (negative) review there so you should probably take a look at that review too  because i know i don't want to be accused of making you watch something you might potentially see as "garbage" *LOL*. Me, i enjoyed it. It's not the best movie of the year (or even the month) or anything, but i wasn't bored and didn't leave the cinema feeling cheated. But that's me and our opinion might differ.

Okay! That's it for now! TTYL!

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