Event Report : Puspita Martha Blogger Meetup, Workshop and School Touring

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A very belated event report, i apologize :(... Really should've post this sooner, my week had been pretty insane (what's new?). Really long gone are the days when i could blog an even report a day after the actual event >.<. Anyway, this one is a pretty exciting one... We had a special workshop by Puspita Martha Surabaya ^^.
SBB members (and our honorary member Fika haha) with ladies from Puspita Martha and WomanBlitz (who organized the event)

So the event went down 2 weeks ago at their beauty school and honestly it was one of the earliest events that i've ever attended (it started around 10) and i arrived with 90% bare face (i already applied by base makeup as usual), puffy eyes and about half alive *LOL*. Why bare face? Well, i try to be a better sport nowadays, i used to totally refused to attend events without full makeup on but then i couldn't really enjoy a makeup class this way, no? So i make an effort to stop myself from slapping makeup on my face whenever i attend makeup classes now. With a heavy heart still *LOL*.

After waiting around a while at their lobby (they were having an open house as well that day so the first floor was quite crowded), we were lead to the... Oh God, i can't remember which floor it was... 3, i guess? It's normally one of their classrooms and that day it was OUR classroom :D.
The event was opened by Lilies from WomanBlitz (seriously, she needs no more introduction in this blog anymore!)
SBB turned into students again for the day ^^
Rep from Puspita Martha explain the basics about Puspita Martha School of Beauty
We also watched the company profile for a while
I think most Indonesian would know that Puspita Martha is part of SariAyu Martha Tilaar company, you can learn more about their school and programs at Puspita Martha website. I actually wrote quite a bit about it in my previous post of Puspita Martha event where you can read here. It's essentially the same information so i'm not gonna repeat them here ^^.

We also saw the highlights of Puspita Martha's events throughout 2016 and it's super packed! I find it super awesome that they have exchange students from overseas and also excursions for their students in return. I'm all about introducing Indonesia to the world, it would be super awesome if one day SariAyu (and more Indonesian brands) can compete with international brands in international beauty world!

After watching the company profile and event highlights, we also visited their other class rooms.
Their treatment classroom
This spot is pretty photogenic and they kindly lent us this space for a photoshoot for our campaign *LOL*
One of the trainers gave us an explanation about their classes here
All products used are also from SariAyu Martha Tilaar brands like Biokos, etc-ofc!
Bloggers busy being bloggers... And Fika spacing out *LOL*
This is the very kind and friendly trainer ^^
Then we went back to "our classroom" to start our workshop. 
The theme is Make Up No Make Up... which is No Makeup Makeup, maybe? Basically we learnt to do basic/everyday makeup which focused on correcting our faces and make it more flawless and technically "perfect"
Our trainer of the day is Ms. Endang who is a professional makeup artist and trainer from Jakarta who's also helped by a Surabaya Puspita Martha trainer
As we all know, a good makeup starts from a good base. So knowing and taking the best care for our skin is a must if we want to achieve a flawless makeup look, that's why we started with learning to identify our skin (i apologize for the photos, my camera was acting up that day and kept on making photos of the slide super weird looking >.<)
Also the most necessary skin care steps we must do everyday
Learnt a lot about the proper and correct way to cleanse our face
Then we also learnt to define our face shapes
Seriously, even the trainer seemed a bit unsure about my face shape *LOL* coz it's a cross between heart shaped, oval and round FML. Actually it's heart shaped when i was skinny, but since i have a lot more meat on my face now it looks more round hahahah.
We were each assigned to a dressing table for ourselves, so fancy! (I juts realized that Regina was on the reflection and she was holding a rather awkward pose >.<)
Love the personalized touch, it makes me feel super special!
SariAyu palette provided for each of us
Ms. Endang had a model to do a demo on while we tried to follow the steps-but then she mostly went around to answer our questions and help us. She pretty much specialized in eyebrow shaping for us *LOL*, which we're super enthusiastic about ofc. She told me that my naturally arched eyebrows makes me look too serious (i just thought that my eyebrows made me look bitchy) so she shaved the pointy arch to give it a softer look and also taught me to fill in and shape it to suit my face. 

I also asked her to teach me to contour correctly coz you know, i hardly ever contour. It's a very valuable lesson ofc, i was a bit scared of the shade she used because it's so stark, but i totally appreciate it because now i know which part of my cheek i should "cut" and also how to contour my nose properly. It's definitely way too stark for me and i wouldn't do it daily, but it's something that i would apply when i do heavier makeups for dinner parties!

It was a very educational time for us and we're very happy for the opportunity. I know some people might think that beauty bloggers are a bit of a snob and we thought we know everything about beauty.... Which is totally untrue *LOL*. We love makeup and the beauty world, but most of us are not professionals (a small percentage of us go on to be professional MUAs but most of them would be taking professional classes too beforehand) and we don't claim to be. We might know more about beauty than your regular girl (i think it's a crime for a beauty blogger to not know the basic skin care steps or products needed for a full makeup), but when it comes to the technicals-we totally value tips and lessons from the professionals! 

Beauty bloggers are free spirits mostly, we do what we like to do and we don't always feel the need to "correct" our faces-but we truly do believe that if you want to be a professional makeup artist then you need to know and master the correct ways to do makeups! Also, doing makeups for ourselves is very different than doing it for clients for sure.

I am personally very grateful for this opportunity to have a small taste of what it feels to be a student of Puspita Martha and i can confidently recommend them if you want to be a professional MUA, with Ms. Endang as the example i think you'd be in a very safe hand!
Mirror selfie!
Lovely goodie bag from Puspita Martha... Most excited about the eyeshadow, naturally :p. 
Thank you Puspita Martha for the special day and WomanBlitz for organizing it! Hope to see you in more events in the future ^^.
A very "celegram" worthy pic taken by Redha :D

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