What #Undecided and Budi Have in Common

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Found myself reminiscing about the good old days with Hubby last night. You know, the times when we just started dating. All the LDR and stuff. Come to think of it, can't really call it the "good" old days now that actually we had it really tough in the beginning...
A very old pic of us. Look at how skinny we were LOL. And my hair!!! How fab!! I should probably let it grow out now... But Zoe is at that grab-hold-and-pull-mama's-hair-stage, so probably not -____-
Anyway, I remember that it was around the time my folks started fighting so much (which eventually led to their divorce. I'm VERY open minded, okay. I was on board - whatever stopped them from being miserable together lah). But the bad news was, one day mami said, "from now on we cannot help you with your apartment installment!" 

*side note: it was only after the several first months and totally I had 36 months (3 years, damn it!) of installments. Joy -___- 

My salary at that time was only a little over and I wasn't dumb okay, originally I decided to purchase the apartment because it was going to be a "joint venture" and I would only have to pay half. So when I was left to deal with it on my own, I became, well, basically poor FML LOL. The payment of the installment was on the 25th of each month, I remember... So after 25th I would be totally broke and kept on checking whether or not the company had transferred our salary. And every single time when it was finally in my account, I was super relieved, but only temporarily because then I would have to save it for the next month's 25th. Not much to spare, see...
Wah wah I can't believe there's actually a meme that describes my old situation to the T. LOL.
I finally decided to live in the factory. It's in the suburban area hence food was cheaper (also plus the fact that the commuting was getting tougher and tougher, thanks to Lumpur Lapindo!). IDR 6,000 for rice and kuah rawon and 1 slice of daging empal. I literally lived on that meal for years. LOL. True story. I remember looking at stuffs and wanting them but not being able to buy any because sometimes I didn't even have money to buy food. Sure I got credit cards, but with no money still cannot pay the bill right LOL (I can laugh now, but it wasn't so funny back then *sigh*).

Sometimes I just really wanted something and had to buy them (excuse me, I may not be as vain as #Pink, but I also love nice stuff!). And when I did, I would survive on instant noodle instead (cheap and yummy - ignoring the fact that it's super unhealthy hahahaha)... One day Hubby (he was then my boyfriend) found out and asked why I only had instant noodle for dinner. I didn't really want to tell him at first, partly because we only started dating but in the end I was like, screw it, I really needed to talk to someone... So I told him everything. 

Hubby wasn't rich. He just came back from Taiwan and didn't have a job at that time (he got salary from his folks from helping at their store). But when he learnt about my problem, he wired me the money to survive (on decent food - not instant noodle hahaha) that month. And the month after. And the next after that. Sometimes even twice a month. Again, he wasn't rich, but it was nice to know that someone was sharing my misery, you know... It was also when I realized that if I ended up with this dude, he wouldn't let me go hungry hahaha and that was one of the reasons why I married him (for a glutton, this one's a major point, okay LOL).

Totally reminded of me being hungry and surviving on instant noodle which spurred me reminiscing about old days when I saw this #JadilahSepertiBudi video:
Poor Budi is just like me, but instead of having a sugar daddy, he relies on the convenience of online shopping LOL.
Online shopping wasn't big back then. Sure there were some here and there, but nothing like today's online shops (OS). You practically can shop from your bed and have everything delivered to your doorsteps. Tell me how one can hate on online shopping?! Still think it's not safe and afraid you might get conned? Well shop only from trusted sellers! Obviously OS like MatahariMall.Com will not con you (hello, they got real stores selling real stuff, doesn't get more trustworthy than this, right?) and combined with ShopCoupons, you'll get all the best deals (I'm talking discounts, baby!!) from major brands.


If only they existed back then! Sure they won't be able to help me pay my apartment installment (well, duh!), but surely I wouldn't suffer so much not being able to shop for nice things, right... Already very cheap, come end of the month (the dreaded tanggal tua!!) got crazy discount some more... What a bargain! LOL.

Okay abrupt end to post - I'm going shopping, Zoe needs (well no she doesn't, but that's not the point LOL) new cute tops!
And by going shopping I meant browsing from the comfort of my couch with a cup of scalding cappuccino next to me. It, seriously, doesn't get any better than this *grin*


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