#Pink's Cousin's Wedding

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Hi, my dears!

How's everybody doing? I'm getting over the whole passport debacle *yes, it takes time, i know i have hard times letting go of anything zzz* and my mood's getting better and better *which is great considering i am actually PMS-ing big time...*! 

As most of you (my loyal readers, i mean) should know, a few days before our huge family vacay, one of my cousins got married (yes, we even deliberately set up our departure day just two days after the wedding because my brother KC's family had to fly to Surabaya for the wedding anyway, this way we all could fly to JB together the next two days). I know i only mention my cousin L all the time, but i do have (a LOT) of other cousins *LOL*. Thing is, most of them are a lot older or younger than me, there're only a bunch of them who are around my age, and worst... most of them are guys *____*. That's why i'm only close to my cousin L (who's actually a cousin twice removed), and i am also quite close to my male cousin JS in Singapore, but that's about all.

Now, this cousin that got married this time is one of those who are the same age as me (he's a few months older, while we were young he won't admit that he is older than me because-he claimed-i am so much bigger in size than him. Yeah, i still am-i am taller than him, that is. He is quite round in the middle himself now, so i don't think i am fatter than him WTF. As we got older apparently being older appeal more, yeah? Nowadays he cannot stop claiming he is older than me, like when we did te pai (or tea ceremony where the bride and groom present their elders with teas in exchange for some ka-chingg) he protested that i am younger than him when the photog ordered me and hunny not to return their greetings LOL). I have a huge extended family, my mother has 6 siblings while my father has 7, you can imagine how much cousins i have, right? Anyway, let's call him RD.

RD is my father's second youngest sister's eldest son, we bickered a lot when we were kids (because he likes to tease and i am a very sensitive little emo kid), but we were pretty close back then actually. One of my fondest memory of him was one day when we were in our tweens, cooped up in my room, singing to Jackie Cheung and Regine's song, Still In Love With You and him praising my voice. LOL. I wonder if he still remembers that day. I don't think so though, i know most people doesn't have my memory *LOL*.

As we got older, we're not exactly close anymore, we were mostly living in a different cities anyway (my father's extended family are mostly living in Banjarmasin, our real hometown) so we only saw each other once in a blue moon. But we still talks and he still teases me whenever he sees me, that will never change i guess haha.
Like i said, most of my cousins are older than me so the "wedding season" for them was years ago haha, they mostly have kids of their own by now. The other group are the ones who are much younger than me (some are the same and even younger than my nieces and nephews, when one's father and mother has 6 and 7 siblings, you cannot expect their kids to all be in the same age group, right) are still teens/kids, so no wedding bells in the near future for them yet. I was definitely the first to get married in our age group *i guess you can call us the middle cousins since our age group's right in the middle*, even though we're all in our late 20s and early 30s, most of my age group cousins are still farway from getting married :p. 

So RD getting married is quite a big news for my father side of the family. Let me think... Yes, he is the second person from our age group (after me) to get married *LOL* (not talking about my mother side of the family, but the situation's pretty similar there, most of my cousins from my mother's family are in Singapore and i think Singaporean gets married even latter than Indonesian!). My brother KC and his wife CL are quite close to RD's family, due to them living in Banjarmasin and also because they are very friendly and family oriented people, so they were pretty busy helping RD's family for the wedding.

As for me... errr... I guess since i am not very close to RD's family *you know i am awkward around relatives and family's friends...*, let's just say i was a LOT more excited when L got married (don't even compare it to my BFFs weddings, please) :p. Not to mention i was super tired because we got home pretty late the day before after celebrating #Undecided's birthday! This was... just another wedding for me *LOL*, but i am quite excited as far as an opportunity to dress up to the nines! I really love any excuse to dress up, you see... Plus there will be all of our relatives *from my father's side* there so i had to look good right! Don't want to embarrass my mum and dad or anything hahaha...

Like always, i'm gonna bombard you with the details of my make up and outfit first... Oh yeah, that's a must obviously... Here's my OOTD as a start!
Maroon Crepe Chiffon Toga Dress : Chic Simple (bought at Centro)
Been eyeing this dress forever in Centro, i actually have it in black already! Then i saw this maroon version on a 70% off sale and it took me forever to finally purchase this (since it was on a 50% off until it was further reduced LOL!) because there was a tiny *literally just a dot* hole somewhere on the shoulder's seam, but as soon as i heard that RD's wedding's dress code for his relatives was red, i couldn't think or find a more perfect dress than this, thankfully it was still available and i snapped it up immediately. Baby Boy's nanny actually doubles as my personal seamstress *LOL*, she patched the hole up within a few seconds and i bet nobody can ever find that hole even if they look for it now *LOL*.

Nobody believed how much my dress costs, it was IDR 100.000 something after discount (original price was almost 400K i think) *LOLOLOL*. Yeah, i am not the kind of girl who spends millions on a party dress, i don't even like the over the top, full of sequins and scream CRAY CRAY from a mile away kinds. I prefer my party wears to be simple, slightly sexy (because i can never pull of sexy without putting on tons of make up and i can't do that everyday without looking like a crazy aunty, so the only time i can safely do that's at parties!), understated, and most importantly, affordable! People always mistaken my party dresses to be crazy expensive or from a designer brand anyway, so... good job #Pink! *pats self on the back*.

We were running late when i finally finished dolling myself up (coz we're supposed to arrive much earlier since we're relatives and we haven't even did our tea ceremony yet...) and only had time to snap those pictures above, so later i snapped more OOTD pics at the hotel's bathroom *LOLOLOL*.
Snakeskin Clutch : Guess
Yeah, you should recognize that clutch as one of my great finds at Guess' sale in one of my haul posts :p. I paired it up with my trusty, fave grey heels from Everbest that you'd seen million of times already *i don't have all that much heels*, not visible in the pictures above but you'll see it on latter pictures below. 

As for hairdo, went to a hair salon with my mum earlier that day. That's like my default party hairdo *LOL*. I'm extremely unadventurous with my hair, i hate it when people do weird things with my hair, and i dislike showing off my round cheeks and fat neck so getting my hair up is the ultimate NO NO for me. Before i realized that hair can be curled in two different directions, inwards and outwards, i always had my hair curled inwards like little porcelain dolls. It's good when i'm looking for a more dolly, cutie-pie look, but for sexier and darker looks, outwards curls are the best! I can curl my own hair but it takes forever and i am not very good at it *lacks of practice, i am way too lazy*, so i almost always go to a hair salon to get may hair curled, it's very cheap in most salons anyway *since it's so basic*.

And next, FOTD :
Played with silver, grey and dark blue eye shadows, and i always wear bronzer or dark colored blush for parties *because i think it's sexier*. I also wore a red lipstick, it's a sample from Helena Rubenstein, very cute ones that looked like Q-tips or matches, i forgot to take pictures of it. I also put on falsies, of course, this is the event i've been practicing so long *if you can count two or three times as practicing for long anyway* after all! Decided to put in the most va va voom false lashes i own so far, another D'Eyeko Olga Lydia lashes that i got from my very first beauty box, Beauty Treats (first box). 
D'Eyeko Olga Lydia Party Queen Falsies
Va Va Voom but not too much, just perfect!
Every D'Eyeko lashes comes with these tiny glue, but i misplaced my other one before even trying it once zzz. I haven't tried this though, i am currently using a glue from Daiso *LOL*
I must say, this is my fave falsies so far! Of course, i only tried three different falsies so far (and like i said, i'm warming up to them now that i can actually stick them on without blinding myself, even though i still suck), but i also wore falsies a few times before, on my wedding day and graduation etc (stuck by make up artists), and as far as my limited experience, D'Eyeko Olga Lydia falsies are the most comfortable ones! It's just so light weight that i almost (just ALMOST, okay) didn't feel like i was wearing falsies!
Yeah, you can clearly see how messy my application was *LOL*, and i tend to use wayy to much glue *because when i use less the corners won't stick, GAHHH so frustrating!!!* and this one i am currently using *i don't think opening up more than one at a time is a good idea, they dries off so fast on the tube i have to pierce the mouth with a needle everytime WTF* from Daiso's white colored so i had to fill them with liquid liners afterward. And yeah, i still cannot stick them properly, but at least you can't see it unless you stick your face like, 5 cm from mine, why would you do that anyway???
Seriously though, i really love this falsies. The other one i got from Olga Lydia was so natural looking that they didn't show *LOL*, what's the point of wearing falsies when people won't even notice that you're wearing one??? While this one's obvious enough but not too crazy. I was a bit upset initially for getting Olga Lydia ones twice (from the same beauty box service), i hoped i would get Syahrini's ones for parties, but now i change my mind. It's so pretty and comfortable, i don't think i'd mind wearing it for a whole day actually!

I am not a professional make up artist so please don't mind my flaws in any application, but lots of people thought i went to get my makeup done by a make up artists most of the time, and the reactions i got that night was "Wow, you look like a Barbie!", and lots of stares from my relatives *not in a bad way, not that i am comfortable being stared at anyway*, so i think i did okay, right? LOL.

I know i said i didn't like getting falsies on my beauty boxes before, but one can change one's mind, right??? I totally love them now hahaha, send them my way, beauty boxes! I want to try different types and shapes from different brands now! But i still won't purchase them myself! (except the cheapo ones, i did bought one pair from Daiso in JB *LOL*).

Next are the accessories! I usually deck myself in diamonds and golds *genuine ones okay* for parties, but since i especially ordered this stunning necklace from BerryBenka to spice up my very simple dress, i decided to keep with the theme and wear only black and silver for my accessories.
Necklace : BerryBenka. This necklace was more expensive than the dress *LOL*, it was IDR 150.000 i think
Black Faux Leather Cuff with Metallic Grey Sequins : Bunga (bought it especially to match my necklace, it was IDR 33.000 or something *LOL*)
Big Silver and Black Ring, set of three from Payless
Two burnt Silver rings from the same set as the ring above, nail was O.P.I Mariah Carey Liquid Sands in Can't Let Go
I actually applied the polish a few days before but since one cannot wear a top coat with this type of nail polish without defeating its purpose (of looking rugged and matte, and feels rough to the touch), it chips super fast so it was actually already chipped and suffered some tip wear as well, but good thing about liquid sands types? You can "patch it up" and camouflage its chipping easily by re-applying the polish on the chips. Of course, it'll chip off again soon, but for one night it'd hold forth haha.
Dangly Flower Black Metal Earrings : Number 61 (bought in Banjarmasin, it was a lot less than IDR 20.000 *LOL*)
OH! I also got a little extra accessory...
Deep and long scratch that bleed quite badly
Seriously, everybody kept on pointing at it and asking what happened to my arm *____* i seriously didn't know how to explain because i only discovered it myself in the car on the way to the wedding party! Must've have scratched myself or something! It's quite bad that the fading scar's still very visible right now, yeah almost three weeks later FML.

OMG, just talking about my whole looks takes so long already WTF, thankfully i don't have too much to yap about for the wedding itself *LOL*, but i do have lots of pictures for ya! Before we started this blog, i was never one to snap pictures of any events or anything much *just cam-whoring in front of the mirror mostly haha*, my digital camera's mostly sitting in the dust unused, i very rarely snap pictures to preserve any memories, it's a good thing we started this blog! Now every memory would be immortalized, both in pictures and writing because i enjoy story telling so much! Haha...

Anywayyy... Let's get on to the party. We arrived, not late, but definitely not early either *LOL*. The wedding reception was held in Mojopahit Hotel, the oldest and most historical hotel in Surabaya (not to mention scariest and supposedly heavily haunted...). It was supposed to be a garden party but Surabaya's weather had been quite crazy with thunder storms and heavy rains for the past few months! They apparently didn't see it coming while planning the wedding since usually it's very dry and hot on June! They even hired a pawang hujan (or rain handler, *LOL*, yes it's a magic mumbo jumbo thingy but it really works!) who arrived too late *LOL*. It was raining cats and dogs in the morning and afternoon so they last minutely moved the venue indoor! 

Mojopahit Hotel's ballroom's quite small, even tiny compared to most grand ballrooms in other five starred hotels, and they invited so much people *because the huge garden's capacity's a lot more than the ballroom's* and with the garden themed decor, the small ballroom was super duper triple cramped and can barely housed 75% of the guests, lots of the relatives prefer hanging out in the garden (but i stayed inside most of the time) or lobby to escape the crowd, therefore missing almost the entire wedding reception *LOL*, but i'm getting way ahead of myself. And the horrible thing was... It didn't rain a drop that night! WTF!

First, we hurriedly went to the VIP room for the tea ceremony and video shoot stuffs, then we were directed to the ballroom but before we cam-whore a little bit of course.
My sis in law CL, cousin DD, my sis CW, moi
There is a reason behind that picture :p. We spotted Edric Chandra, a pretty well-known Chinese Indonesian host/comedian, who's going to be the MC for the wedding reception and CL jokingly said, who wants to take pictures? We're... not interested in Indonesian celebrities in anyway really *LOL*, i would die before i ever approach any Indonesian celebs, major or minor, to take a picture with them! CW said "Pfffftttt no way, our level's SuJu type" referring to their daughters recent concert going (to a Super Junior show) LOL. Then she spotted our cousin DD, who's RD's younger brother, and she was like "It's better to take pictures with DD than Edric!", so we did!

FYI, DD is younger than me (by not too many years but i have no idea how many), he is a young doctor actually! But he's taken *he mentioned his gf a few times but i have no idea how she looks like* girls, sorry!

By the way, you see that white floral dress CL wore? It's from Mango and i kinda forced her to buy it because she dragged me from mall to mall for days trying to find a party dress for herself, i couldn't take it anymore!!! (Actually she suspected it, she asked me whether it really looked good on her or i was just saying that so she'll get it and we could stop looking LOLOLOL. Errr... that's partly it, but didn't the dress looked fab on her? She's so tall and busty, i can never pull off that kind of dress without looking like a fat giant). What's ironic was... The dress code was red and CL was actually the one kept on reminding us about the dress code WTF!

It's just that she's considered gigantic for an Asian lady *LOL*, even though for Western standard she's not even big i think, so it was really really really hard trying to find party dresses that would fit her. 

She bought the dress at the original price IDR 1.799.000 (minus 10% by using Mega credit card), and two weeks later... Before she even worn the dress... it was reduced ti IDT 1.299.000 FHL!!! And guess what, today i went out for a shopping date with G, and i saw the dress was already on a further reduction, now it's IDR 999.000! I won't inform her about this *i did the first time and she began bawling like a banshee...* coz she might tore me to bits in rage. WTF.
OMG i looked like a mean aunty in this pic
I wanted to take a picture with my nieces but CL refused to be left behind (there's another pic snapped before this with CL blurry self rushing in to join us in the back LOL), and that's my cousin SS who kept on photo-bombing us at the back! SS in my opinion was one of the most handsome cousins i have *LOL*, no seriously, we went to the same uni (he's five years older than me though) and lots of my friends (girls and gay guys) gushed about him hahaha. He's still handsome, i just hate his current hairstyle, so fugly. You need a good haircut ASAP, cousin SS!

I took some pictures of the ballroom, to show you a peek on how most Indonesian celebrate their big fat (and expensive) weddings *LOL*, unfortunately as i said, it was super duper packed and i was surrounded by people from every direction, so the pictures' angles are... A bit distorted haha. (Oh yeah, speaking of expensive, KC told me their wedding car was... a huge luxurious bus. You know, they one with complete furnitures (including a bed) inside. WTF. No pictures of the bus unfortunately, i never even got to see it, serves me right for not wanting to be involved in the whole wedding thing haha)
This is actually just outside the ballroom, the photo booth and guest book-signing area
Huge fake tree in the middle of the small ballroom, it honestly looked awkard because it chopped the ballroom in half if you see it in real life
The entrance and a peek into one of the dessert station, the food was crazy lots that night, total opposite of one particular close relative's wedding with very little amount of food that most of the guests didn't get any, it was embarrassing to say the least
The ceiling.. actually this place brings lots of memories because once when we were still in uni, my hunny and i was part timed employed as an usher for some event of our Uni here haha
The only station i got a very good look of because i was standing next to it the whole night! LOL
As you might already notice, i am quite fascinated by the lighted up tree hahaha
Yeah, that's pretty much it. LOL. Told ya the ballroom was tiny, and too many people inside i can't really take pictures freely without it being blocked by people!

Of course, must show you a pic of the bride and groom, right? They were very busy the whole night obvi, and i don't even know the bride *never met her before actually* so i couldn't just stop them and asked to take pictures with them, right? No, i'd be wayy to uncomfortable *LOL*, it's not like it was my BFFs or L :p. So, i snapped a pic of one of their pre-wedding pictures that was decorating the photo booth area haha..
The bride and the groom
I also took some pictures *oh, mostly hunny did because it was too crowded and super hot and sticky i refused to leave my spot near the AC unit!* during the reception...
CL with my 'rents
My cousin L and her little E
Took this pic of the bride and groom and their immediate family from the large screen coz couldn't see the real thing, was blocked by the ocean of people...
Can you see how the bride and groom are very tiny? LOLOLOL. This is like, the fourth wedding i attended with super mini bride and groom, the other was my uni friend's, my BFF G's and CW's cousin's! Hunny and i *who normally already taller than the groom! With my heels i was like a feet taller than them!* totally towered over them during the tea ceremony *LOL*, a bit like David and Goliath times two FOL. RD's the smallest amongst his siblings, DD and their little sister MD are quite tall, especially MD! She's quite gigantic for an Asian girl haha.
A nicer picture, captured by hunny
I asked him to snap pictures of Edric as well haha
Hunny and his mountain of food hahaha
He actually got all those food for himself and i because like in every standing party, i refuse to get my own food LOLOLOL, especially this time because IT WAS JUST TOO EFFING HOT OKAY! He ended up having to finish most of them because when it's boiling hot like that i simply cannot swallow food. Good for dieting, at least.
Their first dance as man and wife
Toast! The confetti totally shocked us, it was so loud and we weren't paying attention *LOL*, poor little E was sooo shocked!
More pictures of Edric was taken towards the end of the reception where lots of people had went home so we could move a bit freely
Like you already saw, my cousin L was there (her mother was invited, L was her plus one-or plus three coz the grandmother and uncle also came LOL-coz L's dad wasn't there), so we naturally cam-whored a lot.
I think i look a bit like my sister whenever i put on lots of make up, probably because i look old??? LOLOLOL. That's my niece G who was too shy and refused to look up and take pictures with us
I think L has lost most of those baby weight, the ones not going was only around her tum-tum haha, we have such different body shapes, i always envy her arms
Us at the photo booth hahaha
The last and not least, a selca hahaha
L left soon after we took that last picture because her daughter was getting sleepy and fussy. I escaped to the cooler lobby and to the ladies room to check out my make up, i was worried that it has melted and i looked like a crazy panda haha. They have an antique *with antique flush with handles too, not that i take any pic of those* bathroom with very nice lighting so like i said earlier, i cam-whored a lot there hahaha.
Vintage looking, just like the location hahaha. Blame them for providing such a huge dressing table with a mirror complete with a chair to fix your make up lor
Moved to the sink and realize, the lighting's even better there!
Resulting in more cma-whoring pics!
One more :p
Then i went and found CW, CL and my nieces *and my bros on another table* at the smaller garden in the middle of the hotel.
Full make up and curls really makes me age a LOT
I dunno why but i think my sis and i always look like a villain in those sinetrons in our pictures hahahaha, sometimes even more like a ghost lady in those horror movies zzz
My adorable teen nieces in pinks
Then we were going to the bathroom to cam-whore some more but CL got distracted by a stair hahahaha, we ended up cam-whoring in that stair, Addam's family style.
With my nieces and nephews, the one sitting is SS' son
Planned to take a family *our immediate family only!* picture at the photobooth but my over excited mother kept on calling every single auntie, uncle and cousin of mine, since the space was very limited the photo booth photog ended up giving up because he was already plastered to a wall trying to capture all of us to no avail! Ended up with the wedding photog taking our pics *LOL*. Oh, and the poor photo booth photog kept on getting electrocuted whenever he snapped a picture LOLOLOL it really was quite hilarious :p.
That picture above was the only insta pic we could get *not the one i uploaded lah, that Baby Boy's nanny snapped with my digi-cam one*, once more and more people got in we couldn't get any insta pics anymore *LOL*.

Hang around the photo booth area because it was roomier, a waiter offered a pretty cupcake, how can i refuse?
It's pink!
My niece BB who's every bit as narcissitic as me, Au refused to have her pictures taken so much hahaha
I got mistaken a lot as their friend/sister, but with that kind of hairdo and make up, no chance of that *LOL*, i look so effing old it must be very easy to guess that i'm their aunt for once!
Saw lots of people stealing taking flowers from the decoration, they were so pretty *pinks! Violets! Baby blues! GAHHHH!!!* i also wantttt!
Then i was sitting around with my bro KC, he noticed MD and suddenly called her because he said "I want to be James Bond!!! With young women!"
MD is a lot younger than me, but most people thinks she is older hahaha
Apparently the wife wasn't so happy so she crashed us!
The party's coming to an end so we went to take family pictures and all, while lining up of course i couldn't stop myself from more picture takings!
With the flowers i stole hahahahaha, eh not stole lah, MD knew i took'em, or i made hunny took'em actually...
Told you i'm obsessed with those trees hahaha, when we hopped off the car i immediately told KC "I'm taller! HAHAHAHA" much to his annoyance hahahaha
Look at the cute table with super pretty pastel theme! GYAAA!!!
CW took pictures with the bouquet, i also want!
Love! So one more, please?
HAHAHAHA exactly the same pose, i am a horrible model
KC holding the cakes RD's mum ordered us to take home *LOL*
Can't resist a mirror.... Hopefully RD's mum wasn't starring at me back there!
KC was annoyed seeing me taking selcas hahahaha
Finally said congratulations again to the bride and groom and bid his parents adieu, while we were waiting for our car *that's been valet-parked*, we took one last pic with the antique car in the lobby!
That's my little cousin KV photo-bombing us LOL
And that's the end of my cousin RD's wedding reception! Congratulation again, cousin! Wish you an everlasting and happy marriage, until death do you part! I'm gonna be extremely nosy and annoying *like how others did to me hahaha, payback time!* and say, hurry make a cousin for Baby Boy! LOL! It's been a while since the last  close relative's wedding, it was lots of fun! I actually enjoyed it a lot more as an adult than as a kid *when i HATED weddings! Actually i hated any event with lots of relatives and strangers LOL, still not hugely comfortable-i guess i can be a little hermit sometimes, but i'm getting a lot better!

Hope y'all enjoy this post, toodle doo!
Allow me one last self-absorbed selca...

PS : Bad news, #Undecided's hubby's currently doing poorly and being treated at the hospital for typhus, let's all wish him a speedy recovery!!!

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  1. I love d'eyeko lashes as well! haven't tried the olga lydia ones though, but i've tried the no-actress-endorsed-one and it's just so lovely! But I've also tried the syahrini one and I HATE IT TO DEATH OMG gonna sell them away sometime. Oh well, I guess they did a good job with the more natural looking ones, still

    1. *LOL*, why do you hate the Syahrini ones? I thought people said it's good for dramatics party make ups? Is it like, too crazy? (but then again anything related to that woman should be pretty cray cray)

  2. I looovvvee your earrings! and get well soon for #undecided's hubby *pray*

    1. Thanks, dear! N it's so cheap too *score!*. Thank you! We hope so too *hugs*