Scraps From 2016 : Part 1 (O's 9th Bday, Yuty's Housewarming)

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So i think we're all agree that i've been crap at updating the lifestyle and personal posts in this blog since last year. I even stopped blogging about our bday celebrations which was like... a total staple before. I got so caught up in SBB and sponsored posts, and the one thing that i never thought i would ever face happened. I started seeing this blog as a job, and when you turn a hobby into a job... It can feel like a total chore. What was once a pleasure turned into an obligation, and i stopped having fun. 

The past few days, i also got caught up in a silly cold war against some kids that should remain nameless-thankfully i snapped back fairly soon. I just realized that, HOLY F***, i'm a 33 year old woman. This kind of petty gang-war is so juvenile and i should stop getting into them more than 10 years ago coz this is so immature. So last night i had an epiphany. I wanna go back to where i started. I think i said this before, but i really really mean it this time. I want to restore balance to this blog, and turn it into what it once was. My safe haven, not a money making factory. Afterall, i got this far because my readers loved my writing, not my ability to sell things with nice pics :p.

I will continue working hard for SBB and accept sponsors ofc, coz i love money WTF and i am totally passionate about my community-but i will also blog more about stuffs that i truly enjoy, love and value on top of everything else : my family and (real) friends. I will stop wasting my time and brain cell worrying about silly things and get too emotionally involved in superficial matters (my favorite saying is how being popular in Instagram is like being rich in monopoly, i really really love whoever comes up with this line!). 

I had such a clarity last night and for a second i was thinking that i really wouldn't mind having a second child soon, this way maybe i will find a better meaning for my life that keep on getting involved in stupid competition that i don't even give a shit about *LOLOLOL*. But then i saw how fat i look in a photo that a friend posted taken from a very unflattering angle and i immediately second guessing my willingness to carry a baby over the age of 30. It's quite a horrifying thought WTF.

Anyway, that's a long ass explanation for this three-parter series that begins with this post : it's a series of celebrations in 2016 that i never got to blog before. I actually planned not to even blog about them anymore, but i don't want my memories to remain photos, collecting virtual dusts in my computer so i am writing this for myself. And also for my son and his future family to look back in. I do hope Little O won't mind the fact that his mom swears a lot, but then again he is used to it :p.

The almost scrapped files began in August 2016, Little O's 9th birthday celebration.
My not-so-little-anymore boy
If you've been following this blog, then you'd know that i managed to organize and threw a big  DIY birthday celebration for him last year (you can read about Little O's 8th birthday here) which was a first and a last. I really had it with kiddies bdays, i even asked Little O if it's okay that we're gonna keep it low key from now on-he's fine with that. 

I really wanted a quiet dinner with immediate family and my bestest friends, but my parents... Well, they don't do quiet when it comes to Little O. We ended up having a bigger bday celebration than expected at Heritage 181 (which name i had to google because i already totally forgot about it).
Little O wanted a cute bday cake and i couldn't be bothered to order a customized one-so i got this at Tous Le Jours that (back then) just opened in Surabaya
So much for just immediate family-we had to book the entire second floor of Heritage 181 and still sat like sardines because we ended up inviting so many people. This row is all my family, relatives and my mum's friends!
Did i ever tell you that i have a priest uncle? Well yeah, he married me and my hunny back then, he was also the one who baptized us. The perk of having a priest uncle in your celebrations? Free   MC! LOL
He made Little O go around and give the important people in his life kisses
Zoe was still such a little bebe! And she still let hunny carry her hahaha. Not a chance for that today
Zoe is still tiny now, but she looks so grown up compared to this! She has more hair too now hahaha
This is the "youngster" table, looking bare coz all of my friends double dutied as EO *LOL*
Ever since my mum discovered smart phones, she takes pictures of EVERYTHING. Definitely worse than me. Good news is now she can take almost decent pics when we ask her to
With mommy and daddy. I have no idea why i look so puffy back then. I am definitely not as puffy now
I actually never been to Heritage 181 before, i just thought the place looked pretty nice when L showed it to me and impulsively booked the place *LOL*. Turned out the restaurant serves Dutch influenced Indonesian food
Which my guests love (especially my friends who didn't come from Banjarmasin. Only MM came from Banjarmasin hahahaha) but for me and my family (plus MM) this is a basic house party food. I mean, we usually have this kind of food when we throw parties at home. Especially coz MM's mum cooks these (and receives orders too)
Slightly less puffy me with #Undecided and bday boy
With MM and i just realized that her daughter's dress matched Little O's shirt haha
My cousin L and her family.... Which was the source of most noise and chaos that night... Her kids kept on fighting each other *LOLOLOL*
#Undecided's hubby teasing Little O with the pressie. Which he chose for himself. Some Star Wars Lego *rolls eyes*
Another group pic coz L's family left and the not-yet-preggie Silv and Ok arrived
It was a much more hectic night that i originally plan *sigh*. Little O's bday coming soon again *LOLOLOL* dafug i am almost a mom of a double digit aged kid. Unbelievable. I really want a very quiet bday celebration this time, hope my mum would cooperate.

Anyway, onto the second celebration : Yuty's housewarming!
Yuty was bare faced and kept on getting angry at me for snapping her pics LOLOLOL WTF
G and i were the early birds... As per usual. Look how i look a lot less puffy compared to Little O's bday, and it was just a matter of weeks :P. I must be PMS-ing in the earlier pics. Anyway, Yuty finally got her dream house and we were invited to trash it :p... No, not really, she'd chase us with a broom if we did
Gossip guys?
The hostess taking her spot in the stairs
Little O glued to his Ipad as usual. 
When #Undecided and Av finally arrived, time to feast! Look at hunny and Zoe cooling themselves by the frigde LOL
Seriously tho, Zoe used to let him carry her around! I can barely remember that if i didn't see the evidences hahaha
Selfie with tumpeng *LOL*
Sometimes i still find it hard to digest the fact our idea of a good time is this now *LOLOLOL*
The total chaos of a slice of our real life only visible in non-posed pics like this one here
That marks the end of the first series, i will be back to share more about our celebrations in 2016 :D, i am saving the best for last tho!


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