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Hey guysssss :D!
Holiday's almost over, don't be too blue! To remind you about the sea, the sun and the fun you might be having on your holiday, what about a sun screen review :D?

I have a new Sunscreen Cream from Zoya Cosmetics to introduce to y'all!
Zoya Cosmetics Sunscreen Cream SPF 35 PA++
As you might all already know, Zoya is a well known Indonesian Muslim wear brand that had been branching out to beauty-i have reviewed a few of their products (you can read my review on their lip paint, blotting powder, eyeliner and CC Cream here!) and i loved them, so when they offered me their new product to review, of course i said yes :D!

Now, i know a lot of people assumed from the way i look (super pale skin and girly outfit) that i am a high maintenance girl that would rather die than to step out of a mall *LOLOLOLOL*. OK la I am high maintenance (poor hunny :D) but i am far from sun shine-fearing creature that people seem to think that i am! I'm actually a nature loving, adventure seeking woman, believe it or not!
I enjoy beautiful sunshine (just not the glaring one) and love to play around outdoor. I don't have the pic, but i also enjoy hiking and love going to beautiful places like mountains and beaches. Why else am i such a traveler, ya think? But to be fair, i do not enjoy being outdoor in Surabaya *LOL*. Way too humid and there are not enough outdoor places that are interesting enough for me!
I've never been one to shy away from the sun, sometimes when i am wandering around (overseas) under the sun, i'd stretch out my arms and try to tan myself a bit *LOL*, it clearly doesn't work coz i am still as pale as ghost-but not from lack of trying!

One thing that i regret from doing that is how i used to go out under harsh sun light without wearing any protection! I admit that i never use any sunscreen when i was younger until very recently when i found a very faint (but unmistakenly) sun spots under my eyes (confirmed by my dermatologist) that i was shocked into fear *LOL*. I also have some moles that i did not have when i was younger and i heard that the sun can be the cause of moles to grow *sigh*. I definitely do not want my skin to get worse so i would never go out without sunscreen (or at least makeups that contains enough SPF) ever again!
I don't shy away from the sun still, but i definitely take more precaution to protect my skin from their harmful impacts!
One of the main reasons why i used to avoid sunscreen like a plague is because i have very oily skin and suncreens that i used seemed to do nothing but make it worse! Thank God from newer, improved versions like this one that i can use without any worry now!

Let's get on with the review, shall we!
Zoya Cosmetics Sunscreen Cream comes in a simple white cardboard box with orange and yellow details. I totally forgot to snap pics of the box' details before i threw it away >.<. But all of the information at the back of the box are also available on the sunscreen's tube which i will show you below
The sunscreen comes in a (also) simple white squeeze tube mirroring the box. It is made from a fine material that doesn't feel flimsy or fragile
The tube is about the size of my palm-compact enough to travel with but contains more than enough products (30 ml) to last me a while
Information and ingredient list
It has the normal flip cap that closes securely so i have no worries about spillage
The name "sunscreen cream" honestly intimidated me a little bit because cream must be thick and heavy-right? Errr-how about no??? Zoya Sunscreen Cream's consistency is actually lighter than i expected, it is denser than lotion and when you blob it on your hand like i did in the photo and move your hand around, it stays put and won't drip-but it is not as heavy as the usual cream either so... somewhere in between?
Most sunscreen that i used in the past have unpleasant scent, but Zoya's suncreen cream actually has a very pleasant, refreshing, slightly citrusy scent. It spreads out easily and although you'd notice a light white layer at first, once you blend it out enough, it disappears into your skin, leaving a slight brightening effect on your skin! I also felt lovely cooling sensation when i used it!

What i love the most about this sunscreen cream is how it is not sticky at all, once it sets on your skin-it leaves your skin velvety smooth instead! I notice it makes my makeup looks smoother and nicer compared to when i don't use anything underneath, so how can i not love it? It also doesn't make my skin any oilier, it feels normal and i produce as much oil and sebum whether or not i am using this product.

In conclusion? I love it!!! FYI, i was sent this product for review purposes (and i was not very enthusiastic because i'm a makeup kind of girl, skin care and the likes don't excite me one bit), i am not paid to say good things about it so this comes from me entirely : i do love it... I even dare say that it is currently my favorite sunscreen :D. I don't really know about the price, but from snooping around the net-it seems to be under IDR 50.000, so totally affordable!

I would highly recommend this sunscreen cream for everybody because everybody needs sunscreen! And would i buy it with my own money? The answer is : of course!

Thank you Zoya for constantly coming up with high quality products at such an affordable price!

Check out Zoya's social medias (you can order their products directlt from the contacts in their IG too) for updates, promo and others :

Facebook : Zoya Cosmetics
Instagram : @zoyacosmetics


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  1. Pengen banget ganti sunscreen terus coba yang Zoya ini tapi konter Zoya ditempat aku udah gak jualan kosmetik, sekarang jualannya baju :( Thx u for review ci Mindy :D


    1. You're very welcome Isthi... Ngga coba beli online aja? Selama bulan Juli lg promo free ongkir kayaknya