Scraps from 2016 : Part 2 (My Bday Celebrations)

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Like i promise, more scraps from 2016 dug out from my archive! This second part is all about MY (well, it's hunny's too, but let's face it-his doesn't count) bday celebrations! Which happened last October so yeah, we're actually already half way through my next one :p. But that doesn't matter! Still want to share about it anyway!

As usual, i ended up having a few separate celebrations because rounding up a lot of people in one day is hard to do, the first one was with my BFFs plus plus!
And we had a nice lunch at Butter and Bean
I normally prefer dinners over luncheon, but this time round i opted for a lunch because i want to have a photo shoot session (which i haven't even post) with G muahahahaha. Yes, very selfish reason indeed.
Very happy looking Little O with the perfect length of hair. Anything too short makes him looks like a ball of cheeks and too long makes him looks like he's wearing British' guard hat! 
The almost-married couple back then. Now they hardly even count as newlyweds already *LOL*
Yeah, the bromance is strong with this one
Look how Little O's head is pretty much bigger than G's and Vic's heads *LOLOLOL*. I also think Little O is pretty much the same height as G now @.@
#Undecided having a little matchy matchy moment with Zoe. Hm. I'm pretty sure i cropped Vic's arm and #Undecided's hubby's hand from this pic. Yet here they are. If they all scram and i got rid of the drink, this would've been a perfect pic, no?
Dresscode was actually fun headbands, but ofc... nobody took the dresscode seriously *sigh*. It would be a totally different story with my fashion squad now tho hahaha
And now it's time for me to show you foods. Which were quite good, but not fantastic. They were decent. And the place is very cozy, well lit and Insta-worthy. Would come back. I don't know or remember the food's name or whatever, ofc.
Someone's fruit salad, i suppose?
I'm pretty sure this is chicken cordon blue?
Fetuccini Alfredo, which was a popular choice that night. I thought alfredo is very similar to carbonara (told ya i'm not a foodie), but Little O didn't like this one (although he's a die hard fan of carbonara) but #Undecided and G love it
Er. Seriously no idea what this is. But it looks good. I mean, i took a nice pic of it
Someone ordered a burger... The egg yolk looks divine!
Hm. No idea what kind of spagetti this is
#Undecided being crazy as usual
Look at Silv's purple hair! Love it!
Then i also celebrated with a few other friends...
My outfit for my second celebration... Striped top and blinged slip ons are gifts from my mom. She gets my taste more and more now
Playing with blue that day, love how it turned out! And i really miss those gigantic pink lenses arghhhh!!!
I sneaked sometime to meetup and had a little celebration with Cynthian hahaha
She passed me a very thoughtful pressie, which are lipsticks hahahaha. Btw my highlighting game was strong eh hahahaha
Then latter that night (i think i went to watch movie first after meeting Cyn) i also had a celebration with my uni friends and L at Epicuros.
It was our fist time visiting Epicuros, and i think some of their food are nice (like the soup and bread) but not everything were!
Like their rice bowls which were way too sweet
We got these silly snaps a few times, for some reasons the mbak who helped us took the pics made us feel like we had to huddle up... So we squeezed ourselves in like this... Only to realize there were sooo many empty spaces beside us -___-... The landscape pics were worse
Selfie with O
We wanted to take pics of only the ladies but Etienne kept on crashing us *LOLOLOL*
And that's how we celebrated turning 33. OMG. Not looking forward to turn 34. The horror.


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