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I haven't been inserting my mini movie reviews on my posts lately, #Undecided had been asking me if this and that movie was good, so i decided to write another mini movie reviews on a few movies i've watched lately. One of that movie i watched even before we went to Europe (Java Heat), i just never got the chance to write about it, so maybe some of the movies are no longer showing in the cinema (and some might never make it to the cinema at your place since we've been watching all kinds of movies, Indonesian movies included!) but if you're interested you can always download it in the internet if they became available later, right!

I've heard about this (i think it's an indie movie?) movie long ago because i followed Kellan Lutz on Twitter (i'm a Twihard, remember *LOL*), he kept on tweeting while he was shooting in Indonesia, i remember being very surprised and excited when i read them *LOL*. I also told #Undecided, who then said the titled kinda sounds like a porn movie *LOLOL*.

First of all, i was really proud that they were shooting in Indonesia and had  well-known Hollywood actors on it (other than Kellan Kutz, there also was Mickey Rourke who played the villain) as well as some Indonesian ones (Ario Bayu, Atiqah Hasiholan), plus i've had high expectation ever since The Raid exploded in the world movie scene, so i was naturally very excited when it's finally showing in the cinema.

The movie was about an American posing as a grad student in the middle of series of deadly terrorist bombing, the latest one supposedly killed Sultana, a princess from the exotic land of Java. The American FBI/Marine then team up with an Indonesian police to reveal what's going on behind all the facades. Behind all of the suicide bombers that believed they were fighting a holy war, there was this international jewel thief using them all to steal the royal treasures. 

The plot sounds promising, and Mickey Rourke usually also plays a very good villain in his other movies, but the movie itself... Personally i was underwhelmed by it. I think it has a ton of potential, but it was dragged too long that it became boring at some point, i was getting a bit sleepy watching it. Plus the acting was a bit flat, i think Kellan Lutz was not exactly believable as an angry, vengeance seeking marine. That's a shame because i am actually a fan of his (and the rest of Twilight casts..), i believe somehow he still cannot escape his character as Emmet in Twilight that any other role that requires him to be more serious seemed a bit too far fetched to be believable. But he sure looked cute *LOL*!
Kellan Lutz
I did find his acting to be a bit lacking, and i was surprised that all of the Indonesian actors totally out-acted him! Ario Bayu was believable in his role as a clean and straight Indonesian cop and Atiqah Hasiholan was simply exquisite, i am totally biased towards her though since i think she's totally one of Indonesia's best actress (not singer though *sigh*, i wished she never recorded that song with Eru... It's a few steps back in her great career as a credible actor!) in our generation, but for me she always looks like an exotic princess anyway so it was a role totally befitting her (oh, i was also surprised to see her boyfriend appared in this movie, but he was killed off pretty fast anyway haha).
Atiqah Hasiholan
The action sequences was pretty good actually-big and brave (Hollywood style), like i said it had tons of potential. It's the in-between action scenes (the drama parts) that was too dragged on and made it boring, also the plot-holes made it a bit ridiculous and disconnected in parts. A real shame, since if it was written better it could promote Indonesia more and make us better known to the movie world, as they had shot some beautiful scenes that shows the beauty of Java, it'd be better than The Raid that didn't actually portrayed Indonesia as being anything but messy and chaotic *LOL*.

I guess it also didn't help that there were two girls, who i am 100% sure are Kellan Lutz fans and watched it for no other reason but to ogle at him, who kept on chattering LOUDLY, from start to finish. Like, really conversing super loudly and casually as if they're sitting at home! WTF! Totally ruined it even further for me zzz.

Won't recommend you to watch it, unless you're curious, or a Kellan Lutz' fan (or want to see Kellan erhm... naked..), or want to see beautiful sceneries or Indonesian actress haha.

Iron Man 3
This one needs no introducing lah hor? Hahaha.. Who doesn't know Iron Man, and i don't think many people haven't watched this either. I feel kinda lazy reviewing this actually, i think the whole world had seen it! But since i'm highly OCD i cannot skip one movie lah hahaha.

Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man met a new enemy that knew no boundary, The Mandarin, and this time the enemy struck close to his heart, hurting people that he cared about, making it a personal war against him. At the same time, Tony himself went through a difficult phase after the crazy war with the aliens (referring to The Avenger movie), he found himself suffering for anxiety attacks at the smallest triggers. His own devices was also used against him by the enemy, making him had to rely on his inner self more than his tools to protect his loved ones. All the while seeking the answer to the question, does the suit that make the man or the man that make the suit?

As expected from super hero movies, this one's action-packed and full of epic battle scenes with crazy stunts. What makes Iron Man more special than the average super hero movie for me is definitely how funny it always was. Of course, that's also only possible because of the actor playing him, Robert Downey Jr's always perform perfectly, being his witty, crazy and eccentric self. 

I personally found this Iron Man latest installment to be the best out of all the Iron Man movies so far, it was the craziest plus it also had a lot of more heart than before. Making it easier to accept for a girl. Of course, i'm not as big of a fan as hunny, i think Iron Man's every guys' favorite super hero at the moment, every guys dream of being him haha. Hunny and #Undecided's husband even had a matching Iron Man special made t-shirts to honor their love for Tony Starks hahaha. 

You didn't see this coming, did you? LOL. I suddenly have the urge to write, and #Pink said I could just put in my comments here and there on her movie reviews LOL. Well, baby steps.

Anyway yes, hubby and #Pink's hunny are totally obsessed! Hubby refers to himself as Tony Stark and insists that I should be his "Pepper Pot". Yes, P.O.T. sans the "S" which annoys the sh*t out of his OCD-ridden-wife. FML.

Highly recommended movie to watch, very entertaining and exciting. But being a super hero-blockbuster, of course if you're a girl that's not a movie that's going to shake your world and makes you have a sleepless night. I can't say that about the boys though :p.

#Undecided says: Robert Downey Jr. gives me sleepless nights alright, #Pink. LOL. I am a big fan of his, and no not just because he's damn good looking, but also because he's such a good actor. And I also love how funny this movie is. Funny and heartfelt. LOVE it. 

I just realized while googling for its image that Hummingbird's being re-titled as Redemption? But in Indonesia they still titled it as Hummingbird so i'm just going to stick to it okay :p. This is one of those Jason Statham movie, so if you watched enough of his movie, you'd know what to expect, right? He's such a guy's guy, their macho hero *LOL*. I do find him to be one of the more attractive bald guys (i cannot stand Vin Diesel, i think he looks a bit dumb...) and i do learnt to enjoy his movies, thanks to hunny who always insist on watching every single one of his movies once they were released.

Hummingbird's about an ex-special forces soldier went beserk when the enemy slaughtered his men, he then went missing, running away from a military court martial. He actually became a homeless man, always high on drugs and trying to totally forget his past, until one day he accidentally got into another man's deserted apartment (the man was at another country for 6 months or so), so he assumed the other man's identity and began turning himself into his old self-strong and lethal, and he began navigating London's criminal underworld. He worked for a Chinese mafia, at the same time he became an avenging angel to those who hurt the homeless people he once reside with. At the same time he began to fall in love with a stiff, extremely cryptic nun that hides her real self behind the robe.

I do find this movie to be one of Jason Statham's better movies (i liked this better than Parker), it  has a pretty solid storyline and he also performed nicely. I hated the ending (not going to spoil it for you), and i find the girl that played his love interest to be extremely unattractive (it's a matter of taste, right... she's too skinny, scarily skinny, super pale and has too manly features for me...) but i liked the movie overall. It didn't bore me at all. It's a guy's movie, but girls wouldn't be too tortured watching it, i think :p.

I can't believe i'm saying this, but it was actually one of the most exciting movies i've watched lately. Dare i say, i enjoyed it more than Iron Man? Haha. It came off as a total surprise for me because i didn't love the first one, i thought it was so-so, plus i was never into the whole Star Trek (i even had a hard time distinguishing Star Trek from Star Wars hahaha) thingy, i found the old TV series to be unappealing in any way, but i LOVE Star Trek Into Darkness!

After the Enterprise crew was called home, they found themselves being attacked by by unstoppable terror within themselves. The world was at risk, and Captain Kirk have a personal score to settle with the "superman"-that was a one man destroyer machine. He was sent to hunt the deserter down and kill him at once, but Kirk later found out that the problem was bigger than meets the eye, and he can't trust the person he thought he should. Kirk found himself having to choose between his own life or the only family he still have, his crew.

Overseeing the whole space ship, Vulcan and other species of Aliens as their characters, there was a lot of heart in this movie. You might notice i use the world "heart" a lot when describing movies i like, that's because that's the main thing that's most important for me. The background and antics didn't matter, as long as a movie can make me connect and relate to it, sucked me into the story and made me root for the characters, that's when i can safely say i am totally SOLD!

The action scenes was epic and breath taking, you would be gripping to your seat seeing the heroes warred on the scene, the story's solid and laced with friendship, love, and family. I gotta say it's a wholesome movie that's going to satisfy most people (except the extra unimaginative ones, but they are not supposed to watch a movie like Star Trek in the first place), and for the girls... Eye candy alert!

Chris Pine was H.O.T in this movie! When i told #Undecided how hot he was in it, she was like "Isn't he always hot, bb?". No, i think he got hotter! The reason why was apparent when i googled for his picture.
Chris Pine
He grew bigger and handsomer! I think he was always cute in a pretty boy kind of way, but he is gruffier, manlier and sexier by a mile now! I compared his pictures from the first Star Trek (where he was pretty *LOL*) to this new one, and he is 100% hotter! Also i probably didn't see how hot he was in the last movie i've seen him in, This Means War, because my heart was stolen by super HOTTIE Tom Hardy hahaha. Not only Chris Pine is hot, he also acts really well in this movie, made womanizer with huge heart (deep down inside haha) Kirk came to life.

There were other eye candies in this movie like Karl Urban (i totally just typed Keith Urban hahahaha) and John Cho (that i still can't believe to be in his forties! He's hardly looks a day out of his thirties!), but one guy that captured my eye was actually the villain.
Benedict Cumberbatch
While Benedict's not the kind of guy i would normally find attractive, his role as a cold-hearted, almost dehumane (i totally just invented that word, i mean not very human hahaha) Khan stole the movie, and he looked real sexy doing it. 

When he first appeared on the screen i elbowed hunny and was like "Sherlock!!!", hunny was confused and it took a while for him to realize, yes that's the guy who plays Sherlock Holmes at the TV series (that we LOVE!)! His hair was sleek and he looked polished and sexy, unlike his crazy curls in the TV series *LOL*, he was almost unrecognizeable i think! Plus he totally buffed up like crazy for this role, he was super skinny in Sherlock!

So girls, if i cannot convince you to go watch this movie because it's awesome, then go watch it for Chris and Benedict! Drool!

Cinta Brontosaurus
This one's for my Indonesian reader lah because the movie's in Indonesian, and i dunno if they'd ever come up with the English sub-titles one. Raditya Dika is one of Indonesia's young comic/writer on the rise, this movie's based on his book (with the same title). He wrote the screenplay and even plays himself in his movies. His books are written in a personal essay/diary type, so his movies were also based on his real life. This is his second movie after Kambing Jantan (that was about his life when he was studying in Australia).

It's about Raditya Dika, just broke up with his latest girlfriend (he was always dumped, for countless numbers of time) and was frustrated with love. He came up with a theory, that love has an expiration date. His agent slash best friend Kosasih, tried to help him believe in love again, and introduced him to a few (super weird) female friends of his. Dika then accidentally met a weird girl, as weird as he is, and began falling in love with her, at the same time a movie producer approached him and showed interests in making his book into a movie. Along the way, he and the new girl began fighting, and again he was presented with the question, does love really come with an expiration date? On a love turmoil, he also found out the producer was trying to turn his script into a horror movie!

I strongly recommend Indonesian to watch this movie, because it's HI LA RI OUS!  Seriously, this guy is nuts, he can turn every sentence into a ridiculous and silly joke. Even his face and facial expression itself also extremely stupid and funny! The casts was stellar, nobody acted as if they're in a sinetron, very natural and hilarious. I especially love the little boy that played his little brother. Indonesian movies/sinetron tend to cast horrible child actors, who either over acts disgustingly or read the lines like reading a book, but this little boy was a natural! 

This is one of the best Indonesian comedy movie in a while, if you're Indonesian you should know that good movies here come rarely and far in between, our industry's way too fixated with pornish horror comedy WTF. Catch this movie if you're Indonesian or understand Indonesian! You'd be super entertained! Support Indonesian movie industry :).

ANOTHER EPIC ONE!!! I saved my favorite for last! Okay, not really, i actually list them according to the sequence on when i watched them, but it really was my fave! So, i was probably biased *again* ever since i heard that our very own Joe Taslim was in this movie! It was cray cray, every Indonesian went beserk *LOL, sorry, i'm a drama queen after all* to have our national actor in a blockbuster Hollywood movie! It's a dream comes true! Like Iron Man, i don't think Fast & Furious needs any introduction, right?

#Undecided again here! Just like #Pink, I was pretty excited about this movie because of Joe Taslim. And not being a movie buff, I (am embarrassed to) confess that going into the movie, I was excitedly paying attention, looking for a familiar Indonesian face, to no avail. Then I googled him, yes in the middle of the movie LOL. And was totally surprised that Joe Taslim is a Chinese Indonesian!! I'm NOT racist, mind you, I'm just sharing, okay? Don't start sending me hate-mails because I could care less if he's just Indonesian. I'm just super proud of him!! 

Hobbs (The Rock! I super LOVE The Rock!) asked Dom (Vin Diesel) to reassemble his team to take down a group of mercenary drivers organization that were lethal and was stealing important components that if assembled is going to potentially destroy the world, the same organization in which the second in command was Letty, Dom's love of his life that everybody thought was perished years ago in a mission. The 12 drivers mercenary was strangely similar in terms of personnel with Dom's own group, that was more of a family than a crew. They went chasing the mercenaries through 12 countries with one target, getting Letty back so they can finally return home as a family again (they asked for a full pardon for all of them as a condition to join forces with Hobbs to take the mercenaries down).

It's a pure, full blown action movie at its best. I've always loved Fast & Furious, i think the movies were fun, cool, exciting and extremely entertaining, but this latest one in by far my absolute favorite. Of course, it's no longer purely about theft and car races anymore, it's now leaning more into a super hero category movie haha, but that's what excited me the most. Be warned, if you're looking for a complicated and deep storyline, it isn't there *LOL*, go watch a drama/history movie instead. This movie is perfect for those looking for a thrilling, mind blowing actions-car chasings and fighting scenes. Not a minute was left empty. It was also funny with jokes scattered in it.

#Undecided says: exactly... Fast and Furious is... well... an action movie... LOL. The storyline is well, for lack of a better word: simple. Hahahaha... Maybe not simple, it's just super predictable, like you can so see things coming. One thing I LOVE about its storyline is how they keep bringing back the supposedly dead characters. LOL.

I know the Fast & Furious franchise almost died sometime in the second movie, but its producer's super genius and knew what to do to resurrect the almost comatose franchise (okay, i just googled and apparently Justin Lin's the genius behind it! He began directing since Tokyo Drift and it just got better and better!)! It's not often i root for a franchise like this to keep on going, but i don't want Fast & Furious to end anytime soon! My only objection's because one of my fave character, Han, is dead (this is not a spoiler, he didn't even die in the movie, he died in Tokyo Drift, you know Fast & Furious actually backtrack and flash backed since the fourth movie, right?), played by Sung Kang and is the ultimate eye candy for me in the franchise (because Vin Diesel is far from handsome and Paul Walker's not my cup of tea, by a mile...). Can't they resurrected him like they did to Letty? *sigh*

#Undecided says: yes yes, and I'm rooting for them to bring back *spoiler alert, avert your eyes, you've been warned...............................................* Gisele!! LOL. 

Other than Sung Kang, the yummilicious guys that caught my eyes in the movie was the villains! Of course, Joe Taslim was one, i am insanely proud of him! I was a bit worried if he could keep up with the Hollywood actors (the movie was packed with stars!), but he totally kept his own! Kicked ass, super fast and fiesty! His acting was good and not embarrassing, and his English was also almost flawless! Go Joe Taslim, go!
Joe Taslim
#Undecided says: totally #Pink, I was so worried about his English LOL. But I must say that he didn't disappoint!! *huge sigh of relieve* 

I think he was one of the villain with the most screen time, for sure! I'm sure Hollywood will keep on knocking on his door, judging from his performance! Gyaaa!!! 

Other than Joe Taslim, there's also the head villain, played by intensely handsome Luke Evans.
I've always had a crush on Luke Evans ever since i saw him in Clash Of The Titans and Three Musketeers, he's just so hot! Of course, i heard he's gay, but which hot guys isn't nowadays *bitter*. Handsome with a to-die-for bod? Gay for sure *LOL*. Us girls never stood a chance *LOLOLOL*.

In short, think Fast & Furious 6 is a must watch (in fact, i'm planning on watching it for the second time with #Undecided and her hunny...), it's the kind of movie that would make you walk out of the movie in awe (and the ending... no spoiler for you, but i think you'd be as surprised as me), it was just exciting and awesome! Oh, i also think it has the best storyline so far, more relatable and likeable than the usual car-racer thieves win big :).  

#Undecided says: he's gay!?!? For reals?! *sigh*
First Matt Bomer and now him too? Oh well... He can be my imaginary gay boyfriend any day :D

Well that was the plan (me and #Pink re-watching the movie), but hubby couldn't wait for another week to go and see the movie (#Pink went to the mountain last weekend and hubby will go on a business trip tomorrow) so we did last Saturday. To be perfectly frank, I wasn't as into it as #Pink was. Sure it's an action packed movie, but I dozed off here and there during the romantic scenes (seriously Vin Diesel and romantic stuff - they are not the best of buds LOL). It could also be the late hour - as we caught the latest show which started around 11pm - though...

All in all I was entertained. And will I see the 7th installment? Well, knowing hubby, I wouldn't have a choice but to go. Next time we'll make sure we go together, okay #Pink?!

That's all for now! Hope y'all enjoyed my reviews and are now tempted to watch some of them! Toodles!

................and #Undecided *wink*

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  1. ya kalo udah nonton sampe yang ke-6 ya tanggung kudu nonton yang ke-7 sekalian. udah yang terakhir kan itu. :D

    1. Oh terakhir ya yg k7? Baru tau loh hahaha

  2. Okay, but where did you find that picture of Benedict? He looks so amazingly unbelievably gorgeous in this pic I just cannot stand it!

    1. Hahaha, just some random one i found from Google. He WAS kinda gorgeous in that movie though!