Review : Petitfee Gold Hydrogel Mask and Eye Patch (SPONSORED)

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Hello hello!!!

I have another review for ya, told ya i'm in fayah!!!

This review is actually still in conjunction with my previous post somehow (even though the products come from very different brands) because the products here are also responsible to help me manage my skin from being all crazy to its tip top condition :D!

And these products are all from this brand from Korea with the cutest name : Petitfee!
All of these Petitfee products are sponsored by Elsyoung, a local online shop that specializes in Korean cosmetics brand-what separates Elsyoung from other local online shop is that they are actually first hand seller who gets the products directly from the brands in Korea. That ensures both reasonable pricing and the authenticity their products.
Elsyoung generously sponsored me Petitfee Gold Hydrogel Mask Pack, Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch and their new product : Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Mask Pack
Before we talk about the products more, let me tell you that this is going to be a positive review. Not because it's sponsored (i'm sorry for being so defensive, it's just that people has been accusing me of writing positive reviews on my sponsored posts, which i would never do if i genuinely dislike the products!) but because they really are!
First and foremost, it's my favorite product : Petitfee Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
I am a HUGE fan of eye patches, in fact i religiously use them every single week (and make my hunny wears them too because we want to be #foreveryoung ), so i was super excited to try this out.
Petitfee Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
Ingredient list and informations. It's so awesome that you get 30 pairs of eye patches for such an affordable price! (i checked Elsyoung's Tokopedia's page and they are selling this for IDR 139.000 only!!! Such a wonderful value for money!)
The product comes in a golden cardboard box
And the actual packaging is this gold metal jar, super luxurious looking!
Once you remove the twist off cap, you will find the jar being sealed completely to ensure its newness and hygiene. I actually made a mistake and removed the protective foil completely T.T i read later in some other review that you're supposed to keep the foil to protect the serum inside from drying out T.T. Oh well, at least now i know and can tell you not to repeat my mistake! Btw, they also provide a little plastic spatula for easy retrieval (coz they tend to stick together) and also for hygiene reasons, ofc
This is how the hydrogel eye patch looks like. It's gold and glittery, so pweetttyy! And there are a LOT of watery essence inside the jar so be careful when holding/storing it so you won't spill it
The eye patch is very transparent individually
Like i said before, i made hunny use it all the time too haha
I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this eye patch! It has a pleasant and refreshing scent, super cooling but light when put on, once i remove them i can feel and see very visibly how the skin under my eyes are plumped up, soft and supple! Seriously i am not exaggerating, this is definitely one of the rare eye care products that give me visible immediate reaction after usage!

There's nothing else that i can say except that i highly recommend this and i will definitely consciously buy it with my own money-in fact i WILL buy more when i do run out of them!
Second item is the Petitfee Gold Hydrogel Mask, from the exact same line as the eye patch so i am bound to like it, yeah?
Petitfee Gold Hydrogel Mask Pack
Ingredient list
How to use
Honestly i didn't even pay attention to the word hydrogel at first >.<, i thought it was a regular sheet mask!
But ofc, it's not. It's hydrogel so it feels quite funny (in a good way), a little bit slimy, gell-y (obviously) and when it's plumped with essence, you need to be careful if you have long nails coz  you CAN accidentally gauge the gel off (this happened to me). But the mask itself is quite durable and not easy to tear at all. This mask comes in 2 pieces, the upper part and lower
Both the mask pack and eye patch would be very different in texture once the essence is drained, i like to examine the dried out pack/patch, they look a bit like thin snake skin :p.

The mask also has a very pleasant, refreshing scent and cooling sensation. The essence inside the package is totally plentiful, i was super surprised when i peeked and saw like half of the pack filled with the watery serum! What i did with the serum was i padded it on the mask as much as i could *LOL*, then also apply it all over my arms and legs-THEN to hunny's arms and legs too! That's how much essence is left inside!

The good thing about this mask is it leaves my skin deeply hydrated, supple and bouncy. I am not a big fan of how the mask keeps on sliding off my face (i would suggest you to lay down and relax while using it, but i personally am not the kind of person who can stand still for 20 minutes T.T) and the serum is super sticky for me. My palms were super sticky after applying the serum all over, and i also feel my face was very sticky (as someone with very oily skin, the greasy, sticky feeling is something i really don't enjoy) afterwards. The morning after, while my skin looks fantastic, it also feels super duper greasy.

It doesn't break me out or anything, but after trying the next mask, i actually would recommend the Gold Hydrogel Mask for people with normal/dry skin because i prefer the next mask for my oily skin.
Which is this Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Mask
Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Mask Pack
Now, the look and feel of this mask is very similar to the Gold mask with a few exceptions.
Like how it's sort of black in color (it reminds me of seaweed actually :P)
And how the essence is not as watery as the Gold one. The essence is more saturated and thicker, therefore it sticks better to the mask so there were not a lot of essence left in the packaging.

I love how it hydrates my skin totally without leaving the overwhelming stickiness like the gold one so if you have oily skin, this one might be a better option for you.

Oh yeah, i don't really know how much the mask packs costs, but if i'm not mistaken they're around IDR 35k each, not bad!

Overall i had a wonderful experience using Petitfee's products! I'm definitely excited to try out more products from them ^^. Thank you Elsyoung for the chance to try out these awesome products! 


Note : This post is a collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Elsyoung.

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