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Oke lah not really one brand per se, more like One Online Store Styling. But One Brand sounds much more nicer, noh :p?

Inspired by One Brand Tutorials, when i was gifted some shopping voucher by Zalora (FYI i got the voucher as a payment for content writing so i am not required to write this blog post, hence no #sponsored or #advertorial disclaimer) i decided to get a (almost) full outfit with it. I think this kind of post can be beneficial for people who doesn't want to waste their time (although how shopping or window shopping can be seen as a waste of time is something that i cannot comprehend hahaha) going through different stores to build an outfit on, you can take some pointers from this post.

The look that i am going for is semi casual, comfy and still stylish (if i may say so myself, that is :p) and here's the look that i came up with.
All outfit except for the choker and the socks are from Zalora (the socks are from Gosh and it's actually got Princess Jasmine printed on them :D. I have a few of those Princesses socks they're so cute!)
Now, i want to post a picture of the dress from the website here but unfortunately i forgot to save the photos (stupid), and when i checked... i think this dress is sold out already so the pics are no longer available. It's from a brand called Something Borrowed (love their collections) and it was IDR 149.000. 
It arrives looking exactly like the catalog photo-which is really good of course. It comes in sizes S and M, went for the bigger one obvi-i was quite surprised at how loose and roomy this dress is. Made from stretchy cotton material, it can safely accomodate up to XXL i think. It is short though, as you can see from the pic (don't worry, i wore shorts underneath) so if you're taller than 165cm, it can be a tad too short (it's slightly too short for my liking, but that's okay i still wore it with confidence). One thing thing i wish websites would always state is whether or not the material of the clothes are stretchy or not, i didn't know if this one's stretchy (it very much is)-i saw some other lovely pieces that i am not sure if it would fit me. I mean, the measurement means it would fit me (surprise surprise, i have 88 cm bust and 74 cm waist, i may look huge but  i am not really...) but i always prefer materials that has slight stretch to it to ensure it can accommodate my wide shoulders and huge arms
I love the dress, it's just so simple and comfortable i already wore it 3x :p. Simply too easy to just throw and go
I usually am quite creative and come up with my own style but for once i copied the model's styling from the official pic and wear a black choker like she did. One is because i LOVE chokers and has been wearing one almost every time i dress up (i have short and thick neck and chokers surprisingly help me conceal instead of accentuating it) and it just is a perfect match for this dress.
Initially i planned to really build a whole outfit with products from Zalora only , down to the nitty gritty (you know, accessories and all). It's achievable too actually (their price range is wide enough to accommodate any budget) but unfortunately there are a lot of products that cannot be purchased using credit (tsk tsk) and also because i fell in love with the sneakers that swallows up more than half of my credit. I tried to look for cheaper sneakers but alas... I really want these sneakers!
I had a super fun photo sesh with my personal photog/BFF G one fine Sunday afternoon ^^
I think you can tell how i don't really have much of a butt from this shot *LOL*. I'm pretty  straight up and down like a tree >.<
I also got this bag from Cocolyn
I gotta be honest with you, this bag was definitely not my first choice *LOL*. I liked another pink bag that looks like it could be from Liz Liza (you know the style...) but that means i'd have to pay extra because the total would surpass the amount of the voucher i got. And i'm too cheap *LOL*. So i decided to look for a lower price pink sling back (because i thought the sneakers were blush nude hahaha) and this bag's only IDR 69.000 (original price IDR 125.000, it's on sale).
Again, it arrives exactly looking like the photograph, it can be used as a little clutch or as a sling bag. Very small though, i had to choose to insert my mini pouch or my phone *LOL*
Personally the star of the purchase is these sneakers from Zalora home brand and it's also the most pricey item in the haul (IDR 299.000)
I dunno if it's just my eyes or my screen's resolution, but like i already mentioned-i really thought the sneakers were blush nude colored but they turned out to be nude NUDE. They're still awesome, but i'd really love them more if they're blush nude hahaha. They're also quite comfortable but the back side's a bit stiff (actually the whole thing's a bit stiffer than i expected from sneakers) so they kinda chaffed the back of my ankle-i guess i just need to wear them in?
In case you're interested, my makeup's from my One Brand Tutorial (Viva Cosmetics), you can see the details on my previous post
Also these pictures were taken in this gorgeous little cafe called Heracate in Marvel City Mall (fast becoming my fave mall for photoshoot... We did another one last Sunday!)-they actually call it a tea room. A bit gutted with the fact that they don't serve coffee >.<!
I think this place is super Insta-worthy, the lighting is beyond awesome and the owner and staffs super friendly. But i must say that their food selection is really limited, pricing a little higher compared to most similar type of cafes in Surabaya and the taste it mediocre at best. I guess they do focus more to cater for small parties and gathering so food is not their focus?
I love the fact that they let us stay for hours (i even held a private makeup class for G there hahaha. Yes, i do private makeup classes now, will be blogging about it once i have more Before and After pics :D), took endless pics in every nooks and crannies of their place-even encouraged us to do so and offered to help take our pics!
It's such a perfect place for photoshoots, i don't mind going back and order drinks+snacks just so we can take pics hahaha
G's photography skill keeps on improving, she now gives me orders and find spots for me too hahaha
It's amazing considering a few years ago, she took such bad pics that  #Undecided and i never let her take our pics hahaha. Oh yeah, that peachy colored ribbon on my wrist... It's from the socks *LOLOLOL*, they package the socks with these ribbons and i was just nonchalantly slip it on my wrist and i liked how it looks! I have to DIY fix it and attach a velcro for a tighter fit, i think it'd look better if it fits on my wrist
Extra pic taken at the basement parking lot hahaha. Looks extra grungy :p. Btw, don't mind the black spot on my knee, i always end up with blue and blacks all over my knees whenever my yoga instructur's in the mood to torture us
The last two pictures were taken by a very helpful staff and then the owner even offered to take our pictures using their DSLR (this cafe has a little boutique and i guess the owner was taking pics of the outfits she sells)-which G took up while i... I can't pose when strangers take my pics, i need to be comfortable with the photog (and there are not a lot of people who i am comfortable posing for. G, hunny, #Undecided and Nessya... Yeah, i think that's about it). They went up and beyond in terms of service! 
I felt self conscious letting a stranger took our fake candid pics, but it turned out quite natural hahaha
Me and my little photographer...
I had the hardest time choosing the photos (coz there are so many of them!) and even after narrowing them down... I still post too many pics *LOL*.

Do you like this kind of posts? I have another one coming up... So i hope you do!


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  1. Rima Angel has left a new comment on your post "One Brand Styling : Zalora":

    Itu sling bang aku penasaran karena harganya murah banget tp sampe sekarang belanja ga pernah kebeli itu :D ternyata lumayan bagus juga ya ci mindy.

    Oh ya something Borrowed, aku favorit banget sama sepatu-sepatu merk. Hehe

    1. Iya lucu kok cm ya itu kecil banget ga muat apa2 hahaha

  2. Lucu banget tasnyaa ci Mindy banget hihi x)

    1. Hihihii iya lucu ya cm kecilnya agak ga nahan hahaha

  3. so prettyyyy! amazed with your body positivity ^^ keep dolling up! :D