Review : Black Detox Facial at Diandra Clinic (SPONSORED)

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How is this March already? Oh no... 2017 is so going to be the fastest year to fly past just yet >.<! 

Oh well, instead of another product review i have something else for a change, treatment review haha!

A few weeks ago Redha and i used our treatment vouchers that we got from Diandra Clinic's event (you can read about Diandra Clinic X SBB Meet Up here
Diandra Clinic
Ruko Plaza Graha Famili Blok D No 8, Surabaya Barat, Pradahkalikendal, Surabaya, Kota SBY, Jawa Tim
ur 60225, Indonesia

+62 31 7344931
So the voucher that we got were for Black Detox Facial but dr. Imelda said that it might not be suitable for all skin types so she's gonna check on our skin's condition first to make sure the Black Detox Facial would be beneficial for our skin (if not then she'd give us a different kind of facial). I love how she is so thoughtful and really care about our well being-not just shove whatever they already prepared for us whether or not it's suitable for our skin. This kind of touch is definitely not something every beauty clinic bothers with, another plus for Diandra Clinic in my eyes!

After we arrived at Diandra, we were asked to fill in customer data's form (the normal procedure for any clinics) and then we had a one on one consultation with dr. Imel herself where she checks on our skin conditions and we can also confide in her about our problems.

As i already mentioned many times, i am an extreme introvert and i find it really really hard to talk to someone i barely knew, including doctors. But somehow dr. Imel's kindness made it easy for me to tell her about my skin concerns. I told her about this mole next to my nose and how i had it removed before but it grew back (without any pigmentation). Dr. Imel actually suggested that it might e a keloid instead-which totally make sense but not something i even considered before. She gave me an injection (i almost had a heart attack when she told me that) to test whether or not it's a keloid. I feel like it is now more flat-not sure if i'm just seeing things or it's actually happening, i totally need to go back and see dr. Imel >.<.

I also told her about this double mole near my lips and how it's really bothering me, i want to get rid of it and wonder if i should get it cauterized (but i am worried about the pain and how it might grow back), dr. Imel then told me that she's going to get a special cream for me to apply on the moles! I've been using it but i had to stop a for a little bit because my irritating fingers won't stop peeling it >.< but i did see how the moles started to fade! I am now continuing using it and determined not to stop after a few days like last time! And yeah, in case you didn't notice... I hate moles >.<!!!

Back to the facial-dr. Imel checked and found out that my skin is in a pretty good condition and there's no reason why i couldn't get the Black Detox Facial-yay!

The steps of the facial is pretty much the same as any facials i had before, the difference being in the detox step and the mask used. I was quite relaxed the whole time (except for the extraction part >.<) and i apologize if i mix up the steps because i don't quite remember them :p. I also apologize for the crappy quality of the photos, the facial room was dim (as it should be) and i took my pics using my phone camera so... It wasn't the best.
First i got my skin thoroughly cleansed
Then the next stop is micro, where it feels like your skin is being sucked and sand-papered at the same time haha.
Ofc they also put on the steam to open up the pores, i just can't remember if it's before or after the micro? And afterwards was the dreaded step : comedo extractions.

Now, i have been to a lot of different clinics for facials, i know for a fact that different clinics has different techniques for extraction-i've had enough facials that i pretty much have an opinion on which clinic has very painful extraction and which clinic has almost painless extraction. I'm not gonna lie to you, i love Diandra and all, but the extraction was a little painful >.<. It's not the worst and i've had a more painful ones before-but i really can't say that the extraction in Diandra didn't hurt *LOL*.

The good thing is that the nurse moves quickly, with very steady and assuring hands (because in some clinics i can feel the nurse/beautician feeling my skin around and comes back repeatedly because she still found spots that she missed before) so at least it was done quite quickly! And the steady and assuring hands meaning she also gives the best facial massage :D. You know i don't really do well with massages, but i really enjoy face and back massages now!

After extraction (which i had no photo of because i was busy holding back my tears *LOL*. No, i wasn't crying or anything, but my tear ducts always react crazily during extractions), it was time for the detox part!

I think the name detox is self explanatory, but it's basically functions to remove toxin from your face (what causes toxin build up? Pollutions and cosmetics use) and it is done using a special cream that can pull the toxin from your skin.
Applying the cream
LOL at my silly face
Ofc, they didn't just apply the cream and it will do its job, but there's a device used to massage the cream in and pull the toxin from your skin
Depending on the toxin build up level on your skin, the cream that was white will turn grey/black! Mine turned quite dark and i was quite amused when i saw my face
Like someone smeared ash all over my face
After the cream was removed, it was time for the mask! I was warned that the mask for Black Detox is different, it has the ability to stick to your skin very tightly so when pulled it can take dead skin cells and any comedo that might be left behind from the extraction step off-and that means it's gonna be a little bit painful-like you're being waxed.
I can see and feel when they pour the mask from the sachet that it's very thick and black!
It dries off quite thin and yep, i was quite shocked when they pull it off my face *LOL* (I've never had a wax treatment before so i didn't exactly know what to expect)
After the mask was pulled off, there were other steps to calm your skin, kill any bacteria, etc that are also quite common in most facials.
The last step was getting my skin blasted (by oxygen?), it was a very weird sensation because you feel like you're blasted by cold air only but then you can feel your skin getting wet!
It was v cold so i felt very refreshed afterwards!
The benefits of getting a Black Detox Facial (that costs IDR 600.000, if i'm not mistaken) other than remove toxin from your skin (which is very important ofc! If you let the toxin build up without doing anything about it then your skin will soon show the signs of premature aging!) is also getting a brighter, smoother and clean skin!

I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment in Diandra Clinic (again, except for the extraction part haha)-the facial was great, the place comfy and clean, the staffs and doctor super friendly-makes me feel super welcomed and at ease!

Thank you Diandra Clinic and dr. Imelda for the chance to try out this treatment ^^! Highly recommended!
My face after the facial. Yes, i looked red, my skin is very sensitive to the touch so facials always leave me with red and blotchy face-it calms down super fast after this facial tho (usually it'd take twice as long to calm down) and i didn't even suffer any peeling afterwards (which usually takes place after facials)

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