Beauty Hack Master List (GUEST POST)

10:53:00 PM

Everyone loves hacks to make life easier. Cooking hacks, writing hacks, even beauty hacks have become a common way to beat the stress of a process and find easier, simpler, and often cost-saving ways to get the job done right! Often DIY fixes come heavily featured in different hacks for different areas of life, and this is especially true for beauty tricks and tips. Nearly everything you need for these ideas can be found at your house already, so you won't have to go far to make your beauty routine even easier, as well as spice up your look with a few fun, new, unique ideas!

1.       Add peppermint oil to your lips for an extra bit of plumping action. Pucker up!

2.       Use eyeshadow to color in the part of your hair for a thicker, fully look!

3.       Put perfume in strategic places where sweat forms like behind your knees and down your back.

4.       White or pale eyeliner on the inner line of your lower eyelid will make your makeup pop!

5.       Warm mascara in your hands or a pocket to loosen it up for an easier time applying it.

6.       Cold water will dry your nails faster!

7.       For a quick matte look on a glossy polish, mix in cornstarch slightly.

8.       Also, use concealer on your lips before applying a gloss to achieve a matte look there, too!

9.       Draw a 3 on your face with bronzer to contour around your eyebrow, cheekbone, and jawline.

10.   Use facial cleansing wipes to make sure your face is clean before bed every night. Keep them in your room where you won't forget!

11.   Read reviews for everything you buy; some can be found here, to ensure the quality of the product.

12.   A saline solution mixed in clumpy, nasty mascara that isn't too old but just being irritating can save the product and get you more use!

13.   Use a pin to carefully separate your lashes for a dramatic look, pulling them through slowly and pulling the strands coated in mascara apart.

14.   Put bobby pins vertically in your hair ties and pull your ponytail over them for a plumper, fuller look to that tail!

15.   Heat up your eyelash curler with your hands or even a hair dryer to help keep those lashes beautifully slanted and thick!

16.   Using a lighter shade for the middle of your lips and fading into a darker one in the corners will give the illusion of a fuller, plumper shape.

17.   Use apple cider vinegar mixed with water as a moisturizer for even the oiliest of faces! Don't skip the important step of moisturizing, or you'll risk even more oil being produced.

18.   Before jumping in the pool full of chlorine, get your hair wet with tap or filtered water. The strands will be protected better against the harmful chemicals!

19.   Invest in headscarves and dry shampoo for a cute style if you don't have time to shower.

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