Event Report : Bioderma Surabaya Launching

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Hi y'all!!!

Are you ready for another event report? This one is super special because we all agreed that this was the BEST event we ever attended, ever ever ever! And that's Bioderma Surabaya launching!
SBB, our lifestyle blogger friends, Bioderma team and prestigious makeup master, Qiqi Frangky!
So yes, if you live in Surabaya and checks Guardian often, you might say that Bioderma has been available here for a while-you're correct, but now they finally... FINALLY officially launched in Surabaya! This means they have far more complete collection available too compared to how it was before!
The event went down on Saturday, April 8th at Domicile restaurant (which is one of the hippest, most happening restaurants in town). As i helped Bioderma coordinate the bloggers for this event, i made sure i arrived early-and i was the first to arrive ^^!
The stage. I snapped this but i didn't even realize until much later that the TV was showing our (the invited bloggers') profiles in rotation! I am super touched by their thoughtfulness and attention to details!
And the still-empty beautifully decorated table
Seriously the table setting is so pretty and chic!
Lots of displays of Bioderma's most famous product : Sensibio H2O!
They have allocated our seats and i must admit that i am a sucker for personalized stuffs so i was super happy about this too :DDD
The super funny and friendly MC of the day
It was a bit of a weird day in Surabaya, it rained since morning and the day was super gloomy. On top of that, most of the roads were jammed like crazy-resulting in some of the bloggers to arrive super late. So sorry for that Bioderma, this doesn't usually happen that badly in Surabaya! 

Did i tell you that Bioderma spoiled us rotten that day? They sure did. Before the event even started, we were treated to a yum lunch first! FYI, they already took our orders a week before so we only had to sit back, relax, chit chat and wait for the waiters and waitresses to send foods our way! 
Yummeeeeh salad with lightly fried half boiled egg that oozed gorgeously when sliced open!
Beef something something (told ya there's a reason why i am not a food blogger!)
Banana bread pudding YUM!
After we're stuffed, then the event officially started!
Opened by Ms. Heidy 
And presentation by my lovely Ms. Dea Karmia 
First Ms. Dea explained to us what Bioderma is. It is a skin care that are recommended and prescribed by Dematologists and distributed via hospitals, beauty clinic and pharmacy. Dermo-cosmetics skin care aims to preseve skin's healthy and beautiful state
Jean-Neol Thorel, Bioderma's founder's states that Bioderma's philosophy is "When skin is troubled, other than resolve it, skin must be taught to live according to its natural biology"
Bio is from the word Biology (science that studies skin and its function) and Dema is from Dematology (science that is use to study skin diseases)
Bioderma's model is healthy skin, their concept is Biology Mimetik and their mission is dermatologically security
Bioderma's innovation's inspired by skin itself. Today Bioderma has more than 35 years of experience in skin understanding, they have more than 50 international patents and 3 R&D centre located in France with a lot of researchers, dermatologists and biology experts
The 7 product lines available in Indonesia (each line has its own signature color)
Now let's talk about their best seller product : Sensibio H2O Micellar Water. It truly is revolusion!
Sensibio H2O is the no. 1 Micellar Water 
To explain more about Sensibio H2O, here's Ms. Detya Amanda
Do you know what sensitive skin really means? It skin that is hyper-reactive but looks normal. It reacts abnormally to a normal stimulation due to genetics, unsuitable cosmetics and surroundings. This skin type has low tolerance.
The difference between normal and sensitive skin
Bioderma has a solution for sensitive skin (which has a higher intolerance to soap and other cleansing properties). It's the first micellar water ever (since 1995), its formula is patented, has high ability to cleanse, using skin mimetik, is PH balanced and has high tolerance level
Their pantented ingredients (which are natural preservations, anti oxidant, anti inflammation and moisturizer)
A little explanation about Micell technology. Bioderma uses a very special molecule that's shaped like a ball with tail. They ball shape/hydrophillic loves water and the tail/lipophillic loves oil
How the micellar water works
Stores where Bioderma's available in Indonesia and the price range for the different sizes
After the presentation (which was NOT boring at all. The fun and friendly presenters all managed to keep everything light, short, fun and informative!), it's time for the beauty workshop! 
Which is conducted by the beauty master, Mr. Qiqi Frangky! FYI, i've been to many beauty workshops before, and this one is the best by far! It's super informative but still very informal, friendly and enjoyable! Mr. Qiqi, who is on another level altogether in the beauty world, is still super humble and throws us endless tips and tricks!
Bioderma thoughtfully passed around mirrors and also a little pouch containing Bioderma products to cleanse, moisturize and prep our skins before makeup!
Ce Fanny is Mr. Qiqi's model of the day
Mr. Qiqi also stresses the importance in using good skin cleanser and skin care to prep and care for our skin. With a good skin, the canvas for our makeup would be totally ready! We got to try Bioderma's hydrating mist and i fell in love very badly right away that i had to buy one the next week! (It was on a +1000 get 2 promo in Guardian and i think it still is until the end of the month! I split with Cynthian and only paid IDR 115.000 each for a gigantic bottle!! What a bargain! Go check out their counter in your nearest Guardian NOW if you're interested!)
Bloggers busy doing our own makeups while following Mr. Qiqi's guidance
The event itself is already super fun and informative, but there's also another thing that made it even more different and special!
Because they actually hired a mini bus to take us to Galaxy Mall and visit Guardian!
It's obviously not a very long ride or anything, but something new and fun! 
And honestly we got ridiculously excited *LOL*, we felt like we're on a study tour or something! Maybe next time Bioderma wants to take us out of town for a little getaway  *strong hint* *LOL*
Mr. Dea showing us their booth and telling us more about the products available in this branch. Look at the big white bottle with blue cap, that's the mist i told ya about earlier!
Goodie bag giftingggg
What's inside the goodie bag... So thoughtful, they even includes cotton pads!
Happy ladies!
Thank you Bioderma for such a fun fun FUN day, we couldn't stop talking about this event even weeks after! Any other brand has a very tough job now throwing events because the bar is set very high by Bioderma!
Grab Bioderma products in your nearest Guardian now, they have lots of promos!!! I think i can pass to be their SPG already!

#BiodermainSBY #BiodermaXGuardian

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  1. asyik juga ya ikutan acara spt ini banyak ketemu orang

  2. We attended an event here this past Sunday & had an awesome experience from beginning to end. They served great food at event space NYC and the salad I had for dinner was delicious. The service also was impeccable.