Introducing : Dan-O Sanitary Napkins (Ad)

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Hey guys!

OMG, sorry for being MIA for more than a week! This is very abnormal for me, but i had a crazy week and was so busy... I got super tired and in no mood to blog after i got home :(.

Anyway, i am back and hopefully with renewed spirit to be a better blogger, ha ha!

Today i want to introduce to you laydies (and gents who cares about the ladies in their lives) to Dan-O!
Dan-O is a sanitary napkin brand from Korea that truly cares about women's feminine's health! The name might be new for you (it was very new for me too) in Indonesia, but Dan-O products has passed KFDA (which is Korean FDA) safety tests so everything is super safe and sanitary! 

You must have heard about how some famous sanitary napkin brands are made using bleached recycled materials, OMG... I totally freaked when i heard about that! I mean... It's like the most intimate product for us girls, used in the most intimate part of our bodies... And it's bleached (!!! Never a good sign) and made from recycled materials??? How sanitary/hygienic can it be? Don't worry tho, Dan-O products are all made from the finest, high quality materials (not recycled!). They are all also free from dioxin, chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Another plus from Dan-O? It's super light weight and thin but has 4x absorbing power of regular sanitary napkins! When the package arrived, i was really surprised at how small and compact they are! 

Currently Dan-O has four variants of sanitary napkins which i am about to show you one by one!
Dan-O Ultra Regular
Dan-O Ultra Regular is 240 mm in length and it is advised to be used before and after menstruation (you know, when you just started your period or just finished but still produces spots here and there) and also when you have light/medium flow periods. I am currently using this one ^^.
Dan-O Ultra Long
Obviously this one is the longer version-it is 280mm in length and can be used when you have light, medium and heavy flow.
Dan-O Overnight
As the name suggested, this one can be used for night time especially when you have heavy period, it is going to protect you as it is 280mm in length which means you're "fully covered"-or at least, you panties are hehe. I have heavy periods and sometimes i'd wake up in the middle of the night because i feel myself leaking >.< and i'd find my sheet stained already. This variant would definitely come in handy for those times!
Dan-O Long Liner
Now this one can be used before/after menstruation and also when you have light flow. It can also be used daily as it is only 180mm in length.

I have been using Dan-O this month and boy, did they make a difference! They're super comfortable and light weight (i didn't even feel like i was wearing any sanitary napkins!), they also didn't chafe me (this can happen with super thick pads that i usually use). I also notice they keep odors and itching at bay! YAY! Totally the ideal kind of sanitary napkins for me!

So next time you're shopping for your sanitary napkins, i strongly suggest you to consider trying out Dan-O! They are a bit more pricey but you also need to change less often so in the end you would probably spend the same amount as the cheaper-but-not-so-absorbing alternatives! And most importantly, Dan-O products has acidic nature that keeps our estrogen hormones balanced to keep us healthy! What's more important than our health, right?

Thank you Dan-O for sending and letting me try your awesome products!

For more information and order, you can check out Dan-O Indonesia official Instagram page ^^.

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