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Hey guys ^^.

So i've heard about those one brand tutorials that's been floating around lately (i guess like those 100, 150, 200k makeup challenge and the likes, it has been around practically forever, somehow it's been quite popular again recently)-i'm usually errr a bit lazy to do challenges (mostly coz i have so many things to blog about already without them) until now-i'm trying to be more consistent with my beauty posts and since i love variety, this is a fun change from my usual reviews.

One brand tutorial is definitely one of the type of post that i've been gravitating towards, then i realized that i don't seem to have any brand loyalty when it comes to makeup! I tend to love and try all kinds of brands-while it's all well for beauty junkies, it might be too confusing for people who are just starting to use makeup/are not that into makeup but still wants/needs to use them. I mean, i get it when some people just want to go to one counter and get what they need there (so not for me, obviously-but i know most people are not that crazy about makeup like me!). 

Since i have no brand loyalty whatsoever (except for a few holy grail products that i keep on repurchasing), i found it impossible to do one brand tutorial with my existing collection. I simply do not have every single product that i need for my entire face coming from one brand. Until Revlon gifted a set of makeup products when i won their makeup challenge at their Ultra HD Matte launch. Revlon is one of the easiest brands to find in Indonesia, if you can't find their counter close to your place, you can always buy their products online. Sociolla stocks quite a complete collection of their products. I will give you a discount code if you want to purchase products from Sociolla below, no need to thank me #LOL.

So here are Revlon products that i used for this one brand tutorial :
All products are gifted by Revlon except for the foundation that was a hand-me-down from Kathy
This look is a daily look on this tutorial is a daily look btw, i'll make a second one brand tutorial for a party look if anyone interested :p. 

Let's start with a clean (and moisturized. That's ideally. I personally prefer to mattify my skin instead >.<) :
My ghostly bare face :p. My skin is in a pretty good condition, but i have some redness (and white heads :(...) around my chin area. I heard acne around chin area are caused by hormones-i guess my hormones get crazier as i get older because i didn't use to have zits in that area when i was younger!
I have to be honest with you, i only use foundation for parties/special events. For everyday use (and i don't even wear makeup everyday) i prefer to use BB Cream coz they are lighter and have some skin care benefits. I don't have Revlon's BB Cream so for the sake of this blog post *LOL* i am using Revlon New Complexion Oil Control Makeup in shade 04 Nude
After using Revlon New Complexion Oil Control Makeup all over my face. If you have imperfections and dark circles you'd like to cover, using concealer is totally recommended of course. I don't have Revlon's concealer (LOL, this sounds like a repeated problem) so i add another layer of foundation under my eyes and chin to cover my problems better
Next, i set the foundation with a powder. I normally use compact powders with no foundation contents (coz using powder foundation to set foundation can make your makeup super cakey!), but i gotta work with what i have! And using it on its own is also out of the question coz my skin is crazy oily, i simply hate how my skin ended up looking whenever i try to wear powder foundation on their own >.<. Sadly, i faced a very typical problem (for me), i got a shade that's about two tones too dark T.T
I look like an Oompa Loompa T.T. To be fair, they actually gave me a neutral shade, it's not their fault that my skin is so darn pale *LOL*, the gift set was pre-packed beforehand so i couldn't ask for another shade, could i? The texture of this powder foundation is actually super lovely, it's not thick like i dreaded and it sets the foundation nicely-no caking problem the whole day (and i had it on for around 12 hours, no joke! I was having a long day...), it's just the shade that's so wrong for me. There's no way in hell i would go out looking like an Oompa Loompa so i cheated and used my white loose powder to tone down the shade a little bit. But as long as you get the right shade, this issue should not be yours!
Next step is eyes (i know most beauty gurus would suggest you do your eyes before your complexion, you can follow whichever step you like, i just like to do my face first) and i have Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow in 505 Decadent. I probably will review it in a separate blog post, but i gotta say that this shade is perfect for beginners/neutral shades lover. It's very easy to handle too since it's not very pigmented so it's quite impossible to overdo it hahaha. I also used the dark color very lightly (and mixed it with some powder) to contour my nose and the lightest shade to highlight it
I used the lightest shade all over my eyes (i normally use eye primer, but-yes you guessed it-i have no Revlon eye primer. Do they even have eye primer? Anyway, if you have darker colored lids like i do and you don't have a primer, neutralize it with you foundation instead. Just make sure you use a light hand!), then the golden-ish shade on half of lid and the darkest one to deepen my double eyelid and making a v on the outer corner. I also use the light shade under my eyes generously coz i simply love the fresh, bright eyes effect it gave me
Very soft and subtle because i was going out early and i try to look fresher during the day. I am blessed with thick eyebrows so i can get away with not doing anything to my eyebrows (i usually only use eyebrow mascara to color my eyebrows anyway)-but if you don't, then you better draw your eyebrows first! I'm pretty sure Revlon has their eyebrow products too!
I skipped mascara this time round (yes, i have no Revlon mascara *LOLOLOL*, but they totally have a few selections), one thing that i cannot skip is eyeliner! I was given Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner in shade Amethyst-which is a gorgeous deep purple shade. I was a bit intimidated with the shade and thought it's not very suitable for the look i was aiming for so i layered it with Revlon's black liquid eyeliner (which i totally forgot to snap a pic of) for an ombre look
And draw my usual dramatic puppy liner. I just can't do subtle liners, i love big bold one! You can see the true color of Amethyst on my lower water line
The progress so far. Look how different my facial tone is from my hand T.T. 
Next step is blush! I used Revlon Powder Blush in 17 Soft Spoken Pink
It's a LOVELY warm pink, totally gorgeous! You need to apply quite a bit if you have darker skin tone tho as it is-as the name suggest-very soft (with this dark powder i was using, i had hard times making it pop, so i went a little mad and added a LOT :p). I absolutely love this shade, it's perfect for daily look!
Last but not least, finished off the look with some lippies! I'm using Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in Barcelona Night. Such a lovely shade too! I remember when it first comes out and was all the rage but i didn't get to try it until not. I'm not much of a matte lippie person so i think i actually like this more than Ultra HD Matte (i only tried it once for a short time though so i can't really have a good opinion on Ultra HD Matte)
The result
Alay pose #nailedit #LOLOL
Under natural sun light
So that's it! My easy-to-follow one brand tutorial using an easy to attain and affordable brand, Revlon! Like i already mentioned, you can purchase Revlon (and other brands too) products at Sociolla and you can get IDR 50.000 off your purchase (minimum spending is IDR 200.000 only!), just enter "MP50" at checkout!

Now, i hope you enjoy this post and do let me know if i should do more of this, i sure think it's fun!


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