Review : VOV Mineral Illuminated Cushion and Blusher (SPONSORED)

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Hi guys!

I am finally reappearing here >.<, i thought i would be blogging more often once i return to Indonesia but alas.. I was bombarded by events literally right after i got back. Worry not, i have a very interesting product(s) review for you today, courtesy of VOV Indonesia and Clozette Indonesia ^^!
I am reviewing VOV Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion and Mineral Illuminated Shimmer Blusher this time round 
So last month, right before my trip to South Korea (i actually pushed my flight to Jakarta to the latter flight because i couldn't bear to miss two fun events that day, it pained me that i had to skip another two events the next day, all from under the same mother company!) i attended VOV Indonesia's mini event at their counter in SOGO Pakuwon Mall to view and pick out products from their latest Mineral Illuminated line to review.

If you are a fan of Korean beauty and makeups, then i'm sure you must already be familiar with this brand. I personally think that VOV has a LOT of fun, attractive products with affordable price tags, but i admit that i have not tried too many of their products before so i was beyond excited to get the chance to try these Mineral Illuminated products. Honestly i yelped when i saw the invitation because i had already lusted over the Mineral Illuminated Shimmer Blusher whenever i passed by their counters-i thought that they're one of the most beautiful makeup i have ever set my eyes on!
At VOV counter in SOGO Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya
Their lip products are all super tempting too T.T, oh they were having 50% off sale that day and the products become even more affordable! Pay attention to VOV counters since they often hold huge sales, that'd be the wisest time to grab their products, ofc! 
Although i already knew that i want that shimmer blusher, i did feel a pang of sadness *cue dramatic back song* that i didn't chose one of those beautiful eyeshadow quads!
Another super tempting product from them : this uber kawaii Show Case Ball on Cheek, so CUTE that lots of my blogger friends couldn't resist the temptation to purchase some :))
Thank you Olin for taking these awesome photos of the event ^^
Well, enough about the event... Let's jump right into the review, shall we!
As you can see, the packaging for the Mineral Illuminated Line is dominated with nude peachy shades and metallic lining
First up : the Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion.
VOV Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion
Comes in the aforementioned unicarton
Since i am pale as a ghost, i got the shade 21 Light Beige. Unfortunately, i got a bit tanned after my trip so at the moment, the shade is actually a tad too bright for my skin tone, but it'll be a great match again soon because i am rapidly losing skin pigments by the hourly basis :))
The sides and back of the boxes are silver, highly reflective and super hard to photograph so i hope you at least appreciate my attempt >.<
Ingredient list
The cushion is shaped like the usual cushion compact, i LOVE the design that matches the box

I was never too crazy about rose gold before, but looking at this beauty... I start to understand the craze haha
The cushion is sealed to ensure the newness and hygiene, ofc
This is what makes this cushion totally different than other cushion, how they dispense the product! Instead of a soaked sponge, the product's actually placed inside the metal cover and can be dispensed by pressing the sides of the pact. So this is why they call it metal cushion!
Actually it would dispense in a beautiful, snowflake like pattern, i snapped this pic in a hurry and it looks so messy and weird because the cushion was brand new and it needed a few pushes to get product flowing, which is totally normal for newly opened products. i LOVE the design as it makes it so much more hygienic than normal cushions!
Before and After VOV Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion (shade 21 Light Beige), as i already mentioned earlier, the shade is currently a little too light for my skin tone so please don't protest!
The consistency of the Metal Cushion is a little thick so blending takes a little bit of time for me to do-but it is blendable ofc. It has a pretty refreshing scent, i personally don't find it disturbing or anything, but the scent is pretty prominent. I am honestly not the biggest fan of cushion products and the reason for that is because some cushion has too much moisturizing ingredients that are not very friendly to my skin (a very popular brand's cushion actually makes my skin feel a bit itchy and gives me crazy amount of white heads because it's just too moisturizing for me!), but VOV Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion actually feels quite comfortable for me. No itching, not extra white heads and it actually looks better on me as i wear it, at the end of the day (i wore it for up to 8 hours) my makeup still looks great (if a bit oily, but that's just my own skin doing).

Even though the consistency is thick and they claim to have a high coverage, i personally think that it actually has a light to medium consistency. When i apply one thin layer, it just gives a brightening effect with almost no coverage, a second layer does give me coverage (as you can see from the After photo) and it helps minimizing redness on my skin. And although it is quite thick, it doesn't reflect on how it feels on the skin and i have no problem wearing it for long hours. The finish is a bit dewy, as i like matte complexion-i do always set it with powder.

The best thing about this metal cushion for me (beside the awesome packaging) is how it has long staying power and it makes my skin glows from the inside as time goes by (my makeup looks much better 3 hours in compared to when it's freshly applied) and i think it's pretty awesome to wear on a daily basis (as it's comfortable and is kind to my skin) but if you're looking for a cushion with very high coverage, i would say this is not it.

Next, is the product that i feel in love with at the very first glance :
VOV Mineral Illuminated Shimmer Blusher in shade 01 Blending Coral
I think it's safe to say that most of you KNOWS that i am currenty OBSESSED with highlighter and intense glows, i like my base products to be matte and my highlights to be blinding. I am crazily attracted to anything that glitters and glows, and i am also i LOVE with ombre stuffs so... Its easy to see how i would fall madly in love with this beautiful baby at the very first glance.

I apologize for the quality of this photo, but it's the best i can do with the nature of the silver packaging >.<
Unlike the cushion, the blusher's packaging cover is totally rose gold and it was also very hard to photograph >.<
It comes with a small, curved brush that actually very nice! This is super rare because most brushes that comes with the product's usually quite crap, but this brush is very soft, is the perfect size for applying the product and suprisingly works best with the blusher compared to my other blush brushes
There's a plastic cover to protect your blusher from the brush 
It's BEAUTIFUL. You understand? BEAUTIFUL! Granted, i was a bit sad with the fact that the intense gold shimmer is an overspray, but the product itself it actually still super shimmery and beautiful so... it's forgiven for not looking like this anymore after the first use >.< (it looks pinker and darker now)
How it looks on my pale skin. It has a peachy shade with strong gold shimmer that is oh-so-gorgeous. As i have a pink undertone, not all gold shimmer looks the best on me but this shimmer blusher is still highly wearable for pale ladies like me. In this photo, i am wearing the blusher on its own without any extra highlight, i did add more of the gold side of the blush on my cheekbones. I believe this shade would look gorgeous on ladies with deeper skin tones too. Btw, my skin currently is not in the best condition, i have very tiny bumps on my cheeks and jaw area (i get this condition probably once a year, when the weather's extra hot and i go to places with extreme temperature changes, i desperately need a facial to rectify this!) so sorry for not taking a close up pic of the cheek area only as it frustrates me so bad to see the bumps. The glowiness of the blushes does emphasize skin textures and bumps, so if you have a lot of acnes, i would say that this type of highly shimmery blushers are not the best for you
Wearing both VOV Mineral Perfection Metal Cushion and Mineral Illuminated Shimmer Blush
This shimmer blusher is very soft and you need to build the color up if you like intense blush like me, it's actually a good thing when it comes to blushers since it can be very easy to be overdone with them, but with this it'd be pretty hard to do even if you are heavy handed with your blushers.

The shade is just beautiful and i knew right away that i didn't make a mistake choosing this shade even though i normally gravitate towards pink (i am putting the other shade on my wish list now!), it's such a wearable, fresh shade!

I don't normally wear shimmery blushers, but now i am falling in love with them >.<. If you like a soft glow, you don't even need to wear highlighter anymore when wearing this blusher-i personally would add a bit more highlight simply because i love intense highlight and all. The only drawback for me is the fact that shimmer intensifies rough skin texture, but once my skin returns to normal, you can bet that i will be wearing this blusher on a daily basis!

In short, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL product and i highly recommend this if you like/want to try glowy, shimmery blusher.
Also wearing both products, taken during daylight under natural sun light
Thank you VOV Indonesia and Clozette Indonesia for the chance to try out these awesome products!


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