Europe Trip Diary : Day 1 (Surabaya to Jakarta)

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Hi guysss :D!

This is the part 1 of my Europe trip series, it's going to be a very long one, be prepared! LOL! If you've read my Bali trip series than you'd know i'm a very detail oriented person, i blog about my trips mainly for myself as a travel diary (and also for some friends who cannot wait to read about my adventure, like Rosemary!), i love writing them and i sure hope y'all love to read them as well! This first entry would contains nothing about Europe at all *LOL*, it took us a few days to finally arrive at Europe, lots of unexpected bumps too!

Day 1 of my trip starts from Surabaya, obviously. We took an evening flight to Jakarta (just me and hunny, my cousin L and her super annoying husband already flew there at dawn!) so i had a lot of time for last minute preparations and even took my time taking pictures of the (new) make up i'm wearing (for review purposes), but with so much prep time, didn't mean i didn't forget anything. As usual, i forgot something FML. Happens every single time. Will tell you more about the thing i forgot about later.

First, OOTD of course! Since i was only flying for a very short while and would arrive pretty late, i decided to wear old stuffs (by old i mean i've worn it once or twice before :P) only. Except for the bag and shoes (the shoes i bought especially for this trip).
Soft Knitted Grey Long Top : Magnolia, Ribbon Tights : random online shop, Lace Up Booties : Planet Surf
Blurry face, very ghost-movie worthy >.<
You can't see the ribbon part of the tight (it's supposed to look like your legs are wrapped and tied with ribbons) because it was concealed by my booties. I wore the tights again the next day LOLOL, because i wore it for not a very long time the first day lah! But the opposite happened the second day, of course i ended up wearing the tights for three days on a row, because we flew (including transits) for two days and toured straightaway, ! I took this picture the next day to show you what i meant.
Ribbons on my feet :p
I decided to wear the Japanese branded bag i bought in Sogo , of course it was never worn before so i had to cut off the plastic wraps and tags (that's a routine i do almost every time i go out, removing price tags *ROFL*). The bag was roomie, sturdy, light and neutral colored so i wouldn't feel like my bag doesn't match my outfit during my trip, ever! I LOVE this bag, it's just classy and versatile. Do you see the black shorts peeking under my top? i have problem with some tights and leggings because my thighs are huge and my tum (and butt)'s flat, most tights and leggings rolls down every time i sit so i almost always wear shorts to stop them from rolling.

I also kept the make up minimal, BB cream+concealer+powder, didn't even wear mascara or liquid eyeliner (and that's why.. the item i forgot to bring was the liquid eyeliner! *Sigh* Story of my life. I left my mascara on my Bali trip and had to buy a crappy new one, and now i left my eyeliner! I always left the essential items on my make up routine zzz). I do lined my waterline with my new Oriflame duo pencil liner (that i used in place for liquid eyeliner all through the trip in the end), wear my new Etude House blush on and Revlon lipstick (in case you haven't, check out the beauty stuffs i brought to Europe to see details!). Here's the FOTD  :
We left for the airport around 3 (always go to the airport early, i prefer to wait at the airport for hours rather than have to run like mad to the airport and then miss your flight! So far we've never missed our flight, fingers crossed we never would *don't jinx it!!*). My parents and Baby Boy sent us off, Baby Boy was being fussy and kept on asking me not to go, but fortunately he fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport so saying bye bye was easier a little bit..

The flight was at 5 something, so we were taking our time, first we went to Starbucks, with ANZ credit card you'd get a free drink and food at the airport, being the kiasus that we are of course we had to take it lah (but then we forgot to eat the sandwich, we left it in the fridge in Jakarta and obviously it fossilized after two weeks! Zzzz, i hate wasting food, if i knew we'd forget it i wouldn't take it in the first place. By the way later we just realized that i also have ANZ credit card LOL, but thankfully we didn't get more of the free stuffs because then we'd waste more!) and then walking leisurely to the lounge (that's located very far away from our gate).
Hunny munching away leisurely at the lounge :p
We had a late lunch and all until they called for our flight's passengers to board the plane. Weird thing is, after asking the passengers to board (which would take a while), not five minutes after there were a second announcement saying it's the final call for our flight, WTF???? We had to run like mad to the effing gate, and i HAD to pee (i need the toilet a lot, sometimes at every hour if i drink a little bit more than usual-that free Starbucks coffee!!!-i think it's hereditary because my mum has to go to the toilet like, every half an hour or something LOLOL!) so i ran to the toilet first lah, don't want to pee in my pants!!!

Managed to arrive at the gate on time, lots of other people still queuing so no problem lah! Still don't understand how come the final call came less than five minutes after the first call!

It was a short flight obviously (1 hour and 20 minutes), we took Air Asia, and since it's a bugdet airlines they offered no free refreshment obvi, outside food and drink, hunny jokingly took a bite out of his Starbucks sandwich while ducking his head inside his backpack -___-.
L and her husband+our little cousin J picked us up at the airport (when we were pushing our trolleys in the Jakarta airport,i told hunny i suddenly felt young and single again *LOL*, like the old times when we were still dating. I love my Baby Boy to death but it sure nice to feel less mummy-ish and being young and and free again for a little bit. Oh, holier-than-thou mommies are so going to crucify me now LOLOLOL) and we went to Grand Indonesia (mall) for dinner. It was a Saturday night and super crowded with teenagers and young adults mostly, we wander around trying to find a place to eat and finally we decided to have dinner at Marche.
I know i know, people keep on asking me to smile, whatever

I've never tried Marche in Jakarta although it's one of my favorite eating place in Singapore, in fact i celebrated my sweet 17th (in Indonesia 17th birthday's the most important birthday for a girl, not unlike sweet 16th in Western countries) at Marche in Singapore, unfortunately i cannot even remember the location of the Marche anymore *LOL*. L had never eaten at Marche so we decided to check it out, the atmosphere's almost exactly the same as Singapore's Marche (s), and the price is similar too (as in : EXPENSIVE!). LOL.
This is our not-so-little-anymore cousin, she's 17 i think (she's slightly younger than my eldest two nephews). I remember she used to tag along with us whenever we were in Jakarta or when she visited Surabaya (her family resides in Jakarta) and remembered how grown up she always was, we were able to talk to her like to our peers back then even though we were teens and she was just a little girl *LOL*.
That hasn't change, and now she's even more mature and i guess we embarrass her a bit, since L and i are.. well, young at hearts. I guess we'll never grow up. J is very skinny, L's annoying husband (who i used to call Eek-which literally means shit LOLOL, and i'm gonna continue using that moniker for him here!) kept on telling her there's nothing on her but skin and bones and fart. Of course then he proceeded to make stupid jokes about how she should eat more so she'd be big and round like me. Maybe you think i'm too sensitive, but i find that kind of jokes to be unfunny and very degrading. Especially made by a big, FAT ass**** to a girl half his size. I'm serious, you'll see a lot of pictures of him in this Europe series and you'll know i'm not lying.

One of two stupid jokes like that (which is very stupid, because his wife-pre pregnancy-has a similar measurements like me, she's bigger now because she just gave birth three months ago, so making fun of my size equals making fun of his own wife lah, idiot) i'll let it slide, make it 40-50 times within 2 weeks? You shouldn't really wonder why i kept on wondering what L sees in him. I mean... really... WHAT???? LOLOL. L did told me she clicked on this blog from time to time so, i kinda hope she wouldn't read this *LOL*, but if she does *shrug*, it shouldn't come as a surprise that i find his jokes to be a bad taste, i never made it a secret anyway.

So, if you do read this L, sorry! I don't (really) hate your husband (all that much) or whatever (anymore), i actually think i got to know him much better at this trip, but 50% of the time i do wish you'd marry someone who makes better jokes, and not to the expense of someone else's, especially not someone like me *who takes bad jokes badly* :).

Sorry for ramblings, back to J. I don't understand why she's so embarrassed by us continuously taking pictures and we had to keep on forcing her to take this picture.
Seriously, is their generation a bit more camera shy compared to ours? Because lots of people my age are such cam-whores. LOL. I suspect her agreeing to take this picture in the end was to shut us up because we were making a lot of noises calling her *LOL*.

I wasn't so hungry so i decided to have some grilled chicken.
The big hit that night, probably because it was one of the most reasonable-priced meal LOLOL
And L who constantly on a "diet" (but ate like a horse during our trip, and will eat anything you put in front of her anyway) had a soup.
I can't remember what kind of soup it was but she said it was quite good
Like i said, it was a super crowded Saturday night, the queue for ordering food was messy, hunny got scolded by stupid people who thought he was cutting the line when he actually was done ordering and was just retrieving the food (props for him for talking back to the person, i guess he was really annoyed! He's very patient and mild mannered, most of the time he'd just let this kind of stuffs slide, not this time  my friend!), my original order was out and we got informed long after they had swiped the card (we were each given a card to order and they'll scan the cards when you want to leave the place and you pay according to the data in the card), the watiers/servers were unfriendly and the queue to pay was like a queue to meet K-Pop stars (except we wouldn't be in that line, obviously). All and all, pretty bad experience and i doubt very much we'd be returning to Grand Indonesia's Marche, ever. LOL.

After dinner, we met up with J's parents to send J off, J's dad was like "Wow, you guys, so young already traveling to Europe, we're still working our asses off", and J's mum who was meeting up with her friend there told her friend "Those are all my nephews and nieces, they are going to Europe tomorrow" and then began whispering and gossiping about it *LOL*. I don't understand the big deal, i mean... not everybody loves to travel, L and i are crazy about traveling. Going to Europe is a dream for both of us, and personally, it was a goal i've set up a long time ago : Go to Europe before i turn 30.

When you have a dream and a goal you're gonna work extra hard on it, saving and all (we're nowhere near my sis' calibre, who could travel anywhere she want with a blink of an eye *LOL*, maybe someday.. who knows?). It is quite expensive to travel to Europe, but lots of our peers have done it too (backpacking, or on a  honeymoon), so maybe it's just generational gap? LOL. 

It was late when we're finished, almost all of the shops were closed already (i just starred longingly into Forever 21... and made a mental note to shop there after we got back!), so went went to my family's apartment (my mum collects houses and apartments LOLOL, what an expensive hobby) to stay for the night.

That was my day 1 on my Europe trip journal, i was originally planning to write day 2 in this entry, but well.. you know... got carried away *LOLOL*, day 2 would the next entry then!

Til then!

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  1. wah gua juga paling sebel ama orang yang joke nya suka nyerang fisik orang lain. tapi berdasarkan dari yang gua liat selama ini ya, biasa orang yang model gitu itu justru dia yang insecure sama dia sendiri. makanya dia nyerang orang lain dulu untuk menutupi kelemahan/perasaan insecure dia.

    1. i couldn't agree more :D! in this case he was teased mercilessly for being... well.. fat, by other members of the tour and he lashed out on me even more *LOL*, i cannot decided whether that's more annoying or pathetic... Thank you for your kind words, i feel better reading it :D

  2. senangnya jalan2..hehe...haulnya jangan lupa di pos'in...curious what you got!
    love the tiights with the ribbon on it, cute!!!!