Eye Stories 18 : Beauty Creations Tease Me Eyeshadow Palette

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I'm keeping my promise to be more productive, am i not!

Okay, so y'all know i don't review eyeshadow a lot for two reasons, one i find reviewing eyeshadow especially eyeshadow palettes are such a hassle (i honestly don't really like swatching, it stresses me out but now i think i am better at managing the stress somehow hahaha) and two, i am not much of an expert when it comes to eyeshadows. To be honest, up to last year or so i very rarely wear more than one or two eyeshadow colors every time because i like playing with my blush and lippies more - this has gradually changed since i became closer and closer to Olin and she infected me with her craziness hahaha >.< (okay fine, we infect each other). Now i don't feel complete when i am not using at least 5 shades WTH...

BUT, there are palettes that despite all those factors that makes me prefer to avoid reviewing them, still makes me itch to dab my finger into the world of palette reviewing hahaha. One is certainly this one i am about to share with you today.
Beauty Creations Tease Me eyeshadow palette
This palette was such a hit in the beginning of the year in Indonesia, i think every makeup loving girl and their mom has this. I got mine from Iva Beaute because they were very kindly sponsoring Surabaya's Beauty Blogger's soiree, and one of the amazing product inside the very generous goodie bag was this eyeshadow. Ever since then, i think hundreds of Indonesian bloggers has reviewed this palette as this palette is pretty much the affordable palette of the year (LOL, a bit of a exaggeration but i truly feel this way!) so once again, i'm very far behind the bandwagon but well... We all know i don't care about trends or getting reviews of the latest products FTL (except when i am sponsored because, y'kno... Obligations) but when something is this good, i feel that i still need to share the love - 500 years too late and all hahaha.

So about Beauty Creations itself, i didn't know much about them actually except that they are a very affordable, high quality cosmetic brand from the US. Looking at their website, it seems like they are still a sort of indie brand and they are only available online? Do correct me if i am wrong but i don't think they have any physical store yet - or at least i can't find any information on them online. 

Iva Beaute (and now a lot of other local online shop) carries quite a big collection of Beauty Creations products but the most attractive ones (at least for me) are their eyeshadow palettes - and they have so many variants too! 

Ofc for today we're gonna focus on Tease Me
Beauty Creations Tease Me eyeshadow palette - IDR 130,000 at Iva Beaute (they often have sale too so keep your eyes on that haha)
Packaging wise, Tease Me comes in a pretty sturdy cardboard type of palette with an outer sleeve. It is dominated with pink and black color.
The pan size is pretty large but not too bulky, it has a generous sized mirror (always a plus) and comes with 18 shades
Tease Me comes with 9 matte shades, 3 shimmers and 6 beautiful, glorious glitter
With one glance one can say that it's a very warm toned palette, and isn't it everybody's favorite? Well, it is mine now - i do love colorful eyeshadows but when it comes to wearability, i do reach for warm toned eyeshadows most of the time. Lots of the shades are red toned, but there also enough browns for you to create everyday, basic eye looks. 

Let's see the swatches :
L-R : Lies, Blissfull, Pleasure, Kiss Me, Innocent, Fire
L-R : Sexy, Orgasm, Tempting, Charming, Nudes, Seduce Me
L-R : Please Me, Peaches, Classy, Dare Me, Lust, Desire
Every single shade in this palette is very pigmented (except for Lies but i don't think it's supposed to be pigmented as it is an all over base color type), one touch is enough to pick up a lot of color. Although they are pigmented, they are easy to blend to - which is fantastic as some pigmented eyeshadows can be a total B to blend (now this is a total no no!) and they are quite soft and creamy (not to a point where they are crumbly tho) but they do have quite a bit of a fall out, but that's not a big deal for me. The fallouts mostly stay in the pan and not all over my face anyway.

The matte colors are all nice and easy to use, but like i said earlier, the star of the palette are the glitters (but as a whole palette it is very well balanced and wearable). All of the glitter colors are soft and they also don't feel gritty either. My advise is to pack them on using your finger as pressed glitters are not meant to be worn using brushes, they won't ever be packed with brushes! You also gotta be the most careful with Lust, it is the prettiest glitter shade IMO but also the most crumbly as the the glitter is chunkier than the other glitter shades, tap lightly as the glitter is very soft and easy to be picked anyway - if you're too rough it will crumble and you might end up with a big hole in your pan!

I have been using this palette pretty much nonstop (to a point where some shades are showing some damages and the sleeve is all dirty) as the colors are super pretty and easy to wear, if you scroll through my Instagram you'd see at some point all of my eye makeups were done using this palette hahaha.
The typical basic eye makeup i do all the time with Tease Me
Easy breezy and wearable
I meannnn... Look at the shimmer and glow! And how air brushed the matte shades looks although i definitely didn't use any filter or edit the photo
I was very intimidated with Please Me and Tempting as i never imagined putting red glitters on my eyes, but i decided to try it out and was pleasantly surprised that i liked the vampy result.
Wearing the reddish shades from the palette
All in all, do i think this palette deserves all the hype? 100% yes!!! I mean.... With IDR 130,000 (that is less than USD 10) you get 18 shades of pigmented shades with easy to blend mattes and blinding glitters? OMG yes please, take my money!

I would totally recommend this palette for everybody! LOL. Anyone who are into makeup and doesn't want to spend a lot of money but expect a high quality palette, go grab this! I would also honestly spend my own money on it, and having a taste of this palette makes me want to go and buy all of their other palettes! I would do so but i am waiting for discounts and also looking for some time when i clear out most of my obligations (read : sponsored posts) hahaha.

If you're interested in this palette, i would highly recommend getting it from Iva Beaute, i am not sponsored by them or anything, but i personally purchase a LOT of makeups from Iva and always been satisfied by their services (oh except when i ordered via Shopee, made a payment and then got a message that the product i want is out of stock. That's a bit annoying, i wish their stock is more updated in real time!) and especially by their prices! One of the best prices for local online shop for sure ^^.

That's all for today, question for the day is : do you already have this palette? And if not, have i managed to make you want one?


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