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Hey y'all!

Anyone from South Surabaya here? Show of hand, please! Have you ever felt annoyed that you used to have to go to other parts of Surabaya to get good quality nail treatments? Fret no more my friends, because there's a new (and hip) kid in town, just at your part of the city : La Belle Nail Studio!
La Belle Nail Studio
 Royal Plaza lt 3 Blok M2-12 (across from Cinema 21, opposite Cinema Cafe) Surabaya
 0821.39.227227 / 089.527.158.877

It's totally brand new and has only been around for over a month (okay so prolly almost two by now) and i was invited along with a few other blogger pals to try out their services.
The cozy and spacious nail studio is dominated by pink and white
One of the treatment spot, and say hi to Lala :D
Another pair of seat, one of which were about to be my spot
Vast nail polish selection for your mani-pedi!
They do not only have nail treatments like manicure, pedicure, gel polish etc, but also do waxing-here's the room for waxing treatment. If you choose to do waxing there, you are entitled for a free maincure!
FYI, La Belle is handled by Me-Nail-and here their rep Nessya and owner welcoming us and telling us a bit about their place
One of their highlight service is : halal nail polish manicure! They are using Momoka (similar to Inglot, but more affordable) and since i am not a Muslim and cannot vouch for what's halal and what's not-i am more comfortable to call it Breathable nail polish. These nail polish are totally breathable and water can penetrate them (this can be proven by applying them on a piece of tissue and drip water on it. Regular nail polish would seal the paper's pores and the water won't drip-but Momoka will let the water through. Momoka is mainly water based so when you drop the polish into water and mix them, Momoka nail polish would actually dissipate) so you can use it for Wudhu. It is also peel-able, you won't even need acetone to remove them!
La Belle's price list
They can also do nail arts. You can also choose your own design (bring a photo/pic to show the nailist) or choose from their designs
Nessya helped me take most of the pictures in this post because i was having a treatment the whole time, so the quality of pic... You can blame her *LOLOLOL*
I was in the mood for something simple and dark so i decided to go for that black nail polish with googly eyes!
I still had remnants of some old gel nail art so they helped me remove them first
All foiled up!
The nailist handling me was very patient and her work was very thorough and careful, the manicure session was totally satisfying
The result
One more coz it's too cute!
Nessya kept on hijacking both my phone and camera and filling them with her selfies -___-
Niar and Lala on the other side
Niar with her Momoka polish. Btw, in case you couldn't be bothered to scan that price list that i already provided, manicure only costs 20K and adding halal nail polish would only cost you 40K in total!
Lala looking serene
Lala's nail art result
And there's also Ika who wasn't in the group pic because she was late so she was having her nails done when we took the pics (coz i gotta jet!)
La Bella also prepared a goodie bag filled with nail tools to help maintain our manicure before we have time for another visit haha.
Follow La Belle's Instagram for information and update, they constantly have different interesting promotion you don't want to miss out!


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