Lip-Talk 20 : Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick in Summer Peach

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Hey guys...

My cousin L just kidnapped me to accompany her to Taman Dayu from very early in the morning, she  promised that we'd be back by 1 PM-of course it didn't happen. It was 7 PM when i'm finally home and i am At least i got some nice pics there (which i shall turn into a photo series, since there are quite a few :D) so even though it was a business meeting, it was still enjoyable and fun for me haha.

Anyway, this month sure is all about beauty posts for me (Edit : I wrote and published this nearing midnight at 30th of June, but i just realized that it's already categorized under July. Weird). The blog dynamic hopefully will resume to its normal rhythm in July (i will try my best to start my Japan travel post!) but let me end the month with an appropriate post for a beauty-filled month : with a beauty post *LOL*.

Like i mentioned in my last Cathy Doll review (which was also about a lippie-but a different kind. Read my review on Cathy Doll Petit Tint here. I have also reviewed two other products : Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pack and the best skin whitening (pemutih kulit terbaik) product IMO, Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream), i have another lippie from them to review :
Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick in Summer Peach (3.5gr)
I received this product (along with a beautiful floral embossed compact powder) as a pressie from winning their Best Dressed in their event back in May. I have no idea why i kept on getting orange colored lippies from Cathy Doll >.<, if i can be honest-it's actually my least favorite color hahaha. There are three other colors which i think are a lot more appealing from this line :P...
Having said that, i was still quite stoked to receive it since i am such a lippie junkie-any kind of lippie makes me happy hahahaha. This is actually a colored lip balm so i didn't have too much expectation in regards of the pigmentation, BUT it turned out to be more pigmented than i expected! Totally jumped the gun as usual, let's backtrack and start from where i should.
Which is packaging! Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick comes in a rectangular cardboard box, this one that i got is dominated with white and orange color-i think each shade has different colored boxes corresponding with the actual lippie color
Information of the product in Indonesian written in a sticker stuck to the box
You can find the shade name on the top of the box
More information on the back. As Cathy Doll is a Korean cosmetic brand (kosmetik Korea), the information in the box are in Hangeul and English
Ingredient list
Cathy Doll Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick itself is actually in the form of a chubby crayon, definitely one of my favorite lippie shape! Like the box, the chubby stick is dominated with white and orange (and pink pom poms). I don't know why it looks kinda red in the pic (maybe it's the lighting, or the lack of. It was a rainy day and i had to rely on my selfie-ring light coz i don't have a proper light yet for my product photos *sigh*) but it's actuially light orange IRL. The only thing i don't like about chubby crayon type of lippies? The fact that the lippie is exposed and i am forever in danger of nicking it since the first time i open the clear cap >.<. Got quite lucky with this one and managed to open it unscathed
It's a retractable crayon lippie, the rectractor is colored according to the lippie shade. Since the lippie's packaging is made of high quality plastic, it feels totally sturdy and the retractor works very well (unlike some retractors that can be very loose and pretty much break after just a few times of usage. You can totally tell from the first twist whether or not the retractor's a good kind-which this one totally is)
I like individually colored lippies (and the clear cap helps too), it just makes the lippie that much more special and helps you to identify which shade is which easily if you have more than one  from the same line
The bullet also looks kinda red in the photos *sigh*, but i can assure you that the actual product is a true blue, cheery, bright orange!

As i expect from a color lip balm, it glides on super easily and smooth. It's not super pigmented, but for a color lip balm-it's much more so than i expected! I don't need to swipe too many times for the color to show up (except when i wear moisturizing lip balm underneath. You know how slippery those lip balms make your lips). It gives a healthy, lovely sheen (so definitely not a matte finish), but it's not overly glossy or oily-looking. I forgot to snap a pic of my bare lips (which you can find in most of my other lip product reviews), they're pale pink and never interfere with lippies colors anyway. It has a faint artificial orange scent (almost like orange candy) which is not my fave scent, but it definitely doesn't bother me either. I almost never notice the scent when i use it anyway so it's definitely not offensive
How Summer Peach looks on my lips layered with a moisturizing lip balm underneath. I know this is a color lip balm, but i like to use moisturizing lip balm under any lip color-like sort of a primer hehe
With light makeup under artificial light

And this is under natural sun light
And here how it looks like on its own. It's still has some shine even when worn alone, the color pops more but it also clings on the dry bits of my lips. It'd be ideal to scrub your lips before using any lip colors, but wearing moisturizing lip balm beforehand works too. Even though it clings to the dry parts, it doesn't feel drying on its own and my lips does feel smoother and suppler afterwards!
Lip Smile Color Lip Balm Stick is the newest lipstick lip balm innovation from Cathy Doll. Gives color to lips and treating them at the same time, keeping it moisturized and soft. It's very suitable to use in tropical climate since it functions to prevent lips from drying and cracking/peeling. Use everyday to repair lips damages and also for softer, supplier and brighter, healthy colored lips.

I personally like this product quite a lot and i would definitely love to try the other shades too. I would recommend this for you who are looking for a pretty colored lippies that leaves your lips healthy and juicy looking, not recommending it for people who wants matte and or very pigmented lipstick.

Make sure you purchase Cathy Doll products from their authorized distributor PT Tirta Tunggal Makmur Jaya to make sure you get genuine products, and guess what : they're having a huge sale (up to 70%-and they seem to add a LOT more makeup products too since the last time i check it!) in their website! I'd really love to try more makeups from Cathy Doll (on my list is their eye shadows and lip matte. I also saw many bloggers talk about their palette but sadly it's not yet available in Indonesia, gotta grab some next time i'm traveling to Thailand!) since the ones that i've tried so far has all been more of a hit than miss!

What about you? Have you ever tried Cathy Doll products? What do you think of them?
#Pink,  whose channeling her inner #Orange in this post :p.

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