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Hey guys *weak wave*.

So i've been down with flu. Again. Dammit. I swear every single time i try to limit my carbs intake, i would fall sick. This is the third time within two months and i simply won't recover before i take some antibiotics (don't start. Please. Not in the mood). I also feel like whenever my schedule is full with events and fun things to do, i would 1. fall very sick and 2. get a huge pimple (when i don't normally get pimples). Maybe my body's against me having too much fun -___-...

Anyway, it's almost ridiculous that it's already the latter part of May and i haven't post my April movies yet. Not acceptable. I have a long line of event reports to do, but i need to get this out of the way first.
 1. The Bodyguard
I was totally conned by hunny to watch this movie WTF. He said it's my beloved Eddie Peng's movie, so i scurried to the cinema FTL. I mean, you can even see his perfect face in the poster and all. Fast forward to the next one and half hour into the movie, i was like "Where the eff is he???". Oh geez. Apparently he had a cameo part -___-. Which aired as the credit rolls and no more than what, 5 secs? Way to fool Eddie's fans, The Bodyguard seriously. Other than that, the movie itself is so so. Very slow paced, not horrible but definitely not something i would run to the cinema for, had i know. Yes, i'm still pretty bitter.

A retired bodyguard with a very bitter past now settled in a small, lazy town (or should i say village) where China, Russia and North Korea meet. He suffers from early dementia and shy away from everybody, seemingly determined to have a quiet life alone-but this sassy little girl next door is not having any of it, and they form an unlikely strong friendship. This little girl has a total loser of a father, and when an assignment from the local mafia goes wrong, the little girl becomes the target. The old bodyguard must call upon his long forgotten skills to save her. 

The best part of the movie? When the bad guy called Samo Hung Kung Fu Panda. Coz i can totally see the resemblance, although Po is not old hahaha. Like i mentioned earlier, it's a slow movie. The action parts are pretty cool, and it's amazing how swiftly Samo Hung can move with his heavy body. It's amayzing. Not a must watch, but if you have time to spare and happen to be a Chinese martial art movie fan, give it a try.

The best and most gripping movie for me in April. I always forget how good most war movies can be, they have a lot of heart-and show us why we don't want more wars happening in this already so messed up world.

In 2012, Benghazi (Libya) is stated as one of the most dangerous places on earth, most countries pulled their embassies in fear of attacks, however the USA keeps a Special Mission (Embassy) and a secret CIA quarter just a mile away protected by hired soldiers who are war veterans. Not long after the new recruit, Jack Da Silva (played by John Krasinski, which surprised me because i'm used to see him in comedic roles. Also, i didn't know he has such a banging body!) arrived, the U.S Ambassador for Libya arrived with very minimal guards. Despite the warnings, the Ambassador decides to stay in the Embassy with very limited protection and sure enough, they were attacked at night during the anniversary of September 11. The Special Mission team must now try to save the trapped Ambassador and his guards (amidst fire started by the attackers) while at the same time fighting their boss for the permission to do so, because they should not exist in the first place.

Definitely one of those gripping, nerve-wrecking, edge of the seat kind of movie. Not to mention the fact that it's based on true stories. I love this movie so i'm gonna classify it as a must watch. Especially if you're into war movies. Or not.

Now, a lot of people love this movie-and i like it but i don't love it *LOL*. I guess jungle related movies are just not exactly my cup of tea, i don't like Tarzan either :p. I do love Baloo tho! Can you believe that i actually never watched the original one? So i don't even know the storyline. I know i know, might as well live in another planet and all.  

A little boy lives in the jungle (the animals all call him man-cub, i think it's super cute and i proceed on calling Little O man-cub for days afterwards *LOL*) after his dead died when he was just a little bebe (i can't help but think "Where's the mother? How come they don't explain about her?") protecting him from a big bad errr tiger (coz the wolves are mostly nice here)  He is then raised by a pack of wolves-and protected by a panther. One day the bad tiger is back and still hold grudges against Mowgli (coz his dad-who were killed by the tiger-managed to give the tiger burn scars. Who knows that tigers are vain?) although frankly, it should've been the other way round. Anyway, the tiger then demands the wolves to give Mowgly to him (to eat, obvi) or he's gonna destroy them all. The wolves sent him away instead with his panther protector where he begans his journeyto self discovery (and finding a new BFF along the way).

Well, it's a pretty entertaining movie and all. Look at the IMDb rate, 7.9 (crazy high, we all know how hard those IMDb users to please), it clearly touched many hearts-it's just doesn't do anything special to me. It's yet another movie which i deem to be too "boyish" LOL. Seriously, jungle just doesn't click with me. I was also left with questions : is  Mowgly related to Tarzan? Or is he Tarzan's reincarnation? Coz the story sure is a bit similar (with monkey mommy instead of wolf, of course) Will Mowgly ever grow tired of the jungle-you know, eventually? Will he ever find love? Will the one he'll love human and if so how will he find her? The question goes on. If you love Jungle Book, please tell me what it is that i've missed? In the meantime, it's a solid movie, good for the entire family. But i wouldn't kill myself if i missed it.

I was not a fan of the first movie, i thought it was pretty boring and the Snow White was so uninspiring (i am not a fan of Kristen Stewart, i think you can see that), the only cool thing about the movie was the wicked Queen-so i was not excited about the second movie. Until i watched the trailer and see that they cut Snow White almost entirely and added more kick ass strong women instead. Ok lah, i still wasn't that excited or anything, but we did watch it and it wasn't bad.

So apparently the evil Ravenna has a sister (Freya)-who's not as evil as her. Until one day she witnessed her lover (husband to be?) killed their baby. Her heart turns frozen (actually Freya reminds me so much of Elsa!), she then rules her own frozen country and deems love to be forbidden. To stop people from feeling love, they start young. They kidnap young kids and turn them into huntsmen (both male and female). But love grows everywhere, two of her huntsmen fell in love so Queen Freya punished them severely, both believing the other to be dead. This story is the background (set before the first movie), fast forward to AFTER the first movie-Ravenna is in danger to be resurrected so the Huntsman must stops it from happening with the help of some dwarves and his wife that he thought was long dead.

The second movie, although still not epic or whatever, is much better than the first one IMO. It's funnier (Chris Hemsworth finally took off his Thor persona and became Eric, which didn't quite happen in the first movie), it's not draggish nor boring, and the girls... All the cool girls (including Freya, although she's so stupid and blind for the most part it annoys the shit out of me. But you know, i'm a mother too so i do understand that the grief of losing your kid can turn you mad), all the crazy effects and costume... it's a pretty decent movie, quite entertaining for sure! You won't waste your time watching it!

It's one of the great Alan Rickman's last movies :( i felt sad seeing him so robust and alive it in knowing he's no longer with us :(... Anyway, it's a good one so i feel relieved that i enjoy his final works so much, the same thing cannot be said about Robbie Williams (i disliked his final movie). This is my second fave movie after 13 Hours this month and it's also a war movie. How unlikely!

Colonel Katherine Powell (played brilliantly by Helen Mirren) is a UK-based millitary officed in command of a top secret drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, it's a joint mission with USA so some of her subordinates are Americans. They found out that their targets are planning a suicide bombing so it's no longer a "capture" mission but has turn into "kill". Everything was set but as the American pilot (played by the guy #Undecided drooled all over, Aaron Paul) about to engage, a little girl enters the kill zone and all hell breaks loose. What is the right thing to do? Let the terrorist escape and possibly kill hundreds of innocent people at the expense of the little girl, or go ahead, attack the place and more likely than not, get the little girl killed?

The core of the story is actually quite simple and straight forward, it's the conflict of to kill or not to kill that is the point of this movie. The dilemma, how each character reacts. And as hunny stated, it's surprising that they actually pulled a great, more than 2 hours long movie with such a simple storyline, making it gripping and not boring at all. This movie also reveals how different hunny and i are, i asked him if it was him, would he kill? He said he wouldn't while i would, in a heartbeat because i cannot bear the possibility of the whole thing becoming a massacre (well, killing 99% terrorists doesn't count as massacre). It's a great movie and another must watch if you're into... It's not actually a full on war movie tho coz it's mostly drama. War related, modern military human conflicts then *LOL*.

That's all the movies i got for April, imma go and try to work on those event reports. But first, a few rounds on Cooking Dash...

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