Yogya Trip 2015 Part 2 : Madam Tan Classic Restaurant

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Hey guys...

Yep, still in the mood to try to finish my Yogya-Solo trip post faster. Was torn between using "Yogya Trip" or Foodgasm as the title, then i realized that we didn't do anything much but eat in Yogya -___-, i would only have that one post of Yogya if i put this under the Foodgasm category -___- . Yes, i know this is such a pointless internal debate, what can i do, i'm me.

Anyway, after we're done at Parangtritis, we went for dinner first. I dunno how but L heard so much about different hip places to go to, she wanted to go to Raminten originally but the place was crazy packed and we had straving elders and kids. When you're traveling with such entourage, flexibility is definitely limited.

L took us to Madam Tan instead.

Madam Tan Classic
  Jalan Jendral Sudirman No. 16, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
 +62 274 589315

Madam Tan classic is housed in a colonial style heritage building with antique decors, they serve Peranakan style home cooking.

Oh yeah, this is another post which pictures are taken entirely using my Iphone hehe. It was quite full and i was too self-conscious to whip out my camera so please excuse the less-than sharp photos. 
The antique feeling is strong in this place, but the first floor looks quite basic. If you're interested in a more ornate room, go to the second floor
You can see the antique dresser and kebaya as part of the decor
Hungry people and a tablet-addicted kid
Lots of interesting little details
I snapped pics of the menu so you'd know what to expect there and the prices as well :
Price-wise it's quite affordable. Not the cheapest in town by any means, but it's not that bad either
I... didn't get to take pictures of the food as they were attacked when they arrived (we left a bit to find some allergic meds for Little O), only this one :
I think it was the Nasi Bakar Tangkuban Perahu
You know when it comes to food, it's all boils down to taste. My family happens to have a very specific taste buds-and unfortunately Madam Tan Classic's cooking didn't agree with it. Everything tasted too sweet (then again i guess Central Java cooking tend to be very sweet) for us. Especially the Garang Assam that supposed to be spicy and sour-all we could taste was sweetness -___-. My son is a huge fan of fried rice (everywhere he goes, he'd ask for fried rice. Or mushroom soup *with rice OMG* in cafes), he can eat a huge portion of fried rice-but he did not finish his in Madam Tan. I didn't order anything since i was still full, but i had a taste of everybody's dishes and they all tasted very so so for me.

L's been there before and she dragged me to the second floor to see the decoration.
Second floor was completely empty. The antique decor, the not-so-bright lighting and the emptiness lent an eerie aura for the place. Like i said, it's more ornately decorated and it kinda reminds me of Hotel Tugu, Malang. 

Despite her boyish demeanor and thrill-seeking nature (she's the adrenaline junkie that i am not), L actually is a total coward when it comes to the supernatural. There was nothing there, but it was quite creepy la haha. And i couldn't help but tease her a bit *LOLOLOL*. It's not like i'm the bravest person on earth la (i'm quite a scaredy cat meself), but i'm definitely a lot braver when it comes to creepy things.
Mirror selfie. I kept on saying how we might see something else in the pic and she freaked out LOLOLOL
Then i creeped around behind the wooden gate, peeking out and making scary face *LOLOLOL*. Seriously, how can she be scared of my silly fringed face is a total mistery
LOL. I was probably tired (and sticky and smells like soy sauce) and became crazier
More mirror selfie
L insisted on taking this pic of us. If only we were dressed in antique looking clothes, this could be a very creepy pic...
I personally find the highlight of this restaurant to be the decors and the ambience. The food is not something we'd necessarily be going back for. I would definitely be recommending this place for tourists especially for those who are into culture/historical places-or even just ones that wants to have interesting pictures for their Instagram *LOL*. Don't expect anything spectacular about the cooking though.

I found this blog post with clearer, brighter pictures of the place and more photos of the actual food-it's in Bahasa tho. 

If you ask me if i'd go back here, i probably would-in daytime and bringing my camera then go to the second floor for some photo session *LOL*. I don't care much for the food honestly.

Have you ever been to Madam Tan? If not, are you interested to now?

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  1. lucu ya resto yang dekor2nya antik2 begini.. jadi ngingetin dapur babah sama lara djonggrang di jakarta....