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Hey guys!

I just got the news that i am going to be invited to THREE weddings in September (bye money *LOL*), which means September is the wedding season and lots of you will be on the same boat as me :p. 

One of the most crucial problem with wedding seasons (aside from the whole hong bao situation, of course :p) for the (female) wedding guests is definite : wardrobe. Especially if those who are getting married are all from the same pool of friends, you can't possibly wear the same dress over and over, can you? Well, you're in luck my friends coz today i want to introduce to you an online shopping platform that can be added to your "to consider" list : StyleWe :D!
No no no, this not just another mass-production fast fashion website, this one is totally different because all their items are actually designed by independent fashion designers! Yes, right, you can say that their products are all designer brands! Oh, don't worry about the prices too, i personally find their prices to be totally reasonable for designer wear! 

This way you won't have to worry about accidental, unwanted twinning situation with another guest because their products are quite unique, tasteful and are not the kind that's available in every other Instagram shops ^^.
They have products from a vast number of designers!
So i was browsing through their website and quite a lot of items caught my eyes in a very short time, i'll just share a few for ya (coz if i show everything then i might as well move their entire catalogue to my blog hahaha), starting from the most predictable to come from me : minidresses
This stunning white off shoulder batwing mini dress by CC.Su (USD 124, available in sizes S to XL). I am absolutely enchanted by this dress, the details. the flared sleeves... I love sleeve details!
Speaking of sleeves, it's definitely natural that this next item caught my eyes!
Black Off Shoulder Half Sleeve Mini Dress also from CC. Su (USD 124, also available in S-XL), OMG did i just find my fave designer from StyleWe already >.<?
I'm not the long evening gown type of person, i prefer subtler, simpler and shorter dressed to go to weddings such as the two i just showed you, but if you're more into the whole long gown thingy (or if you're related to the bride/groom then you'd need a more formal dress!)-they also have a special evening dress category.
Bandage Big-hem Mesh Evening Dress by Isabufei (USD 138, available in sizes XS-L)
Weirdly enough when it comes to party dresses, i prefer the simpler ones-even for the floor length ones. But if you prefer the more elaborate types with sequins and all-they do have those as well, just check their evening dress section!

Now, i've been going on about the more formal style, but that doesn't mean that all of StyleWe's products are only catering for formal ocassion-of course not! They have a wide selection for casual wear as well.
Like this uber cool White Embroidered Plain Polyester Casual Kimono by Aporia. AS (USD 65, available in sizes S and M). How boho, how trendy...
Or this simple but cool
Printed Cotton Casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt by Toyouth (USD 36, available in sizes S to XL)
 And oh, did i mention they have swimwears too?
I don't own a lot of swimwears (fine, i have one -__-. And i haven't gone swimming for so long...) but if i collect them, then this vintage inspired
Navy Blue Nylon Halter One-Piece by Venus Queen (USD 45, available in sizes S to XXL!)  would be in it!
Other than clothing, they also have some awesome bags collection! From formal clutches to casual crossbodies, you'd definitely be spoiled by choices! As for me, you know i have a thing for novelty bags so this brand Poppomeow totally caught my eyes.
Medium Cowhide Leather Zipper Shoulder Bag by Poppomeow (USD 219, also available in Black and Silver) is so cute i can't even...
They are currently having an anniversary sale (perfect timing to start shopping!) and also don't forget to check out their flash sale section!
Some of them are up to 50% off!
So what do you think? Anything from my pick caught your eyes? Or you see something else worth checking? Do share with me on the comment section below!

And don't forget to drop by their website for designers at your fingetips!

Until next time ^^!

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