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Hi guys!!!!

#Pink's here! Anybody missed me??? I hope you do, because i sure miss blogging like hell! I just got back from my two weeks long vacay with my family *18 people in total to JB and Singapore!*, vacay officially ended late last night when hunny and i finally reached home last night, almost exactly at midnight!

Had PLENTY of fun a the whole two weeks, but today we were yanked back to reality rudely! I know i shouldn't start my "comeback" to the blogging world by complaining, but i have to get this off my chest before i can start talking about anything else! 

Guess what, hunny's passport got discolored *by drops of water, somehow* while we were in Europe. We just realized it when the immigration officer pointed it out to him in Frankfurt, when we were about to go back to Indonesia. Back then the officer only told him to be more careful in the future. No incidents even after we arrived in Jakarta, the immigration officer in Jakarta never even mentioned the discolored stamps.

So imagine my horror when hunny was stopped in Surabaya's immigration two weeks ago on the start of our trip and was told to get into the office to meet with the higher ranked officer that threatened not to let him pass because of the condition of the passport, but after a while *and more threats of the possibility of him being sent back to Indonesia if the immigration in JB won't let him in*, they let him go. You should already know by now how paranoid of a person i am, so i was worrying the whole 2 hours flight from Surabaya to JB. 

I was sooo relieved when the officer only said "Oh, you spilt water on your passport? That's okay! Don't worry!" and even went on admiring his Schengen visa *LOL*. Same thing in Singapore's immigration and later in Jakarta when we got back. But then the worrying continues because as soon as we're back in Surabaya we should drop in our passports to apply for Taiwan visa! Now, if the Surabaya's immigration made such a big fuss the first time, surely they won't let him pass the second time with the same passport condition!

So, today he was busy going to a travel agency (Where my friend O worked) and then to the immigration's office, to ask around about what he should do with his passport. For non Indonesian reader, i must explain that it costs us IDR 550.000 to make a passport (brand new one) and IDR 450.000 to renew your nearing expiration passport (and that's already using the help of a calo, i cannot find the right translation in English but the closest i can find is a broker, someone who helps you to get something or do something for a fee). So imagine our shock when they informed us that exchanging the still applying passport would cost us IDR 3.500.000 (or USD 350)!!!

Apparently it's somewhat of a "crime", disfiguring your own passport (even though we clearly did it by accident, who would do that for fun???) and that's the fine you'd have to pay if you happen to do that. Of course, that's not the official price, but what is ever official in this country, anyway? You know i love my country, but i despise its officers and government to pieces, WTF! Yeah, like 10% of the "fine" would go to the country, the rest? No need to explain already, right?

So yeah, i'm in a bad bad mood the whole day. IDR 3.500.000 might not be much for us *although for some that would be more than three months' salary here...*, but it kills me to pay for something so stupid and preventable such this! And what's worse? That it's actually MY fault, because i kept our passports in my bag the whole trip! I never kept any water inside my bag so how the passport got wet remains a mystery zzzz. It might got rained when i opened my bag in Venice *because it was drizzling badly when we first got there*, or maybe there's some contacts solutions inside my contact lenses case i brought in my bag that got leaked out. WTF. STUPID #Pink!!!!

Yeah, it totally kills me not being able to blame hunny huahahahahahaha FHL, if he was the one holding the passport himself he'd have to face my wrath, i'd kick him around a bit i guess LOLOLOLOL and never let it go :p. 

Anyway, i have to let this go. It's only money after all, and it's better to lose IDR 3.500.000 to make sure we'll have a smooth and trouble-free (not to mention, worry-free) trip to Taiwan *which we paid or around IDR 16.000.000 for air tickets and hotels, so it'll be worse if the trip's cancelled because hunny's not allowed to leave Indonesia!*. I kept on consoling myself the whole day *like, we got a promo tickets to Taiwan, even adding IDR 3.500.000 into the air tickets, it's still quite cheap, etc*, also asking others (mostly #Undecided) *or more like forcing...* to console me, seeing it as a "sacrifice" to get rid of any bad luck. 

Yes, i use that excuse whenever i have to "throw away" money for a stupid reason *LOLOLOL*, which is like, every year FML*. My employee even said "It okayy, don't worry, get rid of some money to attract a lot more luck and wealth". Yes, how very Chinese and Javanese of us. LOL.

I also mentioned to #Undecided that something like this' bound to happen *and should happen* sometime because my life has been super smooth and happy the last couple of years, i think i needed to "pay back" to balance it out a bit, it's only fair that way. LOL. Yes, i'm the master of consolation. Silver lining in every cloud LOLOLOL.

A very hard lesson learnt, now the next time you (and i!!!) ever travel, make sure you keep your passport inside a waterproof ziplock, okay! DO NOT repeat the stupid mistake i made!

Phew! I always feel better after writing everything that's bothering me down! And even better because this is a blog, with hundreds of hits everyday, so lots of people would read this, and any extra consolation are welcome! LOL! MAKE ME FEEL BETTER, PEOPLE!

On a muchhhh happier note, have you guys notice the Wet n Wild banner on the right??? That's the first banner we ever *okay, #Undecided did it, i have no clue how to* put up! And yes, we're now err... I dunno, i guess somewhat collaborating with Wet N Wild cosmetics!
So, a few days ago #Undecided BBM-ed me, asking me if i've read the e-mail Wet N Wild sent us. I was still in Jakarta with very limited *not to mention how my mobile phone's provider's signal really sucks in Jakarta!!!) access to internet, so she passed the good news, Wet N Wild Indonesia offered us an affiliation program with them! 

We're extremely excited! A first sign that our blog is finally being noticed by any company at all (let alone a prestigious one like Wet N Wild)! LOL. And guess what, our e-mail's been bombarded by similar kind of e-mails but from suspicious companies so we wouldn't count them *hoax alert!!!*). Now that i think about it, this is not really the first affiliation we have in this blog, i (#Pink) also have an affiliation with Beauty Treats Indonesia but not formally like this one *everybody can start an affiliation program with BTI, with Wet N Wild only the ones selected can*. A total reason to celebrate!!!

Anyway, before Wet N Wild contacted us, i actually purchase a few items from the website (i only unwrap it just now, because i ordered them just before i left for the trip). I normally would line them up for a shopping haul post (which used to be weekly *sigh*, i think i will finally be able to resume the series in the next two months, so much other stuffs to blog about right now!!!) but that would take forever (yeah like, two or three months *LOL*, yes that's how long how hauls are lining up already FML), so in the spirit of celebration for this affiliation, i'm showing it to you, my mini haul!

It's super mini lah, only got myself two items, and i honestly only bought them because i wanted to use the voucher i got from May BTI LOL.
I'm not lying! See, such a tiny package LOL
Absolutely love the black with white Wet n Wild logo wrapping paper!
Yes, another layer of wrapping paper *LOL*, they really packed it securely!
And finally, what's inside :
Oh yeah, just some basic thingy, boring old #Pink can never get enough of lip balms and nail thingy *LOLOLOL*. I was actually really confused on what to buy because everything looks so tempting WTF, and like always, whenever i got confused, i went with the basics... Plus, i'm trying to avoid buying decorative make ups for a bit since i already got so much of them (not that i don't have an even bigger collection on lip balms and nail thingy, but somehow i feel less badly buying them, i know i don't make sense, when did i ever...).
Wild Shine Nail Color-Clear Nail Protector 401A IDR 59.000
Bought this because i'm running low on stocks of base/top coats (note the word stocks okay, it's not like i'm running out of anything ever.. i make sure i always have lots of back ups, this reminds me of an episode of Raising Hope when it was finally revealed that Jimmy girlfriend, Sabrina is someone who always have back ups for everything, including men. LOLOLOL, i sure saw myself in her, but i don't think i have backups for men WTF) and i figured it was time to try something else other than my HG Revlon Top Speed Base/Top Coat. 
Juicy Lip Balm-Strawberry (283C) IDR 69.000
Yeah, whenever in doubt i reach for a lip balm. IDR 69.000 isn't exactly cheap for a lip balm but somehow i was madly attracted to this lip balm that i totally overlooked the price. Before this arrived, i read in some other blog that the lip balm's jumbo sized, i thought she was slightly exaggerating until i saw it for myself. You could already see from the picture up there where i put it side by side to the normal sized nail protector, it's quite a lot bigger!
This thing is humongous! Probably housed twice the size of normal lip balms
Please ignore my fugly nails, my nailist in Me-Nail made a mistake by drying the gels too briefly, the gel started to chip on the third day and completely fell apart on the 10th (my last gel polish lasted almost two months!), if you go there and that ever happened to you, don't worry! They actually have a guarantee, they'll fix it for you if it happens within a few days of the manicure. Since i only got back to Surabaya after two weeks *by now there's only four of my nails covered with gels LOL* so the lady boss (yeah yeah, my cousin) gave me a voucher instead, i will be using it for my next gel manicure *where i'll be getting it together with #Undecided, just before our Taiwan trip!).
Super attracted the the juicy pink color as well, totally befitting its name!
The total amount (plus shipping using JNE, which is IDR 17.000 to Surabaya) was IDR 145.000 but i used the voucher i already mentioned before from May BTI, worth IDR 20.000, so i only paid IDR 125.000 in the end. That's not too bad at all, i think!

Well, that's all! Would love to purchase more products, but maybe i should try to finish a few before adding more items to the already super over-populated make up drawer, LOL. If any of you are interested in getting anything from Wet N Wild just click on their banner on the right side of this blog and it'll send you right to their virtual door! LOL!

Lots of beauty boxes to cover next, not to mention trying to finally finish my European trip series and start on the JB-Singapore-Jakarta-Bandung trip! Wahhh, so much to do!


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  1. welcome back! asik banget liburan 2 minggu ber-18 orang! seru tapi ribet juga pastinya ya... hahaha

    1. thank you!!! iya, seru dan ribettt, mana ada yg lelet pula huahaha lengkaplah sudah :p