Event Report : Blogger Gathering with Revlon and WomanBlitz

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Hey guyysss :D.

Anyone missed me yet? As someone who's still considered a "very productive" blogger, the fact that it's already 6th of June and it's only my first post of the month is quite unacceptable really *LOL*. My schedule had been totally packed with events and we actually just got back from a mini vacay to Malang (which i will blog about... eventually *LOL*), i'm quite spent so i should actually be applauded to blog now *pats self on the back* hahaha.

One of those said events was this Blogger Gathering with Revlon and WomanBlitz!
With my fellow Beauty Bloggers (and some influencers), WomanBlitz and Revlon reps
So we actually got the invitation from WomanBlitz (if you haven't heard about them before, they're actually a women digital magazine and they've kindly featured us a few times by now :D, we wuv you WomanBlitz!).

Speaking of WomanBlitz, they also have their own talk show at Sonora FM every Thursday at 10-11 AM (this month it's adjusted to 9 though), to which three of us were invited to represent Surabaya Beauty Bloggers (a community which i have a strong passion for, so please understand if i tend to be fierce and protective towards this community) last Thursday.
Picture taken by Yenyen's professional photographer *hearts eye*
FYI, despite my gregarious and larger than life persona (according to most people), i am actually a very shy, reserved person. I am GOOD at public speaking (i scored high whenever i had to do public speaking back in the day, and i'm not even bragging hahahaha) and i'd usually forget all about my shyness once i start speaking, but personally i prefer to stay hidden behind my keyboards *LOL*. But for Surabaya Beauty Bloggers and a chance to let more people know about us, i decided to step out of my comfort zone. We were also there to promote this event :D.

So, the event was held at Surabaya Plaza, one of the oldest mall in Surabaya-and it was actually my very first time attending an event there. I came with Oline and when we arrived, about half of the invitees were already there.
The stage
First in the agenda is to take photos ala red carpet :D. Photo was taken by WomanBlitz' photog, thank you ^^! In the picture : the odd chubby one (me), teeny-tiny Devita and always so stylish Wulan Wu (that's fashion blogger for ya, they ooze different aura to us who focus more on make up haha). See more pictures in WomanBlitz' post!
The location was at Surabaya Plaza's Atrium, so it was quite spacious. There were tables set up for us and there's also a makeover booth.
You can also swatch and shop for Revlon products with various enticing promotions during their fair
Bloggers gotta do what bloggers gotta do :D
So apparently this Blogger Gathering was held for Revlon's newest product's launch, Ultra HD Matte Lip Color. Actually i've seen this product around for a while already, but it's just officially launched in Surabaya now ^^
Swatches of the four colors above plus another one i borrowed from our neighbour haha. They actually have 8 gorgeous shades but sadly the testers that were available for us to play with were not complete so we had to be satisfied with what we had in our tables #sad
The event was opened by the MC and WomanBlitz' Chief Editor (as well as the Managing Director, wow she's a super woman!!!), Ms. Lilies Rolina.
They talked about 2016's trends in beauty, which according to Ms. Lilies, focused on four things : natural eyebrows, solid lip color, shiny eyes and natural skin color
Next on the agenda is makeup demo by Revlon, during which Ms. Patricia Kobandaha (Revlon Indonesia's PR & Digital Communication) also explains about Revlon's products used during the demo, from the eyebrow pencil down to their matte lip color.
While doing the makeup on her model, Ms. Lina from Revlon's team also give us some tips and tricks especially for those with similar features as the model (monolid, tiny nose, etc) as well as other tips in general
The result of the makeup demo
Bloggers watching the makeup demo
Say hello to my lifestyle blogger friends ^^!
Asked Dyta to help snap the pic of our table ^^
After the makeup demo, Revlon also held a Makeup Challenge for the bloggers to create our own signature looks
Everybody's busy touching up. Honestly, when it comes to bloggers... We arrive to events with carefully applied makeup (which usually takes us hours to do *LOL*, we're not professional makeup artists you know, we can't all do perfect makeup in 5 minutes or something!) so if you expect us to remove all of our makeup.... That's not really gonna happen. Thankfully Revlon recognized this and just asked us to touch up and of course, use the star of the day, Ultra HD Matte
I'm sure Revlon as a professional (and one of the best known makeup brands, possibly in the world! They've been around forever and my 80-something year old Singaporean grandmother only uses Revlon, no other brands would do for her! Whenever my mum visits her in Singapore, she'd ask her to bring her specific Revlon products because it's cheaper in Indonesia haha) brand has had events with bloggers before, but this was my first time attending Revlon's event. We all strive to better ourselves, so i hope Revlon would not take this the wrong way- because i (and i can safely say i represent all of my fellow beauty bloggers that attended) have some constructive criticisms.

One is how they did not provide any tools (brushes) for us to use, as this is a makeup challenge surely we're not expected to slap on products using our fingers? Second, is the condition of the products itself. I don't know about you, but beauty bloggers are germ-o-phobic bunch *LOL*. We're quite anal about this, i was especially bothered by how lots of the Ultra HD lippies were already leaking and stained our fingers whenever we touch one. My friend Devi has one Ultra HD and she said she has no problem with leakage, so i'm sure it's not Ultra HD's packaging's problem, but the condition of the battered testers. 

Still, we did our best with whatever was present ^^, i'm so sorry if Revlon's team felt that we were playing it safe, we already did our best under the circumstances. Plus, they were asking for our signature look, yes? I personally don't contour (except for my nose) much, i don't use bronzers (i use them sometimes in place of blush on), and i don't really follow traditional (or politically correct) makeup techniques. Not because i don't know how, but because this is my style and one should have all the freedom in the world to embrace what they love-including how to apply makeup. Am i rite or am i rite? 

As a Japanese-style lover (makeup and fashion wise), i stuck to my regular style (i called this look Colorful Kawaii). I used Revlon's Skinny Liner (which i already have one in Silver at home, love it!) in black to touch up my regular puppy-liner, golden one all over my under eye for extra bling bling that i looove and topped it all with neon, happy pink Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Temptation :
First impression on Ultra HD Matte Lip Color : BEAUTIFUL color selections, YUMMY scent (i almost felt like eating it), takes pretty long to dry, and it's very transferable. Can't say much else because that would require testing it out a few time!
We were then asked to go up to the stage per table to be judged on the result. I only had time to snap one pic :
Yolanda-Shelvi-Oline-Dyta-Glory (Yola was actually on our table but when we went up she was nowhere in sight so she went with the next batch haha)
Picture of our table and Jess' table taken from WomanBlitz' Instagram
Much to my surprise, i was one of the winners ^^.
Alongside Dyta! The Mas with awesome hair (love the color) is Mr. Hendro Revco, Revlon's MUA. Picture courtesy of WomanBlitz
Mr Hendro mentioned something about how it is kinda scary to deal with beauty bloggers coz if you say something wrong then we'd pounce on them *LOL*. Seriously people, we're really not that scary at all. It's just that, blog is very personal. So unlike traditional medias, we do not  only report things, but we talk about our feelings as well. And if you happen to hurt our feelings, you can bet we're gonna write about it as well hahaha. I hope that clears out any misunderstandings!

Here are the goodie bag and gifts i got from Revlon as well as from WomanBlitz ^^ :
Since i got quite a full range of products (minus mascara and concealer), i think i can do a One Brand Tutorial!
Oh, one last thing... We were quite perplexed about the goodie bag too >.<. It was Ultra HD Matte's launching, so we naturally expected one on our goodie bag *LOL*, but we got an eyeliner and their classic lipstick instead. That's a bit... unusual >.<. Please note that i am not being ungrateful or whatever, it's just that it's customary to get the launching product-afterall, they want us to help promote their product, yes? It's kinda hard to do that when we don't even have the product...

Regardless, we still had a great time. I want to thank Revlon and especially WomanBlitz for having us (WomanBlitz even invited us to dinner, unfortunately i had to skip it because i had to attend another event right away. If there's a media that knows how to treat bloggers well, that's WomanBlitz for sure!)! Hope to see ya again in future events!

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