Unboxing and Introducing Althea App (SPONSORED)

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Hey peeps!

So i've been home for nearly a week now, but i am still SO... TIRED OMG. Not only CL made our schedule with inhumane consideration to our stamina, i also fell sick halfway through the trip and THEN there's the emotional shock when i realized my phone is gone (stolen. No other way to explain a disappearance of a phone during flight into thin air other than that. How utterly scary to think that we're not even safe during fights anymore *sigh*)-i guess the one word that can describe how i feel is : drained.

I think i need to sleep for a week before i feel normal again (which didn't happen. I got a very busy social life you know) but if there's one thing i was very excited about welcoming me home...
It's this! My Althea package... And i am also very happy that i got the special Christmas Box because some of my blogger friends got the normal pink Althea box (which we have plenty already haha)
This Althea Haul is courtesy of Surabaya Beauty Blogger who collaborate with Althea in celebration of the launch of their app. If you're a fan of Althea like me then you must already know that their Indonesian site is (unfairly, i must add) banned in certain providers. This is clearly a big loss for us since Althea IS the online shop to go for Korean brands (not only they have a wide array of brand and product selection, but their price point is awesome!)-even though we can still access it using some provider (we have a few different internet providers in our home and i can access the site when i switch to MNC) or browser (Puffin, i heard) it is still super inconvenient so Althea quickly came up with a solution by launching their very own App :
Available both in iOS and Android
Their current promotion
I find navigating and shopping via their app to be a total breeze, there were some initial problems with payment but that's totally understandable since their app is very new and hastily launched for their customers in Indonesia so there were still a lot of bugs and errors.

The biggest problem that we faced while trying out the app was with the payment, we were given credit to spend on the app but when we try to pay using the credit only-it just wouldn't work! We found out that if we spend a litttle bit over the credit then we can finalized the order-but then we also realized that the credit card and debit payment didn't work *LOL*. This happened before to one of SBB members when shopping at the website using credit card so we come to the conclusion that for the time being, the best payment method to ensure successful order is via Doku (i'm sure Althea team is working hard to make sure everything will work properly in both the website and app, but if you find the same problems as us, now you know the solution!)

Don't worry, paying using Doku is less complicated than it looks, you just need to go to the nearest Alfamart and tell the cashier you want to make a Doku payment, there's even a guide (in the app after choosing Doku as the payment method) if the cashier is not familiar with Doku payment. This didn't happen to me though because the cashier in my nearest Alfamart knew right away what i was talking about when i told her i want to make Doku payment. You don't even have to make confirmation or anything afterwards as Althea would be notified automatically about your payment-you just need to sit back and wait for Althea team to update you on your order!

Anyway, let's get back to unboxing my latest haul ^^.
And admire the cuteness of the box' design ^^
The fact that the box is baby blue and the inside is baby pink makes me giddy with happiness... You know how i feel about pastel colors!
This is my third haul from Althea and every single time my package arrives safely with every product in perfect condition
Cute greeting cards ^^!
Discount code for ya, can be used until 28th February 2017
Box of happiness :D
You know i'm not very fussy with skin care and i prefer to use whatever i already have instead of trying out different brands, so whenever i got the chance to shop for beauty products for free... I'd go crazy on decorative makeup for sure!
This time round i also bought some makeup tools because they have some crazy sales (and my eyes always go blink blink whenever i see a good bargain >.<, can't help it really!) so i decided to get some stuffs that i... sort of need :p.
It's My Puff 01 It's My Magic Sponge IDR 28.000, they also have air cushion puff for only IDR 12.000! So CHEAP! I haven't tried it yet, lately i enjoy blending my concealer using this type of sponge and also to bake my face-currently i am using a dirt cheap sponge i got from a local chain accessories store and it's more than fine for me so i'm sure i'll like this one too
COC Brush Lovely Pink Heart Multi Volume Brush IDR 58.200. I don't even know what this brush is for (pretty sure it's for blush on?) i just got it because it's so cute and it's pink! I know it's supposed to be heart shaped, but i personally think it looks like a butt *LOLOLOL*-not in a bad way, but in a way that makes it even cuter
It's My Eyelash Curler (Natural) IDR 23.000, also available in Comb but the shape of the comb one scares me so i settled for natural (not sure why they call it natural, i personally don't want my eyelash to look natural hahaha). I think the eyelash curler is crazy cheap and i need a new one (then i forgot that i ordered this and proceed on getting two new curlers in Japan -___- WTH me).. I do wonder how Althea can sell the curler at such a low price, it's just as cheap as local chain accessories store ones!!!
Then to the more interesting products (coz for me nothing is more interesting than makeup!!!)
Ta dahh!
Lizly What a Lovely Palette IDR 126.000. I have no idea why i got this other than the fact that i like to buy at least one decorative makeup for each face part whenever i got things from Althea *LOL*. I do plan to do a look using products from Althea but i just realized i never got any base makeup from them. Hm... Anyway, i am also interested because i never heard of the brand Lizly before-and anything that's even slightly new (for me) is totally excites me
RiRe Pigment IDR 66.000, i got the shade 4 A. Pink. I think i watch too many Youtube lately that i begin to love using glitter pigmented on the center of my eyelid so i've been wanting more glittery pigments to add to my sad collection (i have only a few because i never found pigments all that interesting before and i didn't really know what to use them for)
The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer IDR 55.700 in shade 1.0 Clear Beige . I heard my blogger friends rave about this concealer and how it is a dupe for a much more expensive high end brand's concealer, after resisting for so long... I decided to give it a try since i do need to stock up on concealer!
Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blusher IDR 125.000 in shade 1. Pink Laser. Like i said, i like to get at least one decorative product for each face face part every time and this blusher seems to be the most interesting (and within the price range that i can justify) for me
YET Do It Chu Lipstick IDR 67.000 in shade 01 Burning Wine. Obviously i don't need a reason to get myself a lippie, i will always be getting a lippie-in fact i have to stop myself from loading my cart up with only lippies >.<! Anyway, this YET lippie is so cute, it's my obvious first choice when i was choosing a lippie to be mine!
Secret Key Sweet Glam Two Tone Glow IDR 84.000 in shade 01. Lollipop Pink. Yes another lippie. I am beyond obsessed with those dual or triple colored in on lippies, i really want that Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar but i am too cheap to get it (even though i am spending my credit instead of my actual money it pains me if i only get very small amount of products, i am kiasu like that zzz) so i just grab whatever dual tone lip product i see like this one. I didn't even know Secret Key do makeups, i heard mostly of their skin care before
And there you have it, i got 9 items *wide grin* and i am super satisfied! Anything you see here you'd like me to review? I can't promise a certain time fame on when i can review them, but i'll prioritize a product if i got requests!

Althea also sent me one of their special boxes, Mermaid Box, which i will be reviewing in depth next month so please look forward to that ^^.

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