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Hey ho!!!

I have the first product review in March for ya! I can't be 100% sure... But i think this is my very first false eyelashes review! 

Let me introduce you to Bielle Lash!
2 pairs of Bielle lashes and a sweet letter from the owner
So Bielle Lash is a newly launched brand by a fellow blogger, Sanny! I am super proud whenever my blogger friends launch their own brands-especially if it's synchronized with our passion : beauty! Hope one day i will be establishing my own beauty brand :D!

Sanny very kindly sent me two pairs of their collection (according to the guide, Bielle Lash has three series with two types of lashes in each series) : Abigail and Elle!
These were their temporary packaging, i heard they already renewed and perfected the packaging so it's more professional looking. I personally find the design to be super cute and appealing
The changes including getting the names and information printed instead of stuck on with stickers like these
Their contact number and Instagram handle
Let's talk about Abigail first!
Abigail is part of their Classic line which means they are supposed to be very light
Abigail has a fluttery design, the bands are transparent and thin
One thing about Abigail is, you gotta be very careful when you take them off the packaging because the super thin band means it's quite fragile! I managed to tore off one cluster of the lash because i was not being careful enough >.<.

As it has a transparent and thin band, you can wear it and look very natural-almost like you got yourself an eyelash extension because it's possible to attach the band very close to your natural lashes! Granted, you have to be very good with application, ofc!
Abigail worn
Abigial truly is very light! It must be one of the most comfortable falsies i've ever tried! I wore it the whole day (i had a back to back events from early morn till quite late in the evening) and i hardly felt them! It was almost like i wasn't wearing any falsies at all, that's how comfortable they are. And although they are super light and comfy, they still packs a punch and make my eyes look pretty ^^-the best of both worlds indeed!

My eyes also tend to get red if i wear falsies for a very long time, but not with Abigail! My eyes looked totally fresh and no sign of redness whatsoever. If i remember correctly, Abigail is made of real human hair, i guess that's why they're so soft and comfortable? I truly wouldn't mind wearing them on a daily basis *LOL*. No scratchiness whatsoever.
Even though Abigail's very light and fluttery, it still compliment my rather dramatic makeup that day
And now : Elle!
Elle is part of their Casual series (which are short and pretty)
From the first moment i saw the design, i already knew i'm going to love it. The design is very dolly, combination of long and short that totally reminds me of the likes of Dolly Wink (or any other Japanese falses)
Unlike Abigail, Elle has a thicker (but still pretty thin) and black band, i personally don't mind them because i almost always wear black eyeliner anyway. Elle (again, i think. I watched Sanny's Instastories but sometimes i do get mixed up as you must already know >.<) is made of artificial hair, which means they are not as soft, fluttery or light as Abigail and if i poke myself with the edges, they do feel a bit scratchy-but nothing bothersome really. And it's oh-so-pretty!
I mean, look at it!!! So kawaiiiii! Makes my eyes look ultra dolly!
They're not super long or anything, but i wouldn't call them short. Here i am rolling my eyes to show you the design at its full effect *LOL*
I love love LOVE Elle,  i think they are so adorable!
I am not just saying this because Sanny is a friend, but i truly do love both Bielle Lash that i've tried! My favorite is definitely Elle because it simply perfect for the kind of looks that i like, but i also love how comfortable and pretty Abigail is! 

All of Bielle Lash lashes retails for IDR 15.000/pair (that's like... USD 1), cheaper than a pair of Daiso lashes locally (coz if you buy in Japan it'd be cheaper haha) so the value for money is very good indeed! They're totally reuseable too. As long as you take good care of them, i think you can use them for up to 3-5 times? Just don't be rough with them especially Abigail!

Bielle Lash can ship worldwide, so if you're not from Indonesia and interested to try them-you can! 

I would highly recommend Bielle Lash for everybody who are looking for pretty, comfortable and very affordable falsies, they have 6 designs (and i'm sure they'll add more and more) so there should totally be a design that spoke to you like Elle spoke to me haha. And i would totally buy them with my own money!

Thank you Bielle Lash and Sanny for sending me these beauts, they are perfection!

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  1. suka juga sama desain yg elle.. my fave type of lashes too

  2. Cantik. Naksir soalnya keliatan bikin nyaman espaecially Abigail

  3. Aku suka design elle. Aku lebih suka eyelash yg designnya spiky gitu.

    1. Iya aq juga, tp kalo utk harian aq prefer yg ringan dan comfy sihhh