An Open Letter to Pizza Hut Surabaya

3:38:00 PM

Hi Everyone, how are you doing today?

This is #Undecided and I have a little story to share with you. A rant to be exact, but don't worry it's a fun one, albeit being super wordy. You've been warned hehehe...

Anyway, we went to Galaxy Mall on Monday night. Hubby and I had been craving for pizza since I mentioned it  last Saturday so we decided to give Pizza Hut a visit.

I love Pizza Hut. For an Indonesian whom was first introduced to the taste of pizza by Pizza Hut (I remember it was their Super Supreme), I will always favor them compared to the so-called-real-pizza-from-5-stars-hotels. You know, the one with thin crust, old-school-oven-baked, severely-overpriced, and nowhere near filling as Pizza Hut's... You get my drill...

Yes, my love for Pizza Hut is so true *excuse the sentiment*, I would have withdrawal symptoms if I go through a certain period of time without having it. But lately I have this reservation (let me quote for better explanation: res·er·va·tion = 1. The act of reserving; a keeping back or withholding) about going to their joint. Yes, I avoid Pizza Hut's restos as much as I could.



Ugh, why Pizza Hut, why?!

Why do you have to make your waiters / waitresses act?! They are not some actors, they're hardly believable. Instead of conveying how friendly Pizza Hut's staffs are, they come across as FAKE and ANNOYING. And I cannot be the only one who thinks that because yesterday I decided to do a little observation and spotted one waitress being laughed and sneered at behind her back by a group of people sitting nearby right after she asked them if their pizza tasted okay.

See, Pizza Hut, it is NOT WORKING!!!

I also don't understand why your waitresses need to bend their knees whenever they approach our tables. WHY?! Do you really peg Indonesian as some group of people that have this constant need to be constantly respected?! Really?! Sheesh, NO!!

And don't even let me start on the fact that you ONLY make your waitresses (yes, the female servers) do that. Double standard much?! (No, I'm not a feminist - not even sure I fully understand what feminists do - but it's just wrong, don't you think?!)

I tried having a nice dinner with my hubby, tried having a serious discussion (about our dogs - yes, we discuss them seriously LOL), but we couldn't focus because every 5 minute different waiter/waitress would come and ask if our food was okay, if we need to order more drinks, informing us to call this (insert a name of another person) waitress if we need anything else, etc. etc.. Trust me, Pizza Hut, if the food wasn't good I would make sure that you know about it. Don't worry... And do you really think your guests would memorize which waitress they should call should they need something?!?!?! 



Pizza Hut used to be one of my favorite place to be. It no longer is. And it will continue to be so as long as you keep making your people act. I cannot repeat this enough: they don't come across genuine (maybe unless if you pay for acting lessons for each and every one of your employee), and I believe it's because your employees don't even believe in what they're being told to do. Some of them may hate it. But they don't have a choice, do they now?

...... *pause for breath*

At some point that night I couldn't even be bothered to look at the approaching waiter/waitress and answer them. Seriously, I would just ignore them. They were lucky that hubby is a much nicer person than yours truly *sigh*. 

But just my luck, they kept on coming no matter how hard I tried ignoring them and giving them my most annoyed look!!! FML *sigh* Hubby saw me getting more and more agitated and said, "it's not their fault, they're being told to do so". Oh don't get me wrong, hubby, you didn't marry a moron. I KNOW THAT. And I need to say this before you guys start sending us hate-mail hahahaha... I don't hate the people, I hate it that they're being told to do so. Big difference. But then again, I don't really have to explain myself because as I said earlier, I am sure I am not the only one who thinks so...


Disclaimer: I don't know if Pizza Hut restos in other cities also do the same service or not. So this is strictly for Pizza Hut restos in Surabaya. 

Anyway, I'm leaving you with a totally unrelated picture of my two dogs (Kalista and Inez) being civil with one another. A rare sighting.

Why don't I put a pizza photo, you might wonder? Well that's because we are not endorsed by Pizza Hut (well, duh!). They should. After all, I'm writing this one for their own benefit. They should listen to me, don't you think?

Comments? Thoughts?


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  1. hahaha pelayan2nya lebay yaaa :P

    1. Banget! Hahaha.. Next time you're in Jakarta would you mind checking if they do the same thing in their restos there? Pretty please? :)

  2. Sekarang masih lebih mending ce, walaupu masih mengganggu banget menurutku hahaha..
    Pas kapanan *taun lalu* kalo ga salah, malah ada yg pake acara teriak "pilihan yang tepat" (plus mengacung2kan tangan ala berubahnya power ranger) setiap kali kita milih pizza. seriously!!! sampe eneg liatnya hahaha.. baru kemaren habis makan di sana lagi, dan setuju sama mbaknya yg suka banget muncul tiap 5 menit sekali plus ngoceh2 ya ga je.. secara ya kalau kita kekurangan makanan atau minuman pasti pesan sendiri, ga perlu ditawar2in setiap 5 menit sekali >_<

    1. hahahaha iyah bener sekali!! I remember pertama kali aku denger salah satu mbaknya ngomong "pilihan yang tepat". I literally looked at her trus melongo hahahaha... Ah nice to know klo aku bener2 bukan satu2nya yang mikir gini! Thanks for reading, dear :)

  3. ZOMG They still do that?
    Okay first of all, this is another "that moment" that we both love pizza hut's pizza more than any 5 star pizza in the world.
    Second of all, I have read a lot of bitching about how pizza hut waiter/waitresses act annoyingly and yes I agree, it's annoying. I, however, understand that Pizza Hut is trying (too hard, maybe) to copy American diner style, you know when they ask you "How are we doing today?" in the beginning of service. However, ketika di-indo-kan terasa sangat aneh, khususnya di bagian "PILIHAN YANG TEPAT!" SUPER WTF.
    Well, the most shocking thing is... The last time I dined at Pizza hut was three years ago and I can't believe they're still doing the act NOW. OMIGOSH. Didn't anyone complain to the management?

    1. Aha! Apparently they do that too in another city! But yea, I get it too.. They want to amp their service, but there's something called too much. And what they're doing is WAY TOO MUCH. Hahahahaha.. Btw, 3 years ago?! Ga kangen Pizza Hut, May? Hahaha..