Lip-Talk 18 : Purbasari Daily Series Lipstick in Z16

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Hello hello..

I'm currently in Jakarta for a (not so short) holiday! Some people might think it's weird to go to Jakarta for holiday... Not really for out-of-town'ers. Honestly Jakarta is definitely not my fave place for holidays (i dread all of the traffics!), but we have an apartment here so we don't have to pay for hotels *LOLOL, cheapo*, and my son wanted to go here for some reasons (mainly Dufan-it turns out OMG. I hope it'd be quite empty, since it's fasting season and all!) so here we are! I do bring my MacBook so i can still blog, but today imma just post this drafted post first. Enjoy!

#Pink is back with another lipstick review, surprise surprise *LOL*. I just realized i have never reviewed an eyeshadow yet (right? We have over 800 posts, it's hard to remember all of the products i have reviewed!) but as much as i love eyeshadows, i just don't feel the urge to review them like i do lipsticks. I will do it eventually i think, but i have to admit i really enjoy talking about lipsticks. I think i can talk lipsticks all day long, everyday. Obsessed much?

Anyway, this time it's another Indonesian local product's turn (i love Indonesian products alright!), Purbasari!
Purbasari Daily Series Lipstick in Z16
I actually swatched it on IG a while back and someone asked me to review it, i love getting review requests haha so here it is!

I bought this a while back, after i saw someone posted a pic of Purbasari Daily Series, you know how i feel about untouched (by me) local products, totally whet my appetite to try them-plus it looks nice for very affordable local product, that just makes me even more interested. This is before their matte lipsticks went viral and gain cult-like popularity and before Purbasari became available in (Surabaya) Guardian. It was quite hard to find Purbasari products back then (it's still not the easiest in Surabaya okay, other than Guardian *where the prices are totally jacked and i think the collection are also not the most complete*, i have no idea where to get their products. We couldn't even find them in Pengampon!) but i finally found them in

Let us start!
The packaging is dominated with pink and white
I actually quite like the outer box in which the lipstick comes in, it looks quite cute and sweet with the flowers design. Unfortunately the lipstick itself is not as cute as the box
Information of the product can be found on the box
Sticker indicating the lip color shade. You can see the BPOM registration number and expiry date here
Ingredient list
The lipstick. Not a fan of the packaging :(, you know i love pink, white and silver-but the messy flowers doodle and the purple-ish pink color on top of stark white background makes the packaging looks very... Cheap? It's just not something i would be proud to whip out from my bag to reapply! I know i know, it's cheap i can't ask for too much-but even plain white/pink/combination of both would be better. I just really don't like the messy doodles!
In the bottom of the lipstick there's the same shade indicator sticker as the box
Purbasari Daily Series Lipstick in Z16 is actually a dark mauve shade, i don't know why it turns brown in the pictures (it does look sort of brown-ish on the lips in certain lighting tho) because it's definitely a lot more purple in real life. I made a swatch video for my Instagram (my new hobby haha) and you can see how it actually looks in the video that i'm going to attach below
Yes, the lipstick looks battered. The reason is because it was no longer attached to the tube when i first opened the packaging :( i HATE when that happens
So for this shade, the formulation is super super creamy that it melts easily. It pissed me off a bit. I mean, Purbasari is an Indonesian brand and they know how hot our country is, shouldn't they be making lipsticks that doesn't melt that easily zzz. FYI, i have another shade from this series and it's totally fine so i think the formulation are different from shade to shade. I tried fixing it but coz it's so creamy and melty, my finger prints totally ruined it. After i attached it back, it fell off again so it became even uglier ARGHHHHH i was super pissed. I tried attaching it again and kept in the fridge-well... It became more solid for a few minutes after i take it out-then it became melty again. So frustrating! I love the lipstick actually, but the formulation is very stressing on someone who's all about aesthetic like me -___-.

Anyway, here's the short swatch video i promised you earlier :
The stock photo, it's quite close to real life color
They have a wide range of color!
The range of colors available
My bare lips, sorry for the dry flakes >.< i often forget to drink *very bad habit*. My natural lip color is very pale pink
Wearing Purbasari Daily Series Lipstick in Z16. It has a satin finish, not very glossy (it looks glossy here because i wore greasy lipbalm underneath) but definitely FAR from matte
As i already whined about, the consistency of the lipstick is very very creamy. It glides smoothly like butter, and it's very pigmented, i only had to apply lightly to get the vivid shade as pictures. As it's very creamy, it does slide in every cracks, but the slight sheen prevents it from looking dry . It also does cling to every crust so it's a good idea to exfoliate before usage, something that i have yet to incorporate to my beauty routine. Heck, i don't even have any lip scrub *LOL*. (EDIT : Purchased one from Emina :p. I have yet to try it tho)

Personally i find this lipstick to be quite comfortable to use, it doesn't dry out my lips (it does feel drying after a few hours, but most lipsticks tend to be the same. I would just dab some lipgloss on top to make it feel moist again) and it last for as long as i don't have a heavy meal. It leaves a bit of a stain (and it oxidized. It looks darker after a few hours, making it looks browner than when i freshly applied it), but it's be messy after a heavy meal so re-application is necessary. 

I don't think the lipstick is scented, it also doesn't have those horrible old lipstick scent-it does have a slightly crayon-ish scent, but not too strong and disappear after application. I don't find the scent to be disturbing. I did notice it, but i'm definitely not repulsed by it *LOL*.

How it looks with full makeup on :
Yes, that's a gray hair on my fringe. #Undecided was horrified when she found some gray hairs on me-i have them since i was a teenager so they don't really bother me. My continuous use with hair dyes doesn't help, and it's something that i don't even pay attention to anymore haha
Here's another pic taken under direct sunlight where the lipstick looks more brown than mauve :
I don't know if i bought the lipstick during promotion (which is totally likely) because i just checked my history and i paid IDR 25.000 for it, and it's now IDR 30.800 in (i've linked it up in case you also want to buy it-or other products from Purbasari, Blibli has quite a collection. I am not sponsored, okay!). IDR 30.800 is still very cheap of course, but since i only paid IDR 25.000 before... I would probably look somewhere else cheaper *LOL* (try Bilna, they sell Daily Series Lipsticks for IDR 28.000. I mean if you're going to buy 10 then the slight difference would be quite big in total!). If you know where i can find Purbasari Daily Series lipsticks in Surabaya with lower price, please let me know! (Another EDIT : Found the place! Palapa is where you wanna go!)

I would recommend this lipstick for those of you who are looking for affordable, comfortable, creamy and pigmented lipstick (i'm speaking specifically for this shade as i have yet to try out the second shade). Would not recommend this if you're looking for matte lipstick (wrong series, my friend), has very high mobility on heated weather (this lipstick would melt to a poodle FTL. Definitely not something i would suggest you to bring around if you ride motorcycles or non air conditioned public transportation!), must have luxury looking case and hate when your lip color darken over time.

I personally would definitely love to try out the other colors from this series. As much as i hate how melty (seriously, broken makeups breaks my heart like nothing else) this lipstick is, the positive still outweigh the negative.

What about you? Have you ever tried anything from Purbasari Daily Series? Should i review the other shade?


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  1. Berarti dugaanku bener dengan lipstik ini. :D Ya, soalnya aku penggila matte lipstik. Hihi...
    Iya juga ya. Entah kenapa kok aku juga kurang tertarik dengan doodle di kemasannya. Padahal harusnya itu cantik mengikuti jaman...

    1. Hehehe kalo penggemar matte pakenya yg Purbasari matte kali yaaa, kalo aq kebetulan suka yg iniii ^^. Iya doodle nya kurang gimana gt, perlu cari design yg lbh unyu kayaknya hehehe

    2. Nemu di meja rias emak. Gak tahan buat nyoba dan dipakenya enak. Lembab gitu dan warnanya yang z03 itu pink yang cantik banget.