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Hi folks!

It finally happened >.<! I skipped a month without my monthly movies review *sigh*. I tried so hard not to let that happen but i just didn't have time to do it last month T.T... I mean, i even brought my MacBook to my trip to South Korea in the hope of stealing sometime to write it, but i had deadlines and priorities (a.k.a the boring sponsored posts) that i just got to finish first so...

I have two months' worth of reviews now T.T.

Thankfully we only watched 3 movies in September... But we did watch 8 on August :)))).

So let's just get started!

I love fantasy movies, i also love futuristic movies so when i saw Valerian's trailer (and the dreamy, androgyny looking creatures with natural highlights, star shaped pupils are just up my alley!) i was really interested to watch it. After watching it... I wouldn't say that i am disappointed as the movie itself is not TOO bad, but it's also not as special as i hoped it would be. I also really don't like Cara Delevingne's acting OMG. If i disliked her as The Enchantress, i hate her as Laureline, i personally think she made the movie a lot worse than it should be. Cara's fans, make note that i have nothing against her or whatever, i just can't stand her acting....

So the movie takes place in the 28th century, Valerian and Laureline are supposedly a team of special operatives that works to maintain order in human territories (coz in the 28th century apparently all kinds of different species from all kinds of planets are connected)-but really... They look and act like a pair of brats and they don't seem to possess any kind of ability that special operatives should >.<. One day before embarking on a mission to the city of Alpha (where there is the biggest "market" in the whole universe is located, where you can buy anything and everything from millions of different alien stores), Valerian has a dream/vision of a low tech, humanoid creatures. It's actually a cue for them to unveil a very dark secret someone on the top authority keeps and stop him before he jeopardize the future of the universe.

Like i said, i didn't hate the movie. I think the idea is wondeful, the GCI super fun and the storyline, although very shallow and quite cliche-not too bad. I just don't like the main characters and the two leads' acting >.<. Rihanna totally stole the show for me in the form of the cheeky blue alien... If you love fun science fiction movies with no brain, i would recommend this movie. Just don't expect too much, you'd enjoy it enough :p. 

2. Overdrive
I have 2 words to describe this movie : FF wannabe. It's a wannabe, so the quality is also not as good as the original, geddit? I feel quite bad saying this, as i like Scott Eastwood quite a lot but really... If i can be frank, that's what it is. I didn't even plan to watch it, but some of my friends said that it's pretty good and reminds them of FF so we decided to check it out anyway. If you're expecting something in FF's calibre, you'd be sorely disappointed tho...

Two car thieves slash brother (and one fiance) stole doesn't realize that they stole from a local crime boss before it's too late. In exchange for their lives, the brothers now work for the crime boss to steal his rival's most prized car. OFC, as totally expected, they all try to outsmart and deceive each other.

Again, it's not super bad or anything, we did quite enjoy it but left the cinema feeling quite "meh" hahaha. Fast and Furious it might aspire to be, Fast and Furious it is not. Watch it just if you have some extra time to spend and there's nothing more interesting playing.

Wow, the rates and critics for this movie are HARSH *LOL*. I am shocked to see the super, incredibly low rate it receives. Granted, it's not a wonderful movie or anything, i was hoping it'd be like Inside Out, it's far from it-but i personally actually enjoyed the movie and i think it's quite fun. Maybe because i relate to Meh so much *LOL*. 

I think the title is actually quite self-explanatory? It's a movie about Emojis from your phone! They are living in Textopolis, they all serve one purpose : to embody the emoji they are representing in everything in their lives for the hope of getting picked by the phone's user. Except Gene, who is supposed to be "Meh" but actually has multiple personalities that he tried super hard to surpress-to no avail. He fails miserably on his very first day at work and is almost being deleted by the leader (the evil Smiley emoji *LOL*), his only chance of survival is to be "normal" by finding the code breaker , Jailbreak to find a code to fix Gene.

Seriously, maybe i have a very very shallow and low taste sometimes, but i really quite like the movie! I think it's quite funny and entertaining! Now i am a bit afraid to recommend this because of the super bad reviews it got, but if i am being honest... I prefer to watch this movie over the first 2 i've reviewed *LOL*.

Now this oneeee.... I naturally got super excited for! I mean, i was super disappointed in the first Annabelle movie and i thought it was a total joke, but the trailer of this second movie is quite promising and it didn't disappoint!!! 

A dollmaker and his wife lost their little girl on a tragic accident-fast forward 12 years later they open up their house to several girls from a shuttered orphanage. One night sneaks into a forbidden room and find the Annabelle doll (which is clearly possessed) and scary things starts happening. 

I would say that Annabelle : Creation follows the classic horror formula, and it works. It's creepy with enough jump-scared to keep me on edge. I honestly don't remember THAT much of the storyline so it's not like it's as good as The Conjuring or Insidious (which are my two fave horror franchises), but i enjoyed it a lot and i think it's good! Not a big fan of the ending or whatever (but it does make sense and connect the dots to the first movie), but it's still a solid horror movie.

I've never been a fan of Cars, and it took its sweet time to show in Indonesia so i totally planned to dismiss it-not so easy when you have a 10 year old boy tho. Turned out that Little O wanted to watch it so ofc we had to go and watch it -___-. It's not as bad as the second movie (which i found super boring), it's not something that i would willingly go watch still, but at least i wasn't bored out of my wits...

Like humans, Lighting McQueen is aging. He is no longer in his prime and technology gets the best of him. His classic speed is now considered slow and old fashioned compared to the new generation of blazing fast racers, sadly he is now being ridiculed as a has-been and getting forced to retire. Not ready to give up yet, he tries to train like the new, young stars and with the help of an eager young race tech, he is determined to show the world that the veteran's not done yet.

Well, like i said... Not bad. It's more... i dunno, relatable and human somehow *LOL*. As someone who's also aging (i am not that old, but compared to young blood, i think i am ancient *LOL*, and i sometimes feel this way in the blogger/influencer world...), i love how this movie inspire us to not give up, to find more meaning in life, to aspire to do more, to be more and no matter how old you get, you should not let anyone tells you that you're done, until you decide so yourself.

I dunno if i mentioned this before, but i have a thing for Ryan Retnolds-and that actually confuses #Undecided because according to her Ryan Reynolds is so... Vanilla and my taste in guys are usually anything but vanilla. But i guess a funny guy with a cute face and a hot bod is the right kind of vanilla for me *LOL* and i rarely want to miss his movies. Plus, he is paired with Samuel L. Jackson so i figured they should entertain. We certainly was entertained, indeed. 

So Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) is a former triple-A executive protection agent whose entire career was totally blown by an epic failure to deliver a Japanese client successfully, he found himself as a second class bodyguard two years on, still super bitter and partly blames his ex girlfriend (who's an interpol) for jacking up the delivery. He would do anything to prove himself once again so when he gets the task to escort a crazy, international assassin, Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson), he decided to accept (albeit begrudgingly)-a task that seems to be simple but turn out to be a total madness due to the fact that Kincaid is the only witness with guts and evidence to testify against a Belarusian dictator.

As expected, it's quite chaotic and hilarious. I won't call it movie of the year or anything, i barely remember much from the actual movie, but i remember being entertained (laughed like crazy at lots of parts)-and sometimes... That's all i'm asking for from a movie.

This is a movie based on someone's life which makes you think that real life can sometimes be crazier than movies. Ofc, they did over dramatized most things for the movie, but knowing the core is based on a real person is enough to get baffled. And i was also sorely disappointed when they showed photos of the real Barry Seal in the end because i was expecting him to look at least 10% like Tom Cruise... Ofc he didn't *LOL*.

Barry Seal was actually just a normal, very ordinary pilot with very ordinary life working for TWA before he was recruited by the CIA in 1978. Before long, he is double recruited by the Medellin Cartel (well, even i heard of Pablo Escobar even though i don't really know his history) so now he is working both ways, smuggling money in to bribe authorities in South America for informations and evidence to bring back to CIA, and smuggling drugs from South America *LOL*. In the end, almost accidentally, Barry became a drug trafficer, gun smuggler and money launderer.

Like  i said, his life is crazy and dramatic. I wonder if at some point of his life he stopped and think "What the hell did i get myself into?". Tom Cruise made Barry so charismatic and i ended up rooting for him (even though i'm pretty sure i shouldn't). Another entertaining, fast paced movie that is worth your time!

Geez it took forever for Amityville the Awakening to finally show in Indonesia, i was waiting forever for it... Usually horror movies would play pretty fast here, but i guess they were not expecting it to do well or something, hence the delay. I didn't have the highest expectations for this movie tho, i'm not sure if it's gonna be very good or very bad-just like i cannot be sure if i think Bella Thorne is pretty of freaky >.<. Anyway, i actually quite like this movie! (Edit : i googled around a bit and found it that the movie is being pushed back for years by the publishers and not just in Indonesia *LOL*. I guess even the producers have little faith in their own movie?)

Belle, a teenage girl with a penchant for goth style, move into a new house in a much smaller city than they used to with her mum, little sister and comatose twin brother. Belle didn't realize at first that their new home is THE Amityville house and soon, things starts to get really wrong-including her brother's miraculous recovery that should be a good thing, but it just doesn't feel right.

It's not the perfect horror movie or anything, but since i have a pretty low expectations for it... I was totally pleasantly surprised at how creepy it is-one of the creepiest thing about the movie is not paranormal tho, i was totally disturbed by how much the mother hates Belle, she seems to be on the verge of insanity and it's just uncomfortable. The twin brother's totally creepy too >.<. If you have a low expectations for this movie too (think of it like this, it's pretty much a B grade movie and you should not have an A grade expectations in the first place), i would say you should give it a try because it is good enough for a bit of your time! I still don't like Bella Thorne tho, i read someone commented she looks like a less pretty Jeffree Star and i agree :)).

I didn't think i would like this movie at all, but i ended up liking it a lot more than i thought i would! And with that, i also grow to like Ansel Elgort more (i did like him in the Fault of Our Stars and hated him in Divergent movies).

Baby is a very young, very talented get away driver with problems with his hearing that he try to overcome by listening to the music on his headphone pretty much 24/7 and has special tracks for whenever he is getaway driving. Baby didn't get into this life by choice, he made some mistake to a crime boss and now being the getaway driver to his jobs is his way of paying up until his debt's all paid up. Even when he thought he is finally free, he is never free-there's just no walking out of this life-and that's just not what Baby wants. He just want a normal, boring life. 

I like this movie a lot, Ansel Elgort is very endearing and proving that even though he does look like a baby forever, he is more than capable to be the leading man. The storyline has enough surprises to keep you entertained, as it gets progressively crazier by the minute. A movie that i would not hesitate to recommend. It is quite crazy tho, and violent.. In case that throws you off.

Okay, this one i think everybody and their dog went to watch already. No need for introduction okay. I personally actually wasn't interested in this movie *surprise surprise*, because 1. even though i am not a fan of them, i am not actually terrified of clowns (i don't think i care for them, at all) and 2. it doesn't look all that creepy in the trailer. But then it totally blew up and everybody talks about it, lots of my friends who are horror addicts rave about it so i decided to go watch it *very late, like a few weeks in*. I actually quite like the movie, but i don't think it's scary at all.

A band of "losers" Derry, Maine are just trying to survive the bullies (and my God, the bullies in this movie are hard core!!! Is there such bullies in real life that gets away with doing what they're doing??? That's totally, absolutely SICKENING!)  when something much more terrifying appears : a shape-shifting evil (that seems to be shape shifting to your worst nightmare and can be seen by mainly children. I do wonder why it's "safe shape" is a clown tho) that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to, well... Eat the town's children.

Like i said, i do like the movie, quite a lot. I grew fond of the "losers" almost immediately (although the main cast are kids, i would definitely not be comfortable to bring my son to watch it because of the expletives pouring out of their mouths *LOL*. FYI, i'm a very modern mom and when my son is a teenager, i would not smack him if he curses-just not to or in front of older people.  But i still have a line on what should be healthy for him to watch and what isn't), the storyline is very interesting to me and there are some surprising jump scares-but i would not rate it as a horror movie. It's not haunting me and i don't go to sleep worrying It would appear under my bed or whatever. It's a good movie nonetheless, and i don't understand why people complains so much about Bill Skarsgard's depiction of Pennywise.

11. The LEGO Ninja Go Movie
Oukay.. so after the pretty good but boring at parts Lego the Movie and the sadly very boring Lego Batman Movie (for me lah, so if you love it don't get angry, it's just not my cup of tea), i was very very hesitant to watch The Lego Ninja Go movie. Actually, i didn't even want to watch it really, but having a 10 year old boy who loves legos-even though he also didn't seem to enjoy the Lego Batman Movie much, he still ask to watch this one and since we're leaving him for about 3 weeks the next day-i decided we had to take him to watch it.

Ninjago is a city in the Lego universe that is constantly being attack by Lord Garmadon-whose every attack is stopped by a group of six young ninjas-one of which being Garmadon's own abandoned son, Lloyd who constantly seek the answer on why his father don't care about him. One day though, Lloyd's needs of his father approval cost them the city-and now Lloyd must find a way to overthrow Garmadon, gain his friends' trusts back and also really find himself and the strength within him.

Like all Lego movies, i feel slightly ADD watching it-everything's a bit all over the place and random *LOL*. Still cute, but i had a long day and i barely noticing all the cute details Lego movies has, with all of things in the movie being made by legos. I guess the novelty kinda wears off for me... I personally think that it's not as boring as Batman Lego (but it received lower rating than Batman Lego so... Don't count my word as a rule coz it clearly depends on your tastes), still nothing special, boring at parts and makes me feel pretty meh leaving the cinema-but i guess boys who loves lego would appreciate it.

AND i finally finished two months' worth of movie reviewsss!!! I'm actually excited to write this months' reviews because of Pemuja Setan *LOL*!

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