Singapore Oct 2016 : Part 1

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Hey guys!

So i finally start blogging about my trips again! God knows i have so many trips/mini trips that i should cover! I initially didn't plan to blog about this short escape to Singapore last October, but after i go through the photos... I decided i want to have a memory keepsake of this trip afterall so here i am!
Posted this photo of me at the promotional booth for Singapore River Safari at Changi and it was my first pictures with over 100 likes in Instagram *LOL*. My newer photos in Japan surpassed it, but i was quite happy when this happened >.<
You know i have two types of trips, one is where i go to mostly new places i've never been - in this kind of trip i will be lugging my camera and snap photos non stop everywhere we go. Then there's another type of trip (like this one) where i go to somewhere very familiar for me (read : not very exciting at all) - i would hardly take any pictures and i don't feel the need to even bring my camera. So i relied 100% on my (back then) brand new Oppo's phone camera for the entire trip. Hunny brought his camera but i don't know why coz he hardly used it!

Anyway, this is our first trip with just the two of us in quite a while... I can't remember the last time we did this... Oh i think it was Vietnam in 2011 or something OMG. 

Other than the main reason for this trip, we pretty much just chill, relax... Stroll around, did some minor shopping, eat eat eat and enjoy being with each other so i don't think this is going to be a very exciting post for anyone but myself :p.
My flight face. OMG, i miss that dramatic pink contacts!
Mandatory flight selfie that hunny didn't seem to be too happy about!
The sole reason for this trip : USS Halloween Horror Nights 6!!! I've been wanting to go since their first year, it hurts my heart whenever it passed but finally... In the 6th year i took the plunge and book everything! It's a very big thing in Singapore as well i guess, the promotional poster is everywhere even at the sleeves of the embarkation cards!

It was low season and the flight was quit quiet, nobody sat on the third seat in our row so my stuffs got a seat all for themselves :D. Look at my Iphone :(... I kinda miss it
#NOTD. And again, seeing the glittery unicorn casing makes me sad again T.T
I wanted an emo look faraway type of pic so i snapped this >.<
The flight was totally uneventful. But when we landed and hunt for food, it was another story altogether. I misread what my mum told us and we tried to locate the staffs' canteen (they used to have the best char kway teow ever :(. Dunno where they move to now) to no avail. One, because i am a crappy navigator with a lousy memory so even though i've been to Changi a LOT a lot, i can't remember the way. And two, because Changi is forever upgrading and changing, i hardly recognize the way even just after a year or less.

Btw, i hardly take photos in Singapore because i don't find it interesting (no offence to Singaporean, i don't mean it in a negative way), i mean... I consider it my second home, and one hardly find their home Insta-worthy, no? I also feel very embarrassed about taking photos in Sg, what if we ran into someone we know? So touristy >.<! But alas, i found so many cute photo spots in Changi, i gave up and asked hunny to snap some photos anyway :p (while hissing at him to be quick because i saw someone passing by and i am dead embarrassed for acting like a crazy tourist).
I mean, how cute
And this one OMG

We ended up having very late lunch/early dinner at one of the foodcourts.
Hunny's pork something something
My fave Singaporean food ever, char kway teow!
Then we took a bus home only to be greeted with crazy heavy rain 5 secs later -___-. It was full blown raining once we reach our condo, and the bus stop is on the other side of the road! We waited and waited, hoping for the rain to stop... To no avail. It didn't look like it was gonna stop anytime soon (it really didn't) so we decided to make a run for it! Then we got so comfortable that we didn't feel like getting out of the condo -___- (plus it was raining until pretty late anyway).

We did leave the condo for a bit to a nearby Cold Storage. By nearby i mean 10-15 minutes brisk walk. It's nothing in Singapore, but it's not something we can do in Indonesia. That is why i love Singapore, i feel very free and safe there. I don't need anyone to drive me anywhere (and i have no interest in driving. Thank God for Uber). Anyway, we bought stuffs at Cold Storage (it's a supermarket chain, btw) and got some chow at McD and went back home. Very exciting, eh :p?

The next day is not much better *LOL*, we only went to a little shopping mall (Parkway Parade) which is the closest to our condo.
We took some nice OOTD pic tho
Look at this uber cute tiny backpack i bought especially for this trip! It's been ages since the last time i wore a backpack. I def do not feel safe wearing one in Indonesia (esp lately that we see so many CCTV of pickpockets in Galaxy Mall!). I forgot for convenient and comfy they are. I think imma go get one for our next trip in September!
Snapped more pics around the condo because it was quiet enough for me hahaha
I can't remember much of what we did in Parkway, most probably just strolling around... And shopped in Daiso hahaha (oh and went to visit the stores at the street outside Parkway Parade because my mum wanted us to get a shower thingy @.@ we couldn't find it tho. But we found Minisoo!). 

We've also been talking about having dinner at Gordon Ramsay's Bread Kitchen, i even already Googled and ready to make reservation but hunny said he didn't really feel like going. That was shocking since he is the foodie and the big fan of Gordon Ramsay while i prefer to go eat at Kopitiam. Then we saw the advert for this reastaurant where you basically pay 1 for 2 main dishes, including steaks! Sounds like such a good deal we decided to check it out.
Social Square
 80 Marine Parade Rd, #03-26 Parkway Parade, Din Tai Fung, Singapore 449269
+65 6348 7262
I guess business/economy has not been so good in Singapore as well because restaurants in Spores used to be quite expensive mostly, but nowadays i see so many promotions and deals... It could be me not paying attention before tho hahaha.
The place's quite nice and cozy!
We're not the only kiasu ones, despite not being a meal hour, it was quite full with people enjoying the promotion
High tech way of ordering, ofc *LOL*
While i took selfies :p
And wefie coz that's the downside of traveling as a couple, nobody to help you take pics!
Food's here!
Pretentious smug face *LOLOLOL* (yes, i also want to smack that girl in the face)
Hm. It looks burnt *LOL*. But it wasn't. It was actually quite nice and i would eat here again
There's just one issue : they failed to inform us (or any other guests) that if you order premium steaks, there'd be extra charge. We only found out about this when we wanted to pay, and there was already a Singaporean getting angry at the cashier for the unannounced extra charge *LOL*. He was like "Call your manager!" while us meek Indonesian decided to just pay it and scoot away :p. Indonesian really hates confrontations... And i guess i was not PMS-ing hahahaha.

I can't remember how much we paid... It was less than SGD 50 i think... It's not super cheap (even after the pay 1 for 2... But if there's no extra charge then yes, it would be very cheap) or whatever, but it wasn't outrageous. I wouldn't pay the full price tho #stingy.

I seriously can't remember what we did next... I'm pretty sure we went to Bugis. I did plan to go to Bugis Street to take a look-but while we went to Bugis twice... We ended up not setting foot to Bugis St once >.<. Sometimes that happens, especially when we stay in Singapore for only a few days. And oh, we didn't go to Orchard Road coz i don't like Orchard Road. Can you believe that? 

Anyway, i think there'll only be two or three parts for this trip max. Nothing much to tell, but i enjoy writing this. I am reminded again that my travel posts are my fave post to write, even the most mundane of trips!

That's it for now, please stay tuned!


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