Dresses Modern Day Disney Princesses Would Wear with StyleWe (Advertorial)

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Hey guysss!!!

It's da weekend! Everybody must be excited hahaha. We went out the whole day yesterday and plan to go out again tomorrow, so we decided to stay home today. Excellent decision since i had a crazy insomnia attack last night and literally didn't sleep a wink *__* apparently having three glasses of coffee in a day is a huge no no for me, my brain just refused to stop whirling!

Okay now let's go down to business! A while ago i introduced you to a special online fashion store named StyleWe (you can learn more about the store and why it's special in that StyleWe introduction post) and now i want to talk more about their collection. You know how much i love whimsical, special pieces and i always feel like a Princess (no, despite what some people thinks, i definitely do not have a princess syndrome. But i think every girl has that moments where they feel like a Princess and it's a fabulous feeling alright!) whenever i wear those dreamy pieces. StyleWe has more of those special pieces than i can go through in one sitting and lots of them remind me of beloved Disney Princesses!

Now, i am not the biggest fan of Disney Princesses or anything (i do love their fashion sense and makeup tho hahaha), but i do like them and i realize lots of women continue to love them into their adulthood-so why not make a list of some dresses you can find in StyleWe if you want to look like a modern day Disney Princess?
Which one is your favorite Disney Princess?
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I found so many beautiful, far-from-ordinary dresses in StyleWe that i am certain Disney Princesses would kill to have if they live in modern world-i can go on and on, but for now i am just picking 7 (actually 6, the other one is something different but we'll get to that later) so you won't be scrolling forever haha!

1. Rapunzel
Whenever i think about Rapunzel, i always remember how she decorated her hair with flowers (and i am obsessed with that. I prefer to wear flower crown, but still... Flowers in your hair is always hopelessly beautiful)
So i gather, she loves nature and flowers so when i saw this dress
Y&M Apricot Crew Neck Frill Sleeve Embroidered Mini Dress USD 103 (available in size S to XL)
I just knew Rapunzel would love this!
I do have a thing for organza... They just make any clothing looks Princessy somehow! This is definitely one of my firm favorites from this list! This Y&M dress is one of those rare dresses that can be dressed up and down. It's simple enough to wear with your hair down and some flats for a casual day time events, but i can still pass for a more formal, night time events with some heels, fierce makeup and tousled hair! Rapunzel would be proud!

2. Elsa
Yes, Elsa is a Queen not a Princess (and that's why she's probably my favorite!), but all Queens were once a Princess so i think she should count :p. And i am aware that Elsa's main dress is blue, but you can't expect her to wear the same dress (or maybe she has 100 with the same design???) every day now, can you? If i were a Princess, i would probably refuse to ever use the same dress twice *LOL*. 

Anyway, the fact that she's the Snow Queen made me think of her when i saw this delicate piece :
Mukas White Pierced Sheath Elegant Lace Mini Dress USD 135 (available in size S to XL)
If you're a Queen and not a Princess at heart, then you'd want something more mature but still has that girly touch in it (coz... You don't want to look like an Auntie, do you?). This dress is sophisticated, wonderfully detailed, delicate but still ooze that cool vibe. Like how every Snow Queen should be.

3. Mulan
We all know that Mulan is not the most feminine of them all (and we love her for that), even set in olden day China she already detested the typical girly style so i can't imagine her feeling comfortable and confident with like, tulle dresses and crazy detailing if she lives in present day. That's why the next dress is something that i think she would approve!
Aofuli Red Appliqued 3/4 Sleeve Plain Mini Dress USD 72 (available in size L to 5XL!)
It's not overly girly, it's not frilly but it still has that intricate extra detailing that makes the dress special and not boring. Plus it's bright red because Chinese loves red colors, we believe it's an auspicious color even to this day! It's also the right length for modern day Mulan to walk around comfortably without having to compromise her pace.

4. Jasmine
Just like Elsa, the dress that i picked for Jasmine is not similar to her main attire usually but it's still got that aura which screams "Jasmine". Jasmine usually wears a sexy two piece cropped top and pants, but i'm sure once in a while she wants to dress up in girly dresses too! Now, i know people are real sensitive these days and one can be crucified just for saying "exotic beauty", of course it can be taken out of context-but it can (and is) be a compliment too-i hope we can be less sensitive and angry! LOL. 
Oulie Purple Cocktaul Embroidered A-line Mini Dress USD 104 (Available in size S to L)
I think this soft violet dress would compliment Jasmine's skin tone beautifully (it would also look spectacular on pale skinned beauties too, though!) and somehow the intricate flower embroidery feels true to her ancestry and style. Jasmine would truly be the modern belle in this number and so can you!

5. Pocahontas
When i think of Pocahontas, i think of how gorgeous she is and how her style can be interpreted as boho chic in modern day. This next dress immediately reminded me of her. It's more on the casual side and one that i would personally love to wear too!
Since Then Multicolor Balloon Sleeve Off Shoulder Cotton-blend Maxi Dress USD 95  (One size)
Exposed shoulder is so in and i cannot be happier for that! I just have a thing for off shoulder stuffs... Anyway, this dress is gorgeous, casual but still dressy and i love simple dresses with extra detailing like this (pay attention to the bows in the arms). You can't see it from the pic, but it has a high slit on the side which is extra playful and sexy, plus it wouldn't compromise your movements (i find myself hard to move when i wear maxi dresses sometimes). As Pocahontas is a nature Princess, she'd definitely appreciate that!

6. Merida
One of the quirkiest Princesses of Diney and i lurveee her for that! Quirky is the new pretty for sure ^^. This simple green dress reminded me of her, it's a tad mature but still comfortable and simple enough for modern day Merida when she needs to dress more formally!
KK2 Mesh Paneled Simple Half Sleeve Mini Dress, currently on sale for USD 56.95  (Avalable in sizes 2-4, 6 and 8-10)
The green color is so Merida, i do think green can clash with red hair sometimes but this darker shade would be gorgeous on her! And look at the fine detailing on the mesh part of the dress, details like these are what makes these dresses fit for Princesses!

And those are my picks to channel your inner modern day Disney Princesses. But i still have another dress that i LOVEEEE, i simply can't not share it here but it's definitely not something the Princesses would wear. In fact, i would say it's something a kick-ass Disney Villain would appreciate! Maleficent, for instance!
Masked Queen Black Plain Vintage V Neck BodyCon Mini Dress USD 62 (Available in size S to L)
Look at how gorgeous this dress is, i'm obsessed! It's simple, it's sophisticated and look at the arms!!! Love love love the flared arms!
Looks glorious from behind too
Something that most modern day Disney Villain would snatch FTL! And i secretly love this one the most... Is that mean i am more of a Villain than a Princess? Haha... But seriously, if i can get any of these dresses from this list, this one would be it! This makes me feel like making another list of dresses for Disney Villain, i did tell you i find the villains to be so much more interesting than the Princesses once... 

How about you? Which Disney Princess is your spirit animal and which dress from this list would you like to have in your wardrobe?

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