June Movies

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Hey guys! 

I better get my reviews up before July slips by!

Only watched four movies in June, 2 are okay, 1 is a bit disappointing and the other 1 is a total snoozeville!

Let us begin!
1. Wonder Woman

I'm pretty sure EEEEVERYBODY watched this. I mean, it's probably one of the most anticipated super heroes movies in years. I'm personally quite excited for this one because one, the hero is a female - and two, she totally stole the show in Batman VS Superman so it is very exciting to learn more about her. I , however, am not one of those who has a woman crush on Gal Gadot. Sure, i do think she's super hot and gorgeous, but she's just not my cup of tea. I think she's a real badass and i like her a lot tho!

So the movie took us from the very beginning, when Wonder Woman was Diana (well. Not that she isn't anymore, but i assume you know what i mean!)-princess of the Amazons who didn't really know who she really was. She is raised in a sheltered and shielded island paradise, away from modern world in a community made entirely of female warriors when one day a (super hot, KYAAAAA!!! Chris Pine who is so fine!) pilot crashes on their shore and tells them about the crazy war in the outside world. Diana is convinced that she can stop the war, decided to leave her home and join the pilot in the war- manages to fall in love with him on the process.

Before we went to watch it, we got mixed reviews from friends who already watched it-some says it's cool, some says it's a total snoozeville. I personally enjoyed the movie, i don't think it's mind blowing or whatever, but i think it's pretty solid. I am probably coddled by the mere presence of Chris Pine (who can probably make any movie endurable for me with his blue blue eyes...), damn disappointed when his character dies and leaves Diana all broken hearted-but what else can you expect when you're an immmortal and you fall in love with a weak mortal? LOL. Hunny commented on how the effect was pretty bad in the final war scene, i didn't notice. I like this one although it didn't leave any strong impression on me or whatever, but it's a good popcorn, superhero movie.

Now, this one receives mostly unfavorable reviews and rated quite badly in IMDb, but i actually like it! Again, i am probably biased by the forever-handsome-no-matter-how-old-he-gets Tom Cruise, but think the movie is not bad at all! It's totally entertaining and i don't really understand why it gets such a bad review. Granted, i am not a fan of the original-so maybe i can accept the fact that it's different from the original's style, but if you're a huge fan on the original-then maybe you won't be able to accept this one?

Ahmanet is the typical woman scorned (although not by her lover but by her father instead) Egyptian princess from bygone era who decided to sell her soul to the devil for revenge-she is fortunately captured and entombed in a crypt deep beneath the desert before she could do any more damage-until Nick Morton (a cheeky, playboy soldier of fortune) accidentally release her and all hell breaks loose.

To be quite honest with you, i can't even remember what the original Mummy movies were all about. Hmph. 2017 Mummy is quite dark in sections (it resembles a horror movie in a few short scenes, i was worried about Little O!), although the Ahmanet mummy turned out to be quite silly and not quite so scary after a while, i really don't think it's that bad at all! I'm not sure i approve of the whole Dr. Jekyll suddenly appeared in the middle of it all, but overall i still totally enjoyed it! I dunno, maybe i have weird, shallow taste-but if you do too, give this a try, you might enjoy it like i did haha.

3. Transformers : The Last Knight
This one. Oh my oh my oh my. I am never a fan of Transformers movies, but at least i didn't feel like super bored or whatever while waching the previous movies-i can't say the same with this one! And i know for a fact that even among their die hard fans, there are some disappointments. I knew i wasn't going to love it, but i didn't think that it was gonna be so... bad *LOL*.

Years from the previous movies, the Autobots are no longer considered heroes on earth, instead they're hunted and treated as criminals-and Optimus Prime is not around because he went to look for his dead planet, Cybertron. He finds it and told that he is the reason that the planet is dead and the only way to bring it back to life is to take life from earth. 

Yeah well, i thought it was totally all over the place. So damn slow and i got so bored out of my wits. I kept on losing track of the *barely there* storyline and i simply couldn't care less about what's happening to the people on screen anymore. I normally like Mark Wahlberg quite a lot, but this time round even he cannot make this dull movie acceptable. I dunno, i know most people who watches it share my sentiments, what about you?

The poster, the trailer, all the promotional props are so promising, i was totally looking forward to Jailangkung 2017-hoping that it would revive the horror movie scene in Indonesia like how the original Jailangkung did. Sadly, it fell way below my expectations. It's not super horrible or whatever, but it's not ineteresting or scary for me.

A rich entrepreneur is found unconscious, his vital signs are good and he is actually in good health, he's just incapable of waking up. His two grown daughters are doing whatever they can to wake him up, they're desperate enough to start looking into the supernatural because there's simply no scientific reason that they can find. With the help of a guy (who def has a thing for the second daughter) who has a little supernatural knowledge, they decided to go to the mysterious house in a private island where their father was found.

Yeah well... It totally lack the originality and freshness that the 2001 Jailangkung had. The storyline is all over the place, quite ridiculous and laughable. There's so much plot holes that you lost count and i kept on thinking of how the first daughter looks old enough to be the mother instead, especially when compared to the elementary age third daughter. It's such a shame because it has the potential to be good, it was just... not. I (who's a huge horror fan and watch countless horror movies from all over the world on a daily basis) actually think that the special effect and ghost makeups are getting so SO good. Dare i say, almost as good as Thai horrors? Unfortunately, that's all that's good here.

I just can't stand the scenes where the characters are supposed to be thrown away by unseen forces, they look as bad as sinetron quality, i cringe whenever it happens (yes, multiple times). The characters keeps on doing silly things (silly even for horror movie standards)-and there are so many unexplained things left hanging (how did the third daughter suddenly got pregnant with the demon child? I realized she might be raped by the tall figure. But what is that tall figure and where did it come from?? When did it came into the equation in the first place??? What it's got to do with the central ghost???), and how they make the character connections so poor, it's confusing.

Overall, i was pretty disappointed coming out from the cinema, i'd rather rewatch Danur, at least that one has a good, understandable, relatable story line! Am not recommending this one at all.

Anyway, that's all for this month. It's almost August, which means i need to write about July movies fairly soon too.

Toodle then!

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  1. I also think that it's so weird when Dr. Jekyll suddenly appeared in Mummy movie 😄