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Helloooo :D!

I am currently down with a horrible case of flu, but i'm still going around because i had meetings to attend >.<-well, i only go to meetings and then go back home to sleep actually :p, i really want the flu to bugger off already because my schedule next week is absolutely INSANE!

Anyway, i am pretty productive this month with my blog even i think *happy*! And today we have another fashion post!
Wearing customized tee by AHA! Products
It's pretty different from my usual fashion posts, it's a lot more casual and easy because i am wearing this super comfortable and high quality oversized tee from AHA! Products!

So i you've read my blog post on Surabaya Beauty Blogger's 1st Anniversary or been following our IGs then you might already know that one of our super generous and lovely sponsors is AHA! Products. AHA! Products specialized in high quality customized tees and they had created our very own Official 1st Anniversary tees!
You know i am not much of a tee kind of gal, but AHA! Products' tee is so comfortable and good looking, i make exceptions for them
Size wise, they are quite true to the measurement they provide. Since i like my tee to be oversize, i went for L. I should probably go to my normal M size for it to fit better, but this one still look nice i think! The only down side is you can't see our logo at the lower part of the back because the tee is so long that the logo pretty much sits on my butt haha
The quality of AHA! Products tee is totally top notch, the fabric is very nice, thick enough for it to last but won't make you feel hot. 
The print is also very nice and clear! I have ordered customized tees in the past and their printing was nowhere near as good as AHA! Products nor their fabric was anything as good as this!
A totally unrelevant close up pic of me hahaha
You know i always need to make the overall look kawaii hence the skirt and the headband!
This photo was actually full length and you can see my sneakers, BUT... You can also see my underpants (i wore a shorts underneath my skirt) soooo.... i have no choice but to crop it hahaha
Alay Asian pose
My mini skirt has the cutest material, it's made of foamy fabric! Very thick and soft, the only downside is because when i sit, i have a little pouch on my lower tum (i think most ladies have this) that is not visible when i am standing up, but when i sit.. The foam material pretty much molded itself to the pouch, hence the line in the tummy area :))
Even a simple black tee can be kawaii if you style them right :D!
Outfit Details :
Pom Pom Headband : Forever 21
Customized Tee : AHA! Products
Foam mini skirt : Magnolia
Socks and lilac sneakers : Rubi
I cannot stop raving about the quality of AHA! Products t-shirts, and nor can other SBB members! I am definitely not being biased too, although i'm definitely grateful that AHA! Products agreed to be our sponsor :D! 

Next time you want to order a customized tee, be it for everyday use of for special events where you need a few/big volumes of tees, you need to consider AHA! Products for sure ^^!

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